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(Review)Serta 18-Inch Queen Size Air Mattress With Headboard

– By Eric Smith

serta air mattress with headboard

If you are looking for a queen-sized air mattress with a built-in headboard and someone suggested you go with the Serta airbed, you are in the right place.

Today, we are reviewing 2023’s one of the trending air mattresses with the headboard that comes with some excellent features. Let’s dive into it.

Serta Queen Size Air Mattress With Headboard


Serta is not a new brand. It is providing its services for more than 90 years now and offers high-quality, comfortable mattresses for every budget.

Some of the most luxurious hotels and famous hospitals prefer to use Serta mattresses to provide a restful and comfortable sleep to their guests and patients. Hence, the brand is reliable, and you can trust its product’s quality.

Overall Design:

Almost all air mattresses are made of PVC, and this one also comes with the same along with IBEAM construction.

Moreover, it comes with a fully flocked surface that is well-known for providing excellent comfort while resting or sleeping throughout the night and also eliminates the use of bed sheet.

But, I would highly recommend you guys to put on the bedsheet every time you inflate the bed. It not only prevents your mattress from being dirty but also protects it from your aggressive pets.

This blow-up bed with headboard is available in only one colour, Beige, and you don’t have any other option for that. So, don’t waste your time looking for different colours.

Size & Weight:

This particular bed from Serta is a Queen-sized bed measuring 90 inches in length, 58 inches in breadth and almost 18 inches in height.

Air mattresses are known for being lightweight, and this one also comes in the light category with 24.2 pounds of weight.

Nevertheless, it has a weight holding capacity of up to 500 pounds. So, 2-3 people having average weight can use this mattress simultaneously. But, don’t sleep or rest on it for too long. It may start losing air.

Ease of Use:

The bed’s 18 inches off the ground height gives you a real bed-like feel, and the headboard provides additional comfort when you are working on your laptop, reading a book, or watching TV while reclining on it.

The built-in pump’s cord is long enough, and you’ll not face any problem while connecting it to the supply.

The best part about this bed is that its headboard is not completely attached to the bed. There is some gap between the mattress and headboard, making it really more accessible for you to put the sheets on.

As this is a queen-sized air mattress, so you’ll need to use a queen or king-sized sheets. Don’t need to rebuy bed sheet only for this bed, you can put any of your regular beddings sheets on it. They all fit very well.

Always keep in mind that this is not a puncture-proof air mattress, so you’ll need to use it carefully. And don’t ever let your pets come near it, especially if they have pointed claws.

Also, it doesn’t come with any repair patches, so you need to pay some extra money for that.


This is a double-height air mattress, and nowadays, all double-height air mattresses come with a built-in air pump, so this one comes too.

The pump is located on the left side near the headboard, which gives you an advantage for inflation and deflation as you don’t need to reposition it after filling the air like some other typical air mattresses that have the pump on the front side with a short electrical cord.

It has 4 adjusting options plush, medium, firm and extra firm and shuts off on its own. You can choose any of them according to your comfort.

To inflate this mattress effortlessly, all you have to do is turn the dial to inflate option, select the comfort you need, connect the cord to the supply and finally turn it on, that’s all. Use the same process to deflate it too.

I must say that this Serta air mattress has one of the easy to use pumps I have ever seen.

But, the built-in pumps are not that reliable, especially if you need them on any campsite or other outdoor adventures, as it is hard to find some electricity supply in such places.

So, you should always carry another source to inflate your air mattress, such as an external electric or hand-foot pump, even if you are buying it for your home only.


Honestly, I have seen many flawless air mattresses that comes with no warranty or 90-days warranty which is relatively low, but this Serta queen size air mattress comes with a 2-years of warranty which is excellent.

What We Like:

  • IBEAM construction for maximum comfort
  • Available in an affordable price segment
  • Long electrical cord
  • Very convenient to use
  • Storage bag included for easy transportation
  • Comes with 2-Years of manufacturer warranty

Keep In Mind:

  • Some customers complained it is unable to hold the air while carrying 2-3 sleeping people at night
  • Not a puncture-proof air mattress
  • No repair kit included
  • Inflation takes much time
  • Not an ideal airbed for outdoor

Final Verdict:

All air mattresses have some disadvantages in them, and It doesn’t mean they are worthless. You need to consider some points if you are planning to buy this Serta air mattress with headboard, such as its inflation time and not being a puncture-proof mattress. And if you want something for outdoor use, I don’t recommend this mattress at all.

For those looking for a double-height air mattress in a decent price segment of under 100 dollars for home use only, this is a great choice.

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