Last updated on 21 May, 2022

Low Air Loss Mattress Vs Alternating Pressure Mattress - Complete Comparison

– By Eric Smith

Low Air Loss Mattress Vs Alternating Pressure Mattress

People suffering from pressure ulcers, also known as bedsores, get relief using some great mattresses like soft air loss mattresses, alternating pressure mattresses, etc.

So in this “low air loss mattress vs alternating pressure mattress” guide, we give detailed information about these mattresses.

These beds provide essential treatment for bed-bound patients for the past few days or prone to pressure ulcers. It is used in hospital beds or beds of patients at home.

Patients who are suffering from pressure ulcers are spending their day extremely painful for those wounds. Proper healthcare, adequate amount of rest can help to recover soon.

Low Air Loss Mattress Vs Alternating Pressure Mattress

What does a low air loss mattress mean?

A low air loss mattress is used for those who temporarily or permanently spend their time in bed. It is a fashionable option for those patients.

It is mainly recommended for those suffering from ulcers and wounds caused by the continuous pressure of specific body parts. This wound becomes dangerous if not treated well.

In these situations, doctors are recommended to use this kind of mattress. It has many air tubes that are capable of being filled with air.

It eventually swells and removes air, ensuring that the body parts do not leave in one posture for a long time.

How it works: It has lots of tiny laser holes that help the patient to float by doing continuous air passing. It is one of the prevention methods of pressure ulcers.

Its air passing technology reduces body pressure at the surface of the mattress. Any moisture like sweat can break down the patient’s skin; this mattress can fade away the water and make the patient dry.

What is an alternating pressure mattress?

Alternating pressure mattresses that have air sores attached with each other.

A pump controls the airflow, which is connected with a footboard of the bed so that one can control the airflow as a choice.

The pump is also responsible for the constant movement of the inner mattress that helps a lot to a patient to relieve bed sores.

How it works: It has an air bladder that is slowly filled up with air and its inflation and deflation can make circulation.

When one bladder loses its air then the other bladder gets complete with air, then the mattress gets up and down with a motion.

The head of the part does move so that there is no disturbance of the patient during sleep. They even don’t get it. First bladder fillup to last bladder fillup is called a cycle which takes around 10 mins to complete.

Low Air Loss Mattress Benefits:

It is very good for preventing bed sores, spinal cord injury, and other neurological conditions. It is mainly the caring object of the patient.

Many patients have an immune mobile disorder where they feel pressure on the shoulders, hips, elbows, and heels. In these immobile cases, patient cant operates their these body parts which cause bedsores or pressure ulcer.

If someone does not treat this in their early stage it can become mortality for him. Every year 60,000 die due to bedsore which is not good. Here low air loss mattress is beneficial for:

  • People who are suffering from paraplegic and quadriplegic
  • People who are in the coma stage.
  • People who admit to hospital for acute disease.
  • People who are recovering from surgery.
  • People who are terminally ill.

There are also some conditions where you need to use a low air loss mattress that is mention below

  • People who were Initially confined to bed for some reason.
  • People who are generally not bed-bound but they have the complications of bedsores or developing the symptoms.
  • People who have stage II or higher stages of pressure ulcer.

If someone is terminally ill and the skin of the patient is prone to fragile and breakdown, then a low air loss mattress becomes more beneficial for the patient.

Will Medicare pay for a low air loss mattress?

There are some criteria where Medicare can provide you with the facilities of a low air loss mattress. Those criteria for payment by Medicare are:

  • multiple pressure ulcers on the central part of the body and pelvis area.
  • If you have documentation of comprehensive ulcer treatment.
  • If you use a pressure-relieving device for 30 days documentation of the wounds that present for the past 30 days.

Can you put a fitted sheet on a low air loss mattress?

Low air loss mattresses are used to absorb the moisture of the body. If the bed sheet can affect this then don’t use such a sheet. Some people like to use a clean bed sheet for their bed.

Then you can use a 100% original cotton bed sheet, which does not affect the characteristics of the low air loss mattress.

In The End:

So this is the detailed comparison between low air loss mattress vs alternating pressure mattress.

I hope now you know which mattress is best for which work. Keep in mind; low air loss mattresses are good for patients who have injuries in their spinal cord. Or those who spend most of their time in bed.

On the other hand, an alternating pressure mattress controls the height as per the patient’s comfort.