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How To Inflate Air Mattress With Hand & Foot Pump Easily

– By Eric Smith

Inflate airbed with hand pump

Are you facing any problem while inflating your airbed with the manual pump? If yes, then you should read our how to inflate air mattress with hand & foot pump guide. It will clear all your doubts and help you inflating your bed with any manual pump effortlessly. 

If you love camping, then a manual pump is one of the essential tools you should carry to inflate your air mattress as it doesn’t need any power supply to work, and all the other inflation sources need some sort of power supply.

You can inflate an air mattress in many ways, such as with an electrical pump, vacuum cleaner, air compressor. But manual pumps are the simplest but time-taking ways by which you can do that any time and anywhere without anything else’s help except a good pump.

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Hand & Foot Pump

Step 1: Buying A Pump

foot pump

If you haven’t bought a manual pump yet, then these are some points that will help you buy the best quality pump that will stay longer.

Both the hand & foot pumps work in the same way, but before buying, you should consider the fact that a foot pump can be more effective and less effort-taking compared to the hand pump when it comes to inflation of large objects like airbeds and water pool.

An airbed is not the only item that you need to inflate. There may be much more items like bike tires, balloons on birthdays or anniversaries, and your child’s water pool which you probably need to inflate someday.

So, it would be best if you bought a pump which you can use to inflate them all.

hand pump

There is no perfect definition for the best air pump, but the one which comes with a good warranty period and is made of tough material can be the pump you should be looking for.

Hand & foot pump comes in different sizes and prices depending on the type of work you want to use it.

Their price ranges anywhere between 10 dollars to 40 dollars and, you can buy any manual pump according to your budget but after considering the points listed above.

Step 2: Unfold The Air Mattress

To start the inflation process first, you need to unfold your mattress on the ground.

But, before taking it out of the box, make sure that all the pointed things are away from that area where you are going to inflate the bed and if not, then keep them away first. 

Now, just take out your airbed, put it down on the floor, and unfold it.

Step 3: Open The Valve

Now, it’s time to open the valve of your air mattress. Different airbeds have different mechanisms to open their inflation valve. In some, you need to rotate them anticlockwise, and some just need to be getting pulled out gently.

For more information, you can take help from your bed’s user manual.

Step 4: Insert The Pump

connect nozzle with pump

After completing all the above steps now, you are all set to complete step 4, inserting the pump inside the mattress valve.

You must have got some nozzles with your hand pump, which you need to attach to the suction pipe because, without them, it is quite tough to insert the pump into the mattress valve.

So, just take that nozzle, attach one end to the pipe, insert the other end into the valve, and make sure it does not come out of the valve when you start pumping.

Step 5: Start Pumping

start pumping

If you have a hand pump, then put the feet on the pump’s base in order to keep it steady and hold the piston with both hands tightly.

Now just start pumping the air in the blow-up bed by simply pushing down the piston with force.

Foot pump users just need to put the pump down and put one leg on it and start pumping by pushing their foot down with pressure.

This pumping process can take up to 10-15 minutes, depending on your efforts, so be patient and keep pumping until your bed gets completely inflated according to your need.

I would highly suggest you read your pump manual once if you are facing any problem while using it.

Step 6: Close The Valve

At last, you just need to pull the pump out and close the valve to complete the inflation process.

If your mattress has a one-way valve, then it is good, but if it doesn’t have one, you need to hurry while closing it as the air can leak rapidly.

Now just cover your bed with your favorite bedsheet or any mattress cover and lie down on your full inflated airbed.

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