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How To Treat Mattress For Lice[2023] - Amazing Ways

– By Eric Smith

how to treat mattress for lice

Lice are one of the most annoying creatures that nobody wants to see. You may have wondered that one day you removed all lice from your head, and after a week or two, your head starts itching again, which is most irritating.

There are many means by which they can get into your head, and some of the essential means you need to look after are pillows, beddings and close personal contact. 

So you need to treat all these transmission ways to get rid of lice from your home. So in today’s blog on how to treat mattress for lice, we will discuss all the methods to make your home lice free.

Lice can’t fly or climb, which means that they can only be spread by direct contact. To kill or stop them from making your head a new home, you always have to look after yourself, and you can do that by using some hair products or chemicals or using some tips that we are going to mention in this article.

How To Treat Mattress For Lice : Simple Steps

Start From Washing

Whenever you see any louse on your bedding or mattress, the first thing you have to do is wash everything that you can wash. Pillows, mattress covers and bedsheets are the three most important bedding accessories you have to clean. 

But along with these accessories, you have to wash clothes that are lying around your bed otherwise, the lice can come again.

So, just take every washable item, put it into your washing machine, and wash them in a hot water setting. But remember, the hot water setting is the crucial part of this complete washing process. 

If your machine doesn’t have any hot water setting, put everything in hot water manually and let them soaked for at least 30-40 minutes. It will kill all the lice your clothing have.

Most of you might think that why only hot water? As it is just washing and whether it is with normal or hot water, what difference does it make? Then let me clear your doubt here. Most lice experiments have shown that they do not die in cold water even after living there for a long time, but in hot water, they die rapidly, even in 5-10 minutes.

How Long Do Lice Live On Mattress?

This is one of the most asked questions right now that a lice-infested person asks. Lice feed on blood, and they can’t live long without human blood. The studies show that they live for about 2-3 days on any mattress or beddings.

Time To Sanitize

After washing, now it’s time to sanitize your mattress and pillows. Many companies claim their spray kill 100% lice, but most of them only contain air inside them. If you are struggling to find good lice killing spray, you can go with Licefreee Home Spray. This is one of the best sprays to kill lice on beddings, pillows and furniture.

spray for lice

Even after spraying, there may be some spots on your bed where the lice may be hiding, such as the mattress and pillows’ crease. 

To remove lice from there, you can use a hard brush that you think can easily get into it. Hold it lightly and rub it on the pillow and mattress quilt to take out the lice from there.

Use Vacuum Cleaner

It would be best to use a vacuum cleaner on the mattress, pillows, sides and corners of the bed. It will suck up all the dust, bedbugs and lice if any of them are present there.

Hair Care Is Most Important

As we know that the main source of lice transmission is our hairs. So it becomes very important to treat the hairs first, or you will keep cleaning your mattresses again and again, and they will keep coming again and again.

Wash Your Combs:

Lice can come back in your head by your combs. Always remember to wash all combs you use. The best way to wash a comb is, take a small amount of shampoo, mix it with hot water, put all your hairbrushes in it for at least 5-10 minutes and start washing them. And wash until you remove all the stucked hairs from it.

Tip: If you use a paddle brush, use pointed materials or toothbrushes to remove all the hairs and other dust from it.

Use Shampoo:

I know most of you uses shampoo but is your shampoo capable of removing your head lice? Most probably not; that’s why you are here. So, you need to change your shampoo. 

There are many anti-lice shampoos available in the online and offline market that you can buy according to your preference, which suits you better.

Comb Hairs With Lice Comb:

lice combWhen it comes to combing the hair for lice-removing, then using good quality lice comb is always recommended. Lice combs are made in such a way that there is the least space between the teeth so that the lice get stuck in them easily.

Tip: With a lice comb, always remember to comb with wet hairs to get the best results.

In the End

After going through the article once, you will be able to get rid of lice any time and anywhere. If you follow all the listed steps carefully, you will easily kill and remove all the lice from your beddings and home as well.

There are many home remedies you can use to get rid of lice, but we cannot mention all of them as some of them give benefits to some people and some do to others.

Removing lice from the head is not an easy task. It takes time and effort, but on a mattress, you can get instant results. So, implement all the listed steps and make your mattress and pillows lice free.

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