Last updated on 27 May, 2022

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack - 4 Quick Steps

– By Eric Smith

how to tie a mattress to a car

If you are migrating to another place or city and want to take your expensive mattress with you but don’t want to call the transporting experts, then this article is perfect for you. In this article, you’ll get to know, how to tie a mattress to a car roof rack safely so that you can do it with ease.

Moving a mattress with you is not an easy task, and you need to be very careful while moving it as a small mistake can be very dangerous. You need to consider many factors while tying a mattress to a car, such as a mattress size, car size, weight allowed on the roof, and much more.

A large car size obviously gives you an advantage while carrying the mattress, but if you have a small car such as a hatchback or a sedan, then still you can tie any of your beds to its roof rack but with some tips and tricks which I am going to discuss in this blog.

How To Tie A Mattress To A Car Roof Rack

Step 1: Buy Ratchet Straps

tie mattress to car roof One must always use ratchet straps for tying a mattress to a car roof rack as it a much safer option than any rope or tape.

Many good quality ratchet straps are available in the market, but the one you are looking for should be long enough to cover all the way around your mattress.

15-foot long ratchet straps should be long enough to hold one or two beds on the car’s rack.

Not just length, you also need to check the strength of your ratchet straps. It should have at least 400 pounds of break strength, and you need at least 3 ratchets straps to make sure that you and your mattress are completely secure.

A decent quality single ratchet strap costs around 6-8 dollars, or a pack of 3 or 4 should be a smart buy, which easily comes under 20 dollars. 

Don’t worry, your money will not be wasted on straps. You can use them for most other tying purposes, and you will not get a better option than these straps for tying a mattress on your car’s roof.

Why Not Use A Rope For Tying The Mattress?

Most people recommend using a rope to tie the mattress to the car’s, but it is quite risky, and by using a rope, they put their lives in danger and risk other lives.

There is always a risk of breaking the rope on speed breakers or highways as these are not that powerful to hold the luggage tightly in one place, but a good quality ratchet strap always ensures your tied items’ safety.

In many accidents, it has been found that most of them used a rope to tie the items to the car’s roof, which costs their lives that’s why we suggest you not to use a rope to save some money.

Step 2: Protect The Mattress

After buying the straps, now it’s time to protect the mattress before loading it on the rack. So take a mattress vacuum bag and put your mattress inside it. You can use any mattress bag but make sure that there is no air left inside it, as it may cause problems while driving the car on the road.

Tip: You can suck all the air out of the cover by simply using your vacuum cleaner. So just set the suction pipe on the cover before zipping it and turn it on.

Step 3: Load the mattress on the rack

It would be best if you take someone else’s help in loading the mattress on the rack as it is not a lightweight product and it is not easy to load it alone at that height.

All the mattresses comes with a dust cover, which is nothing but a hard cover present at the bottom of a mattress which prevents the dust from entering the mattress.

So load the mattress on the car with someone’s help if needed and don’t forget to put the hard side upwards and quilt side downwards, touching the rack to keep everything secure otherwise it can damage the roof.

After loading it make sure it is perfectly centered from both left and right sides and not blocking the driver’s vision.

Step 4: Time to use the Ratchet Straps

Usually, the racks are not that wide to hold the mattress easily with the straps wrapping it, so you need to use the car windows to make sure it is not going anywhere.

Hold the ratchet end in your hand and throw the other end over the mattress. If you have passengers in your car, make sure you are not blocking the doors from opening just in case of any emergency.

So, open the door, put the strap inside the door, join both the ends and don’t forget to tighten them.

If you don’t know how to use ratchet straps, then you can take the help by clicking here.

Now your mattress is very well tightened, and you can easily access your car’s door too.

If there is no one inside the car except the driver, you can just close the doors and use its windows to hold the mattress. So, put the windows downwards and follow the same procedure mentioned above, but this time through the windows.

To make it stable and completely attached to the car, use two more straps and tie one of them at the center and one at the end of the mattress.

Now you can drive your car to the required destination with your expensive mattress.


Is mattress on car roof illegal?

Mattress on car roof is not illegal until it is not creating problem for other drivers on road and endangering others’ lives too. Before going on the road with a mattress tied to the car just make sure that it is perfectly tied and not going anywhere as it can block your vision or fall from the car which is enough to make an accident. 

Never go too fast with a mattress onboard and don’t forget to the traffic rules otherwise you may have to pay a fine if caught. The most important thing you should keep in mind, if you have a sedan or hatchback then don’t use highway, it is very dangerous.

Is it safe to tie a mattress to the roof of a car?

Again, if you know how to tie the mattress properly, it is completely safe, but you are risking your life if you don’t, and it is better to ask the experts if you are not confident to move it on your car’s roof.

How Much Weight Can I Put On My Car Roof?

For that, you need to check the specifications in your car owner’s manual. The manufacturing company has mentioned the dynamic weight (max weight you are allowed to load on your roof, including the roof rack while driving) limit of the car.

But, it is not recommended to load the exact amount of weight mentioned on the manual as you could still be at risk.

Let say my ford fusion has 70 kg of the weight limit on the roof, but I will never load the weight more than 60-63 kg, including the roof rack.

How Do You Put A Mattress In Car?

how to put mattress inside a car You don’t have any other option except folding it if you really want to put your mattress inside the car, as the size of a car doesn’t allow a mattress to get inside without folding. 

But before folding it, you need to consider the construction type of your mattress otherwise, it can be damaged.

It is better to load the mattress on the roof of the car, not inside it. If you have an SUV, you can still manage to drive with the mattress inside, but you may face problems while driving safely if you have a sedan or hatchback.

Can You Roll Up A Mattress?

Yes, you can roll up a mattress without any doubt, but for that, you need to follow some steps to roll without any damage. First, you need to put your mattress in a mattress vacuum bag, then, with the help of a vacuum cleaner, suck the air out of the mattress. 

Your mattress will shrink to its smallest size, and then you can roll it up, and it will not occupy much space, which is a plus point.

Final Verdict

This was all about how to tie a mattress to a car roof rack, and you’ll never face any problem while moving your mattress after reading it. So read it carefully and twice if needed. 

At last, keeps some points in mind while moving a mattress to make your journey safe and secure. Try to avoid going on a rush area or highway, drive slowly, and don’t apply brakes immediately. Now, you are good to go.