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How To Store An Air Mattress Properly - Expert Guide(2023)

– By Eric Smith

How to store an air mattress? Storing an air mattress may look easy, but there’s more to it than one might think. If you want your comfortable air mattress to stay with you for a longer time, you must take storage seriously. It’s not like just deflate, pack and throw.

how to store an air mattress

This guide will cover everything in detail that one must keep in mind while storing an air mattress, including the best locations for storing it. So, let’s dive into this guide and see how to store an air mattress properly.

Prepare Your Air Mattress for Storage

Clean it Properly

Cleaning your air mattress is important to keep it in good condition and get a comfortable sleep experience every single time you use it.

Here’s a quick cleaning guide.

First, get some basic supplies like mild soap, water, a soft cloth or sponge, and a towel. Make sure to deflate your air mattress before you start the cleaning process.

If you see any signs of stains like pee or spill on it, just use soap and water to clean it. There is no need to use harsh chemicals because they can harm the mattress’s PVC.

Use a damp cloth to get rid of any leftover soap from your inflatable bed after cleaning it. Also, make sure to dry your inflatable bed properly before storing it, otherwise, it can lead to mold formation

Besides cleaning, checking for leaks or punctures is a good idea. If you find any, don’t panic. You can easily fix them with an air mattress repair kit. This simple maintenance step will add years to your air mattress lifespan.

Deflate the Air Mattress

deflate your airbed

Properly deflating your air mattress is essential to ensure it fits in the space where you want to keep it safely.

Check out this quick guide.

  1. Open All Valves: First of all, open all the valves of your air mattress. It will make sure that the air escapes out quickly, giving an evenly deflated airbed.
  2. Press down gently: Press down on the mattress to release the air slowly. Don’t force the air out; this can damage the seams or cause wrinkles in the material.
  3. Fold in Half: Once most of the air escapes, you have to fold the mattress in half lengthwise. It will throw out any remaining air from the other end.
  4. Roll Up Tightly: Now, roll the mattress up from one end to the other. While doing this, press down to squeeze out any lingering air.

Take Off Bedding

Storing the air mattress with bedding, like with sheets and pillows, is a very bad idea. It’s wise to take them off before initiating the storing process.

Check out our quick tips for that:

  1. Shake Out: First, remove any sheets, air mattress coverblankets, and pillows from the airbed. Shake them to get rid of dust or any other you notice.
  2. Clean: If your sheets, pillows or blankets are dirty or stained, it’s the perfect time to clean them before storing them separately.
  3. Store: Don’t forget to keep all the accessories that come with your air mattress, including the air mattress pump, repair kit, and carrying bag, together with the bed. Storing them together makes finding everything when you need it again easier.

Fold Your Air Mattress For Storage

If you have not folded your air mattress yet, follow these steps to do so. You basically have two options to fold your air mattress.

One is to fold it lengthwise, and the other is to roll, which is an excellent way to save space and stop the air mattress from losing its shape.

Rolling the air mattress instead of folding it lengthwise also protects its seams from any kind of wear and tear. Which is why, we suggest you to roll the bed instead of folding it.

  1. Prepare for Rolling: Lay the air mattress on a clean surface. Open the inflation valves and face them in the upward direction. Now, just fold it in half lengthwise.
  2. Start Rolling: Now, start rolling the mattress tightly from one end to the other. As you roll, push down gently on the mattress to remove any remaining air.
  3. Secure with Straps or Bands: After rolling up, use straps or bands to secure it in its rolled form. This step will prevent it from unraveling during storage.
  4. Use a Storage Bag: If you have a storage bag that fits your rolled mattress, place it inside for added protection. Now you have your folded air mattress ready to go into the storage.

While folding and rolling your air mattress, remember these common mistakes so you don’t damage it.

First, You have to avoid excessive folding, as it can stress the seams and material and lead to tears.

SecondCheck the area for any sharp objects that could puncture your blow-up bed while folding or rolling.

Lastly, don’t be harsh while handling the airbed; avoid unnecessary stress on the PVC.

Choose the Right Storage Location

Indoor vs. Outdoor Storage

Whether you want to store your air mattress indoors or outdoors can significantly affect its condition.

Here’s a quick comparison of the two options:

Indoor Storage: Storing your air mattress indoors comes with many advantages. It’s protected from harsh weather conditions like rain, extreme heat and cold temperatures. 

It basically improves its lifespan. Furthermore, indoor storage keeps your mattress clean and free from dirt and pests that might be present outdoors.

Outdoor Storage: On the other hand, storing your air mattress outdoors may not be ideal.

 Exposing air mattresses to elements such as Sun’s UV rays or rain can lead to damage like fading the materials and mold forming on it. Outdoor storage also exposes your mattress to many pests and critters.

In most cases, indoor storage is the better choice to keep your air mattress safe and ready for use.

Consider the Climate

Hot and Humid Climates: In places where hot and humid weather is pretty common, such as tropical regions, the air mattress is at risk of growing mold and mildew, all thanks to the moisture present in the air. 

Hence, it’s wise to store your bed in a cool, dry place indoors to control this. You can also use a dehumidifier if necessary.

Cold Climates: Extremely cold temperatures can make the material of your air mattress more breakable and more likely to crack. In cold climates, it’s best to store your inflatable bed indoors, away from cold temperatures.

Dry Climates: The air mattress is less likely to have moisture-related issues in dry regions. However, direct sunlight and excessive heat can damage the material over time. 

Which is why you should store it indoors or in the shade to protect it from the sun’s harmful rays.

Avoid High-Traffic Areas


Not storing your expensive cat-proof air mattress in high-traffic areas is a very smart move. Here’s why:

High-traffic areas in your house see a lot of activity. For example, think about hallways and living rooms in your home. They both are more busy areas in any house.

Storing your air mattress in these types of places increases the risk of unexpected damage. People unknowingly can step on it, trip over it, or knock into it, which can damage your bed.

Instead, go for storage spots away from these busy areas to keep your air mattress safe. A spare room, closet, or even under a bed are better options. These places are relatively quieter and less likely to see unexpected foot traffic.

Where To Store Your Air Mattress? 4 Perfect Locations

#1. Under the Bed

Storing your air mattress under the bed is a practical and quick solution, especially in small homes. It’s a space-saving way to keep the airbed conveniently tucked away.

To do so, measure the clearance space under your bed so that your mattress fits snugly. If the space is not much, you can also consider using bed risers to get some extra space under it.

After creating the space, you can neatly fold the bed with the help of the tips mentioned above and then just slide it under the bed.

#2. Keep It in the Closet

You can also use your closet space to store your packed air mattress. There, it’s 100% safe. Just make sure the space remains dry, and also the air mattress is 100% dried before going into the closet.

Start by clearing some of the unneeded stuff, taking too much storage, or, we can say, just create some space for your air mattress there. Also, measure the closet’s dimensions to snugly fit the inflatable bed there.

Next, give your air mattress a specific corner or section of the closet. Ensure this space is clean and dry to prevent moisture or dust buildup.

#3. Wall-Mounted Storage

It’s a clever way to store your air mattress when you don’t have much space. Such solutions involve installing shelves, brackets, or hooks on your walls to securely hold the inflatable bed and its accessories in place.

When the air mattress is not in use, you can keep it in these wall-mounted places. These places will keep the bed secure and out of the way.

Wall-mounted storage comes in handy when you don’t have sufficient floor or closet space but want to make your bed easily accessible for you by not cluttering your living area.

You can also use hanging storage bags with pockets to store your air mattress and related accessories on the wall or back of the door.

#4. Inside a Storage Ottoman

Storage Ottomans provide a hidden storage space inside. Simply lift the top of the ottoman to access a chamber where you can safely keep your airbed.

Here’s a catch. To use this storage, you want to make sure that the air mattress package fits comfortably inside the ottoman. Otherwise, you may face consequences.

It’s an excellent choice if you want to keep your mattress near you and maintain a clutter-free living area.

The best thing about storage ottomans is that they often come with padding or cushions that protect your air mattress. Plus, it serves a dual purpose as seating or a footrest.

Types of Storage Options: How To Store an Air Mattress

You can keep your air mattress safe from numerous threats like your cute cat or dog and ready for use by choosing the right storage option for it. You can consider these some of the best storage options to keep your air mattress safe.

1. Plastic Bags: 

Large, airtight plastic bags designed for air mattresses are a great and affordable choice. They keep your inflatable mattress safe from dust, dirt, moisture and mold sometimes. However, you want to make sure that the bag is completely sealed before storing it. Otherwise, you may need to face the consequences.

2. Storage Bins: 

There are lots of sturdy plastic storage bins that have tight-fitting lids. They can also become a great option when it comes to storing an air mattress. These bins offer awesome protection against pests and moisture. Label the bins for easy identification.

3. Vacuum Storage Bags: 

Vacuum bags are special bags that allow you to remove air and create a much more compact package. These bags are famous for saving space. However, be careful not to over-compress your air mattress, as you might damage it.

4. Original Packaging: 

If you still have the original box or bag your air mattress came in, it’s a good choice for storage, as it’s designed to fit the air bed perfectly. Hence, you don’t need to look for any fancy storage ideas if you have the original packaging with you.

Note: Clean and dry the storage bag or anything you choose to store your inflatable bed. Plus, keep the available space in mind and whether you need protection from threats like pets, moisture or both.

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