Last updated on 23 May, 2022

How To Stay Warm On An Air Mattress - 9 Effective Tips

– By Eric Smith

how to stay warm on an air mattress

Have you ever felt while resting on an air mattress that you are lying on an ice slab? It happens a lot at night, especially in winter. Relatable, Isn’t it?

From now on, you don’t have to sleep on your inflatable ice slab, as today will discuss some of the best and most effective ways to stay warm on an air mattress.

If you are a camper who prefers to spend the night away from home in hilly areas with the only sleep source, an air mattress, make sure you read the complete guide, these methods work for camping too.

9 Tips To Stay Warm On An Air Mattress

Tip 1: Wear Layers

A straightforward way to stay warm on an air mattress anywhere is wearing layers as much as you can, and for camping, this step should be your first priority before stepping out of your home.

We need to wear clothes according to the weather, so not just add layers to your body, but also consider the type of fabric your clothes are made of.

Avoid wearing cotton while going for an outing in cold areas as it loses its heat retention properties after getting wet. On the other hand, woollen clothes are your best friends in this scenario.

Tip 2: Wear Accessories

wear accessories You can protect your body from wind and cold by wearing layers, but what about your face, ears, hands, and feet? Don’t worry, you can protect them as well.

Get a buff or scarf and put that on to keep as much of your skin covered as possible. Use caps or earmuffs to protect your ears, and lastly, wear woollen gloves and socks to prevent your hands and feet from getting cold on the air mattress.

And if you have cotton socks, wear one more pair if you think one is not enough.

Tip 3: Use Sleeping Bag

Sleeping bag to stay warm on an air mattress A sleeping bag is one of the best alternatives to an air mattress, but it is a more comfortable and far better option than any airbed when it comes to staying warm.

So, the combination of an air mattress and a sleeping bag can give you the warm sleep you deserve, even in the coldest places.

Sleeping bags regulate body temperature and are thick enough to act as a barrier between you and your chilled airbed.

With some good quality sleeping bags, you don’t even need to use the blanket or accessories like socks, gloves and caps in winter camping.

If you have already owned a sleeping bag, that’s excellent but if you plan to buy one, then make sure your bag has a good temperature rating to keep you warm in the cold.

For more information, here is a quick sleeping bag buying guide.

Tip 4: Use Thick Blanket

In order to get warmness, if you are not using a thick blanket while sleeping on an air mattress, you’re making a mistake. A thick blanket keeps your body warm and maintains it while you sleep in the bed.

Many of you may be using a blanket but is that blanket thick enough to keep you away from the cold? Probably not, that’s why you need to change your blanket and buy a thicker one.

Tip 5: Have a Hot Drink

Hot drinks, the quick way to get instant heat inside your body. It is good to have a hot drink before going to bed, especially if the bed is an air mattress. There are varieties of hot drinks that not only provide warmness but also refreshes your body.

Some of the most effective hot drinks in the cold are fresh ginger tea, fruit tea, mint tea, coffee, and hot chocolate. You can have a cup of hot water if you don’t have other options or don’t have the ingredients to make a hot drink.

Tip 6: Use Space Blanket

Space blanket for warmness For those who have no idea what a space blanket is, let me tell you that a space blanket which is also known as a Thermal blanket, Mylar blanket, or Emergency blanket, is designed to retain up to 80-90% of your body heat in emergency survival situations like hiking, climbing, camping and on other outdoor adventures.

We suggest you use a space blanket as these are windproof, waterproof, keeps you dry during rainy and cold weather, and are much cheaper than a regular winter blanket.

Moreover, these can also be used as ground cover, sleeping bag liner, to prevent hypothermia and shock in extreme weather conditions.

Tip 7: Thermal Air Mattress Topper

Thermal air mattress topper While sleeping on your chilled air mattress, you need something that can prevent heat loss and reflect your body heat back towards you. You cannot find a better option for this than a thermal air mattress topper.

So, if you want to buy a thermal topper, we would like to recommend you Alki Twilight Thermal Mattress Topper, the best thermal topper in the market in 2022. It is slightly expensive, but it has excellent features that justify its price.

Tip 8: Do Some Exercise

An important point that no one talks about to stay warm on an air mattress is exercise.

We all know how important exercise is in our lives and in this case you have to do some simple exercises (not more than 1 minute) like jumping jacks, squats, burpees etc. to get the blood flow and muscles moving.

The reason to do some exercise before going to your chilled airbed is quite simple, the heat generated will stay and keep you and your blanket warm for some times, which is far better than struggling to warm up in a cold bed.

Keep in mind that do not over-exercise otherwise, you will start sweating, which will make you feel cold, and your sleep system will get wet.

Tip 9: Carry a Heater

Portable heater Carrying a portable heater is an excellent move for those who take their camping trip seriously and don’t want any mess or inconvenience.

When talking about the heater, the first thing that comes to mind is that expensive heavy room heaters that need some electric supply to run, but luckily, technology has changed everything.

Now, you don’t have to pay that much money and face many inconveniences while carrying it.

The portable heater price starts from around 20 dollars, making them highly affordable, and their lightweight design allows you to hang it in any of your fingers.

Also, not just on a campsite, you can use these portable heaters at your home, tents, workshops, job sites, storage buildings, tailgate parties, sheds, ice fishing huts, etc.

Make sure to keep the heater at least 1 meter away from your airbed, or it can harm it and if you are using it in your tent, use a thick cloth or wooden block under the heater before turning it on.

Also, leave a window open to make sure that you have good fresh air still coming in.

In The End

So, these are the 9 best and effective ways to help you stay warm on an air mattress, and all the mentioned methods really work, so you can entirely rely on them without any doubt.

While going on winter camping, always keep in mind that wearing layers and accessories is a must if you really want to protect yourself from the cold or have a warm and comfortable sleep on an air mattress, and we always recommend that.