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How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor(7 Working Ways)

– By Eric Smith

how to raise an air mattress off the floor

No matter where you are, raising the air mattress off the floor or ground always gives you an advantage and adds comfort to your sleep.

It may seem odd, but being at the base or lower level can be pretty uncomfortable. Many people are anxious when they are at a surface point, especially when lying down.

Fortunately, there are many ways we can raise our blow-up bed off the floor by 6-15 inches. And in this guide, we’ll discuss 7 unique ways on how to raise an air mattress off the floor.

Why Raise An Air mattress Off The Floor?

You can get quality sleep by elevating your air mattress off the floor, No doubt. 

Sleeping on the floor can result in discomfort and insufficient support for the body, promoting back pain. Without elevating the air mattress, the body’s pressure points may not receive the required ease, leading to potential aches and pains.

By raising an air mattress, the sleeper gains the advantage of increased airflow, which helps in regulating your body temperature. 

It prevents extreme sweating and reduces the risk of skin irritations. Furthermore, lifting the air mattress helps in reducing allergens and dust collection.

How To Raise An Air Mattress Off The Floor

1. Metal Frames:

How to raise an air mattress off the floorWhile there are many ways to raise the air bed off the floor, metal frames are the simplest and by far the quickest options to make this work done. 

In most camping reserves, metal frames are widely used to lift the air mattress because of their durability, versatility, and excellent support.

Metal bed frames are universal, open in various sizes, forms, and colors, and are fairly simple to put together.

On the other hand, metal frames need to be used with proper care as their heavy weight, and sharp edges can hurt you.

2. Use a Box Spring:

Putting an air mattress on the box spring is the best answer for safely and accurately raising an air bed. If you are unfit to locate plywood or if it is hard to find one in your area, you can use this as a final resort. Remember that box springs are more costly than plywood but provide excellent body support.

box spring

Well, box springs have better outcomes and effects on air mattresses than plywood, so I think it is suitable and worthwhile. Box springs are prepared for all types of beds, not just air mattresses. When it comes to how you utilize it, it is pretty adaptable.

3. Make Your DIY Air Mattress Frame:

If you’re convenient with a saw, making your own wood frame could be a fantastic way to lift your air bed by 7-10 inches. With only a few DIY skills, you can create the ideal custom wooden frame for your air mattress.

DIY air mattress frame can be tailored to the characteristics and size of an air bed. DIY wooden frames are generally less costly than others. 

Make sure to provide an accurate finishing to your wooden frame to prevent any type of leaks, tears, or air mattress punctures.

4. A Carpet Or Rug might Work:

carpetA rug or carpet sounds like a great idea to elevate the air mattress off the floor. 

Carpets and rugs keep your blow-up bed away from direct contact with the floor, Due to which the chances of damage to the air mattress are significantly reduced.

Remember that rugs and carpets collect dust so easily and quickly, so be sure to clean thoroughly before laying them under the bed.

With this method, your bed will raise by 2-3 inches, not by 10-15 inches like a traditional bed. Still, you can use this method while camping or hiking in hilly areas.

5. Use a Plywood:

If you want to save your air mattress, you can lift it off the floor with plywood. It is a cheap and suitable option.

To avoid incidental contact with the air mattress, you must protect it with something like a bed cover, a tarp, or any other alternative you have.

It comes in a combination of thicknesses, so select the thickest one to give your air bed a good lift.

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6. Try Foam:

Foam sheets are the most inexpensive way to increase an air bed off the floor. You can get foam padding under your air mattress for around $20-$30.


The blessings of using foam to inflate an air bed on the floor include its low cost, versatility, and comfort of movement. The drawback of using foam is that it does not ever have a non-slip texture and does not quite elevate the air mattress.

7. Invest In a Cot:

cotInvesting in a good-quality cot seems like a good idea if you want to raise your inflatable bed by 10-15 inches while also making a non-slip surface. 

Cots are foldable, lightweight, and occupy less space, giving you the advantage of transporting them at your home or campsite.

3 Benefits Of Raising An Inflatable Bed Off The Floor

1. Makes Sleeping Comfortable

It is always beneficial to sleep on a slightly elevated sleeping system than on the ground because it makes it a lot easier for your to get in and out of the bed. 

Also, if you are someone experiencing back pain or body aches, you should never sleep on an air mattress without lifting it off the floor.

2. Air Mattress Protection

An air mattress is a highly sensitive sleeping system. It is nothing but a PVC layer containing air inside it. If you’re placing your air mattress on rough ground, especially on an outing, the bed is more prone to punctures, holes, and leaks.

By lifting the airbed off the floor, you are not only adding some comfort to your good night’s sleep, but you are also protecting it from various hazards around your home as well as outings, such as pins, needles, small and sharp debris, etc.

3. Stops It From Sliding

It is very annoying when you turn your back while sleeping and your air mattress starts to slip, making those squeaky noises. By raising your airbed off the floor, you can stop it from sliding and get rid of those squeaky noises.

The stability of your air mattress riser is also a factor as well as how effectively it fixes your airbed’s sliding issues. So make sure to use your air mattress riser with a stable base.

FAQs - How To Raise an Air Mattress Off The Floor

How can I make my air mattress taller?

There are many options available in the market right now that you can use to make your air mattress taller or lift it off the floor by up to 15 inches. It totally depends on the option you prefer and how much money you want to spend.

Metal frames, cots, box springs, and wooden frames are some great bed risers that can actually lift your blow-up bed by up to 10-15 inches.

All the mentioned options have some pros and cons in them, that’s why you need to choose one wisely. If you want an air mattress riser only for home, a box spring or wooden frame is good, but they are pretty expensive than metal frames and cots.

However, if you want something quick and portable that can be used on outings too, a metal frame or camping cot would be a better option.

How high should a mattress be off the ground?

Whether it is a regular mattress or an air mattress, both need to be used at a certain height to get a good sleeping experience and convenience. 

And to get the best results, your bed should be around 15-25 inches high off the floor. Where most mattresses have a height of 10-15 inches, you can buy a bed riser to gain some extra inches.

If you are still confused about choosing the best height for your sleeping system, here’s a trick. Sit on the edge of your bed and make a 90-degree angle with your legs and floor. Adjust the bed height if you are still facing issues while making it.

In The End:

These are the 7 most reliable solutions for how to raise an air mattress off the floor and you can use any of them according to your preference.

It is better to invest some money for its protection and make it more comfortable rather than ignoring what you and your air mattress are facing while you sleep.

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