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How To Patch An Air Mattress On The Felt Side[2022]

– By Casper

how to patch an air mattress on the felt side

We all know how hard you try to protect your air mattress, but sometimes, you will find a hole in it. If this hole arrives while camping or trekking, it can ruin your day. But why let your enjoyment get seized just because of a hole?

You can’t always buy a new air mattress because of a hole, but you can try it. Often, holes occur on the fuzzy side of the blow-up bed, and we mostly don’t know what we should do.

Well, don’t worry, this article will help you out. Whether it’s a regular inflatable mattress, toddler air mattress, or even a car air mattress, a hole on the fuzzy side of the mattress can always be patched.

How To Patch An Air Mattress On The Felt Side

Step 1: Find The Hole

Patching a hole is relatively straightforward but finding one is tricky. Till you don’t know where the hole is, how will you fix it? So to find where the leak is, there are two things you can use.

By using Soapy water: With this method, you can easily find a leak in any part of your air mattress. All you need is some soapy water solution and a sprayer bottle.

Now, inflate the blow-up bed to the maximum and spray the soapy water solution all over the mattress with the sprayer bottle.

patch an air mattress on the fuzzy side

Keep noticing while spraying the solution as it will cause bubbles to form. Once you find the leaking area, wipe the solution with a dry cloth.

By using your sense organs: You can’t find soapy solutions everywhere. Sometimes you may be campaigning or trekking. 

So just because you are not at home and the soapy solution isn’t there, it doesn’t mean you can’t find the hole. Let your sense organs do some work.

Note: Do this task in a quiet place as it can’t happen in a noisy crowd, so go to a place where there is some silence.

This process needs some effort, but it is also an effective way to find holes. First, Inflate the mattress to its optimum level. After inflation, try to find the hole or leak by listening to the sound.

You can easily hear the sound of the hole. Move all over the bed and try to listen to where the air escaping sound is coming from.

If your ears don’t help you listen, go for your hand. Move your hand all around the mattress. You should keep your hands 1 inch away from the inflated mattress.

Move the hands and try to see or sense where the air is leaking from. This technique helps when the hole is tiny, and you can’t notice with your eyes.

Step 2: Mark The Hole

Now, when you know how many spots or where the hole is. It is better to mark it. Marking a leak can avoid the risk of losing it. 

That’s why mark it with a permanent marker or highlighter. All you have to do is, Draw or tick a circle around the hole or make a symbol that makes it easy to remember. 

Sometimes when the mattress is wet, markers don’t work on it. I suggest you let it dry in sunlight for about 10-20 minutes.

Step 3: Remove The Furry Hair

shave it with a knife Now when you have checked or know how many holes your inflatable air mattress has on the felt side. Start with shaving. 

The fuzzy side of the mattress has some furry hairs so start with shaving with a blade. Use a razor and remove all the hairs around the leak.

Shave until it is clean and your inflatable air mattress removes hairs from that place. You can also use a sharp knife as it removes all hairs around the perimeter of the hole. 

Use it carefully, and don’t tear your inflatable air mattress apart.

Step 4: Use The Repair Patch

Now when shaving fuzzy hairs from that hole surrounding area is done. Clean the surface nicely with a brush or a damp cloth. Keep the bed back on the air bed frame and let it dry or dry it by using a hair dryer.

We will use a flocked air bed repair patch to repair this hole. When this is dry and clean, the repair patch will work effectively, so make sure you do follow all the previous steps. Now cut the patch either in round shape or in square shape.

Note: Cutting the repair patch in a round shape will have no corners to lift and will be sticking to the hole.

After cutting, peel the repair patch and stick the back off to the affected area where you located the leak. Put some heavy weight on the patch, so it sticks properly to the hole. Now your work here is done.

In the end, inflate your air mattress and check whether everything is fine.

Final Words:

If your inflated mattress has a hole on the felt side, you don’t know what to do, or you are finding ways or step-by-step guides to patching an air mattress on the felt side, I think this article will help you out.

The steps are being elaborated on for a better explanation. These steps have worked for many people and are one of the best ways to repair the hole in an air mattress on the felt side.

I hope this guide will help you fix your air mattress and make it work again.

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