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6 Ways on How To Make An Air Mattress Quieter(Less Noisy)

– By Eric Smith

how to make an air mattress quieter

Are you guys frustrated with the squeaky noise your air mattress makes all the time while you sleep on it? If yes, then this guide is for you. In this how to make an air mattress quieter guide, we have discussed all the best and effective ways by which you can eliminate those annoying air mattress noises and sleep peacefully.

We have also discussed why air mattresses make so much noise, so make sure to read this guide till the end. Hence, next time you won’t repeat those mistakes and sleep on your air mattress without any interruption.

How To Make An Air Mattress Quieter - 6 Ways

#1. Cover The Mattress:

A cover or sheet is an important bedding accessory one must use right after inflating an air mattress. There are many reasons to do that. 

A cover or sheet is something that not only makes your air mattress silent but also protects it from getting messy, keeps it away from accidental liquid spills and food stains, and adds an extra layer of comfort to your good night’s sleep.

Moreover, some inflatable bed covers don’t even let the liquid pass through them, which saves the airbed from those unpleasant smells that usually come with your child or pet pee on it. 

And, if you’re someone who sleeps on an airbed with their pet, especially with a cat, then a good quality cover is a must for you.

Many affordable covers and sheets are available on the market that actually works in making airbed quieter and more shielding. We have divided them into 3 categories to help you find the best one that suits your needs.

Simple cover:

A single material is used throughout the construction of a simple cover, i.e., they don’t have their own extra layer of comforts like a quilted pad and quilted cover, and also usually don’t have anything on the circumference to grip the mattress. 

However, they work and can still be used when it comes to making an airbed quieter.

Quilted Cover:

Quilted air mattress covers are considered the best for making an inflatable bed cozy for sleeping and eliminating the squeaky noise coming out of the airbed when someone sits or turns around.

Because of the thick quilted surface, it feels like you’re sleeping on a traditional bed. Some covers are built with foam inside that soaks the liquid and keeps the airbed dry all time.

quilted air mattress cover

Apart from that, most quilted covers also come with elastic at the circumference that grips the inflatable bed firmly and prevents it from sliding. 

Luckily, they are also compatible with most air mattresses, even with those 20-24 inches high, and can also be used on regular foam or latex mattresses when not in use.

Fitted Sheets:

A fitted sheet has a really smooth surface and elastic at the sides to grip the mattress. Usually, they don’t come with a thin surface which sometimes fails in protecting an air mattress. 

fitted sheets

Honestly, fitted sheets are not that effective in silencing a squeaky airbed and might slide if it’s not tucked correctly around the corners. Still, you can try your regular mattress’s fitted sheet on the airbed and check if it works.

#2. Add a Mattress Topper:

You can smoothly solve many air mattress-related problems by simply putting a mattress topper on it. 

It helps your air mattress maintain silence while someone is resting on it and adds extra cushioning, which gives an overall good sleeping experience.

Moreover, it ensures that you or your partner don’t wake up in the middle of the night by those squeaky noises when you move while taking a nap. 

Apart from that, for those who don’t like to sleep on a cold airbed because of heat management issues, a mattress topper is a must-have accessory.

Different types of mattress toppers are meant to perform the same task(add comfort to a mattress), but one offers a slight advantage over the others.

Memory Foam Topper:

These are the popular mattress toppers whose thickness can lie anywhere between 1.5 inches to 4 inches. They are soft and highly comfortable to sleep on. 

thick topper for air mattress

Apart from making your airbed less noisy, they can literally add years to its lifespan and help you get the most out of your inflatable mattress. Compared to other toppers, these are fairly inexpensive, and you can buy one for $50-$60 that will last for years.

Latex Mattress Topper:

Regarding airflow, a latex mattress topper is a much better option than memory foam and wool mattress toppers. 

They help prevent those bouncy movements and funny noises coming from the airbed’s smooth top and elevate you by 3-4 inches to support your body better.

latex air mattress topper

However, you need to consider that they may not suit people with allergy problems. These toppers are slightly more expensive than other toppers. 

A good quality latex mattress topper can cost you around $100-$200 or even more sometimes.

Wool Mattress Topper:

wool mattress topper

A wool mattress topper is something that most think only works in winter, which is a misconception. However, the truth is a wool topper keeps you warm in winter and cool in summer

These toppers are usually not as thick as memory foam and latex toppers but help eliminate noise from an air mattress for sure.

Wool toppers are not ideal when it comes to body support. However, people still prefer them for their soft-cushioning surface and instant warming capabilities. Moreover, they last longer than any other mattress topper and fit best for camping in cold areas.

#3. Place Carpet or Rug under the airbed:

After successfully making the air mattress surface quieter, it’s time to silence the base. Most air mattresses come with a smooth base which tends to slide easily on the slippery floor whenever the sleeper moves around. And, because of this sliding issue, you sometimes get to hear those annoying sounds.

How to make an air mattress quieter

Placing a carpet or rug under the inflatable bed is actually a great move to minimize those sounds your air mattress makes after getting rubbed against the floor. Plus, it can also be used around your home when not used under the airbed.

By the way, instead of carpet or Rug, you can also try putting some other things like dry-deck, foam, blanket, and plywood to prevent sliding and insulate the airbed against the cold. 

However, for this specific purpose, a carpet or rug seems a much better and more convenient options.

#4. Positioning Can Help:

Still learning how to make an air mattress quieter? Here are some advance tips. 

Positioning the air mattress correctly can help you solve many issues, such as those sliding issues when someone on the bed moves, sheets slipping off when they are not properly tucked in place, and those squeaky noise issues, which feel really annoying.

Sometimes, the reason behind all these problems can be the bad positioning of the air mattress. 

Air mattresses are generally lightweight and usually have a slippery bottom, which is why they can’t hold the floor that effectively and displace, making those noises. 

Position the bed against the wall to eliminate those unnecessary sliding problems and make it quieter.

#5. Use a Mattress Stand:

zinus airbed frame

Have you ever tried putting your air mattress on a stand or cot? Placing the airbed over a wooden or metal stand is always a great idea in order to make the bed much more convenient and less noisy to sleep longer without any disturbance.

A stand benefits you and your air mattress in many ways. It keeps the mattress away from the chilly floor. 

It protects the inflatable bed from dust, debris, and those sudden leaks, which you will agree is crucial for both indoors and outdoors, like while camping in the woods.

An air mattress stand plays an important role, especially when you want some elevation off the ground to get in and out of bed without making too much effort. Overall, it prolongs the blow-up’s life and makes it usable for a little longer.

#6. Consider Replacing the Air Mattress:

Is your air mattress still irritating you with the noise? If yes, it’s the right time to replace it with an advanced inflatable bed that has some essential features to give you the needed sleep and, of course, which worth the investment. 

In most cases, air mattresses’ vinyl surface or inner material is the real culprit behind those noises you hear again and again while sleeping, and it’s impossible to replace any of them.

Unfortunately, there’s no perfect definition for a quiet air mattress, but at least your new air mattress must have a flocked or soft surface to give you a comfortable and quiet nap. 

Enough height so that you don’t need to spend more money on a stand. A quiet built-in pump or manual pump for silent inflate and deflate operations, and if it has a non-slip base, that would be awesome.

If you want to spend less time doing long research, check out our guide, where we’ve suggested some of the best air mattresses with amazing features that are worth the purchase.

Are You Using an Air Mattress with Built-In Frame?

Are you sure it’s your air mattress creating those squeaking sounds? Most probably Yes, but if this is an air mattress with a built-in frame like Insta-Bed Ez Air Mattress with built-in frame or Coleman Camping Cot with Air Mattress Combo, then you should think twice.

The point is that the culprit could be the metal frame and you’re thinking it’s the inflatable mattress making creating those sounds.

If this is your air mattress singing while you are having fun in dreams, you can easily fix it with the above-mentioned methods. However, if you suspect it’s the frame creating those noises, below are some quick fixing tips.

Lubricate The Frame:

Start by lubricating the frame as they become corroded after years of usage especially when not maintained and lubricated routinely.

If you use that frame for outings as well, it’s likely to get rusted much faster compared to home, because of the moisture.

To solve the rust issue, something like WD-40 can prove to be the best choice. You just have to spray it on joints, bolts, or everywhere you notice rust, it’ll do the rest then.

Tighten Loose Joints:

Loose metal frame joints can also be the reason behind those irritating sounds you hear while making any movement on the air mattress with a built-in frame. 

As you haven’t lubricated the frame for years, you might face issues while tightening the rusted nuts and bolts.

In most cases, screws, nuts and bolts require some kind of lubrication to work again flawlessly, so, it becomes crucial to do some oiling or greasing first before proceeding to tighten or you may end up breaking them. 

Use a screwdriver and wrench to fix all screws and bolts(use a washer for a more snug fit) in place and make the frame much quieter.

Furniture Pads:

If the frame is still squeaking, it’s time to inspect the feet of the frame. Perhaps you’re laying the frame on uneven ground or it’s rubbing against the floor or perhaps the feet are worn out after years of usage.

In this case, simple furniture pads can indeed help you out. These furniture pads are typically used to protect hardwood floors but, you can use them to even the frame’s feet and eliminate the squeaking. Still, the best part is that nobody won’t even notice them.

Why Is Your Air Mattress So Noisy?

Have you ever heard the famous phrase “Prevention is Better than Cure”? It is better to take precautions than to fix the issue repeatedly. The term also applies in this case.

air mattress dimensions

People know that air mattresses make noise, but most people don’t know why. As a result, they keep fixing the issue again and again rather than investigating the root cause. Below are some most common reasons why an air mattress makes noise.

#1. Friction:

Friction is the root cause behind the squeaking of an air mattress. Not all air mattresses have flocked or velvety surfaces. Plus, some don’t even have a non-slip or sure-grip bottom. 

Hence, when you move while lying on the airbed or when the air mattress itself slides on the hard floor, you get to hear some noise due to friction.

In order to make the bed quieter on the hard floor, put something between the floor and the mattress’s bottom, like carpet, rug, plywood, or foam. 

However, when it comes to silencing air mattress surfaces, a cover or a sheet can prove to be a fantastic choice.

#2. Age Is A Crucial Factor:

Like any other mattress on the market, air mattresses also have an age limit. After a certain point of time, you can’t expect your blow-up bed to perform like new. 

Some of the common problems that occur in an old airbed are air bubbles or bulges, defects in the inflation valve, overnight sinking, not holding the weight anymore like it used to do, slippery base, and many more.

Some problems can still be fixed, such as air mattress bubbles, slippery base, and defective valve can also be replaced. However, for overnight sinking and weight-holding issues, it’s better to look for another good quality inflatable bed that meets your requirement.

#3. Improper Use:

No doubt, improper use of an air mattress can destroy it or may result in a shorter lifespan. Some of the best examples of improper use are not keeping the bed safe after use, exceeding the weight limit, dragging it to another room, not letting the bed dry completely before packing, which leads to mold formation, and not cleaning it.

Believe it or not, we put our airbed at high risk whenever we inflate it without inspecting the floor or ground. So, try avoiding such things in order to keep the airbed safe, comfortable, and quiet.

Read More: Check out this guide to know why your air mattress is making popping noise in detail. 

Conclusion - How To Make An Air Mattress Quieter?

Making an air mattress quieter is not a difficult task until you know the right tips and tricks to do that. And after going through the guide, you’ll be able to make your air mattress silent and have a good night sleep without any disturbance.

All the mentioned points genuinely help in making an air mattress quieter. However, if you use the blow-up bed with a frame, ensure you’re going behind the real culprit, i.e., first find out whether it’s the frame or the mattress making those noises. This will really save you time as well as effort.

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