Last updated on 22 May, 2022

How To Make An Air Mattress Quieter - 5 Amazing Tricks

– By Casper

How to make an air mattress quieter

Are you guys frustrated with the squeaky noise your air mattress makes all the time while you sleep on it? If yes, then this guide is for you because here we have discussed all the best and effective ways by which you can make your air mattress quieter or less noisy.

We have also discussed why air mattresses make so much noise, so make sure to read this guide till the end. Hence, next time you won’t repeat those mistakes and sleep peacefully on your air mattress without any interruption.

5 Amazing Tricks To Make An Air Mattress Quieter

#1. Cover The Mattress:

Cover the mattress I’ve seen many people who don’t use a cover or protector before lying on their air mattress. And if you are one of those, then you are also making the same mistake. 

A cover is one of the crucial accessories that not only make the air mattress more comfortable but also protect it from hard-to-clean food stains, aggressive pets and contribute a bit to extend its lifespan.

There are many affordable options available on the market that actually protects your blow-up bed and make it much quieter. 

However, the best option would be a thick quilted mattress pad, and you can buy it for 30$-40$ from any online or offline store.

Investing in a gel topper can also be a good option, but honestly, spending 80$-100$ just to make an airbed less noisy is probably not a wise idea, especially when it can be done under 40$. 

A thick quilted pad is more than enough to give you a snug and peaceful sleep.

#2. Use Carpet Or Rug Underneath:

use a rug or carpet Covering the airbed can make it quieter from the surface only, but what about the bottom? Don’t worry; we have the solution for this too.

Using a rough carpet, rug, or mat underneath the airbed can definitely eliminate those funny sounds that disturb your sleep. Most people complain about sliding problems on their blow-up bed; this carpet or rug trick can solve this issue too.

In addition to the mentioned items, some other things such as a dry-deck, foam, blanket, or wire can also be placed under an inflatable bed. Still, in this case, rugs and carpets are slightly inexpensive and much convenient options.

#3. Buy An Airbed Stand:

metal frame for air mattress Placing the airbed over a metal or wooden stand is always a great idea in order to make the bed much convenient and less noisy for healthy sleep. 

The stand elevates your airbed by 12-14 inches so that it is not in direct contact with the floor.

Moreover, a stand gives you many benefits, such as maintaining the temperature by keeping the cold ground away, helping you get in and out of bed with ease. 

More importantly, it protects against those tiny debris, dust, and sudden leaks. Overall, it prolongs the blow-up’s life and makes it usable for a longer period of time.

#4. Place The Mattress In A Corner:

If you don’t want to spend in an airbed stand or frame but want to make it stable, then you can use this simple trick.

For this, you have to place your bed in the corner of your room, and it would be best if you put some barrier like a chair, table, or any other heavy material on the other two sides of the bed. It will never allow the airbed to lose its position and keep it quieter while in use.

#5. Look For A Quiet Air Mattress:

If the above-mentioned methods don’t work for your air mattress, I think it’s time to replace it with a good quality airbed that comes with some essential features you need.

First, your blow-up bed should have a flocked top layer so that it doesn’t make funny sounds after getting rubbed with your body. And second, it must feature the sure-grip technology to grip the floor better in every condition.

Why Do Air Mattresses Make So Much Noise?

Have you ever heard the famous phrase “Prevention Is Better Than Cure”? It is far better to take precautions than to fix the problem repeatedly. The term also applies in this case.

In our research, we have found three main reasons why air mattresses make so much noise. So, here are the reasons and try to avoid them in order to get rid of air mattress noises.

#1. Friction:

The air mattresses are made of PVC that directly comes into contact with the floor or body, and whenever it slides, the bed makes annoying sounds because of friction.

Using the cover and placing a rug or carpet under the mattress reduces the friction and eliminates the sound coming from the airbed.

#2. Age Is A Crucial Factor:

As we know, age is a crucial factor and applies to all things in the world.

Excessive use of air mattresses can cause many problems. If your mattress is too old, it may be suffering from many issues like air bubbles or bulges, overnight sinking, defective valve, inability to hold the mentioned weight anymore, etc.

These can be severe reasons why your bed is making awful sounds. Some of these issues can be easily fixed, and some just can’t. Hence, looking forward to buying a new blow-up seems like a good idea to get the sleep you need.

#3. Improper Use:

Using the airbed carelessly can also ruin it. As such, we often forget to deflate the bed after every use, do not protect it, exceed the weight limit, inflate more than its capacity, and most importantly, never clean it.

These moves can cost you your air mattress as it shortens its lifespan and badly affects it. So, next time when you use your airbed, just make sure not to repeat such things.

In The End:

Making an air mattress quieter is not a difficult task until you know the right tips and tricks to do that. And after going through the guide, you’ll be able to make your air mattress silent and have a good night sleep without any disturbance.

So, now it’s your turn to implement the tricks and get the desired results.