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How To Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable(9 Tips)

– By Eric Smith

How to make an air mattress more comfortable? It’s true that air mattresses are pretty uncomfortable, but it’s also true that you can convert your uneasy airbed into a plush sleeping system like a real bed.

In this guide, we’ll discuss 9 amazing ways to make an air mattress more comfortable that will help you get healthy and adequate sleep.

how to make an air mattress more comfortable

We’ll also reveal the main reasons why your air mattress is no longer providing the comfort your want. So, make sure to read it till the end.

How To Make An Air Mattress More Comfortable

1. Use Pads or Covers:

No matter how old or new your air mattress is, a cover or pad always comforts your good night’s sleep. Plus, it protects your air mattress from various threats around your home, such as accidental liquid spills and your pet’s pointed claws, and also keeps it away from getting messy.

air mattress cover

No need to address how annoying it sometimes feels to sleep on a crumpled sheet. With an air mattress cover, it is quite a common issue if you don’t know how to tuck sheets properly. That’s why Always ensure that the sheet or cover is fully stretched, i.e., there should be no creases on the sheet, making it uncomfortable to rest.

You can use any cover that fits snugly on the airbed. However, if you don’t have one, investing in an air mattress protector worth 20-30$ to get a snug sleep and prolonging the air bed’s lifespan shouldn’t be a big deal.

2. Use a Pillow:

pillow for airbed

Needless to say, how important role a pillow plays in one’s sleep. Using a good quality pillow is the best way to keep your spine well-aligned even on tough surfaces and keep you away from neck strains, as well as add extra comfort to your sleep. 

Air mattresses’ built-in pillows can be an excellent option to consider, but honestly, they never match the level of adequately stuffed pillows.

3. A Thick Topper Might Work:

Nowadays, inflatable beds come with a soft fluffy surface that doesn’t let you feel like you’re sleeping on a PVC bed, although this is not the case with all air mattresses, especially if it is 3-4 years old. This cold vinyl surface sometimes feels really uncomfortable while sleeping.

thick topper for air mattress

In that case, a thick topper can give you incredible overall body comfort and reduce heat loss in winter or while camping. Plus, it doesn’t bother your partner when you change your sleeping position.

There are varieties of mattress toppers available on the market made of memory foam, latex, and microfiber. They can elevate you up to 5 inches off the mattress. Place the topper evenly on the air mattress before finishing it up with the sheets, covers, and pillows.

4. Position the Airbed Correctly:

Positioning the air mattress correctly can also help you sleep comfortably throughout the night. Some people always complain about that pillow falling issue from the air mattress when they are in slumber. If you also face the same problem, then positioning the bed rightly is going to help you a lot.

To keep the pillow from falling off the mattress, place your airbed against the wall or in a corner if you have sufficient space. 

In case this doesn’t work for you and you’re still unable to sleep properly, try an air mattress with a built-in headboard. After that, you’ll never need to position the air mattress against the wall to prevent pillows from falling.

5. Use a Mattress Riser:

coleman frame with air mattress

Always use a mattress riser if you really want to make your airbed more comfortable.

A good mattress stand or riser can raise the bed by 10-15 inches which is sufficient to keep you off the cold ground and maintain the overall temperature of your sleeping system. Moreover, it also allows you to get in and out of your blow-up quickly.

There are various air mattress stands to choose from, such as a simple metal or wooden frame, cot, and box-spring that you can buy according to your budget and requirement.

6. Using an Electric Blanket Can Help:

heated blanket on air mattress

Wait, are you feeling uncomfortable because your air mattress feels freezing and nothing is working to keep it warm. An electric blanket can hold you back in this case. 

Using an electric blanket on an air mattress may sound crazy, but it surely works if you know how to use it the right way.

In winter, it sometimes becomes difficult to sleep on an inflatable bed, even when it is properly covered with sheets, covers, and blankets, all because of the cold air inside the mattress.

Unfortunately, you have nothing to do with that air, but by using an electric blanket, you can get instant heat and sleep comfortably for hours. However, keep some points in mind before using an electric blanket on your expensive blow-up bed.

Don’t put the heated blanket directly on the airbed. Use something like a thick mattress pad or topper to act as a barrier between the two. 

Also, use it with lower settings, and don’t let it run for the whole night. No heated blanket can harm your inflatable sleeping system if you keep these few things in mind while using one.

7. Make Sure The Mattress Is Adequately Inflated:

It is essential to raise the blow-up bed to its true potential. You need to be aware of the correct strength level of your sleeping system. If there is too much air in the bed, it could explode whenever you put too much pressure on it. 

On the other hand, if it doesn’t have enough air, obviously, it won’t be able to hold your weight and can cause sagging, again giving you discomfort while sleeping.

8. Keep It From Sliding:

Air mattresses are also known for their unstable base and squeaky noises during use, and in order to make it comfortable to sleep on, you must solve these issues as one cannot rest on a noisy and unstable bed.

prevent airbed from sliding

You can put a carpet or rug under your air mattress to prevent it from losing its position. This move also helps in making the inflatable bed quieter.

Additionally, always remember to cover the bed adequately with a bed sheet to stop the squeaky noise coming because of friction between you and the bed’s smooth surface.

9. Pack The Air Mattress Properly:

Leaving an inflatable bed out in the open after use is obviously not a good idea as many dangers could damage it and the best example of this scenario is your cute pet. 

Sometimes, the damage is not so significant as to be easily visible, and a small leak or a damaged valve can be the main culprit behind not providing the needed comfort. So, pack your mattress properly and keep it safe after every use.

Why Your Air Mattress Is No Longer Comfortable?

Poor sleeping routines are among the most shared problems that guide various issues. And when it arrives at it, one of the primary reasons for this is an uncomfortable mattress.

With that said, we’ve chosen to take the privilege of providing you with a few things to consider if you want to make your airbed a lot more relaxed.

While we realize that this is most probably a quick solution, it is still necessary to confirm that it is supporting and trustworthy enough to prevent any problems.

#1. Exceeding Airbed’s Carrying Capacity:

While examining a new inflatable mattress, you should consider weight and size. The bigger the sleeping surface, the more lavish the load-bearing span. 

However, this is a mixed weight limit, so if you share an inflatable bed with someone, split this specification by pounds by two.

Twin-size: A twin-size airbed has a weight limit of 300 pounds on average.

Full-size: Full-size air mattresses usually support around 400 to 450 pounds of weight. 

Queen-Size: A queen-size air mattress has a weight limit of 500 to 600 pounds, approximately double a twin’s capacity.

#2. Is Your Airbed Inflated Enough:

One of the essential factors affecting sleep quality in an airbed is the quantity of air that it holds – this is required. If there is too much air in the inflatable mattress, it will sense firm.

On the other hand, if it doesn’t own enough, it will fade and become incapable of supporting you correctly. This is something you want to avoid. 

Ensure to deflate and inflate the bed as much as required to complete the ideal specification. This is something unique, as it would clearly vary depending on your actual weight.

#3. Lifespan:

When used rarely and correctly cared for, airbeds can stay for 8+ years. When not in use, deflate the mattress thoroughly and keep it in a carry bag to prolong its life. 

To avoid stabbing the airbed, keep it in a cool, dry area away from pointed objects. Also, do not overinflate the blow-up bed and avoid sitting on the edge of the inflated bed to stop pulling and bulging the seams.

#4. Air Leak Can Be An Issue:

Airbed leaks occur by a small hole or tear in the vinyl. A harmed gasket may also be the origin of a leak in some chances. In any case, you can find the hole by rips, and tears are usually easy to spot.

You can explore other air mattress leak-finding ways by clicking here.

FAQs - How To Make an Air Mattress More Comfortable

1. What to put on an air mattress to make it softer?

Include a Topper: It is one of the most cost-effective ways to enhance sleep quality on any mattress. A thick mattress topper also keeps you away from sleeping on the airbed’s cold and rubbery surface.

Put it on a Box Spring: It is one of the items that will significantly improve the ease of your airbed. It will also permit you to get out of bed much quicker and with less effort.

2. Can you put a memory foam topper on an air mattress?

Yes, you can. Memory foam is also known for its capacity to keep heat, which is not an advantage but a substantial benefit when used with an air mattress. A topper made of latex or fiber is also great for adding heat to an air mattress.

3. How can I make my air mattress sleep better?

Regularly re-inflate: If you’re using your air mattress regularly without deflating it, you must re-inflate it every few days to keep it firm and supportive.

Use as a Real Bed: Dipping into luxury bedding is one of the primary benefits of a classic bed. To make sleeping on an airbed a comfortable experience, keep an extra set of comforter, bed sheets, and plush pillows on hand.

Make a Headrest: It’s an effortlessly managed feature, but a headboard is necessary for a comfortable airbed experience.

Invest in a Stand or Cot: When the air inside an airbed starts to cool down at night, it evolves to freezing. Elevating an airbed off the floor is a helpful way to keep it at a relaxing temperature.

Wrapping Up:

With all the mentioned methods, you’ll not need to look for how to make an air mattress more comfortable again. You can make an air mattress much more comfortable than it is now. 

This guide covers every single solution for whatever problem you face that prevents you from sleeping comfortably on an airbed.

Sometimes, the problems are not as big as they seem. See how easily, with some tips and tricks, you can convert an uncomfortable bed into a warm and cozy sleeping system. 

In case you’re still not getting the type of sleep you’re looking for, consider replacing it or buying a new one.

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