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How To Keep Sheets On An Air Mattress - 6 Best Ways

– By Eric Smith

keep sheets on air mattress

Everybody likes to sleep on a clean and well-mannered bed, and no matter whether it is a standard bed or an airbed, perfectly fitted  sheets always give a classy look and feel more comfortable when sleeping.

We usually buy sheets considering their color, design, and price, but the most important thing we forget to consider is the size our bed needs, because of which it doesn’t fit perfectly and comes out again and again.

So in the guide, we will discuss some easy, quick, and cheap ways you can use to keep your sheets on an air mattress. So stay tuned with this how to keep sheets on an air mattress guide.

How To Keep Sheets On An Air Mattress?

1. Buy a Bedsheet Holder:

The most straightforward and rapid way to keep sheets from falling off an air mattress is by using a bed sheet holder. There are different types of bed sheet holders available on the market, and luckily, you don’t have to break your piggy bank to buy any of these.

The price of a complete set of linen fasteners starts from $5 and can go up to $15. However, there are also some premium bed sheet holders called 360-degree holders, which cost $40-$50, but to hold the sheets on an air mattress, the cheaper one will do the job for you.

For this specific purpose, you have three options to choose from. Let’s quickly go through each of them and find out which is best for you.

Holding Straps:

These straps hold the sheets from the bottom of the mattress. Its 1 set usually includes four pieces that need to be tied on each corner of the mattress. 

sheet holding strap

Holding straps are ideal if you use large sheets or air mattress covers touching the floor. Simply attach them with the clip and position them under the air mattress.


Bands are another great way to hold the linen in place. They go around the circumference of the air mattress and prevent the sheets from coming off until it’s done intentionally by force. 


A holding band is perfect if the sheets are not long enough to be tied with the holding straps. It takes a couple of minutes to set up, and you don’t need to lift your air mattress to tuck the bed sheet repeatedly.

L-Shaped Holders:

L-shaped linen holders are made of plastic that grips the sheets firmly. Using an L-shaped holder for an air mattress is pretty simple. 

l-shaped sheet holder

First, take the button off the holder, lift the airbed and place the holder under it. Then, cover it with the sheet, insert the button back into its slot and secure it by pushing it upwards.

2. Consider Placing Something Under Sheets:

Some blow-up bed surfaces are too smooth to grip the sheet, so whenever you turn around, it easily comes off. 

Placing something on the air mattress surface is actually a great move in order to add some friction between the sheet and the mattress’s smooth surface and stop the sheets from falling again and again.

thick topper for air mattress

If you don’t want to spend money and need a quick solution, use a slightly rougher sheet and place it between your regular sheet and bed surface. However, if you want a better solution, we suggest you invest in a mattress topper.

I know that a mattress topper is not an inexpensive solution, especially when preventing bed sheets from falling, but if you’re someone using an old air mattress and need extra cushioning and more comfortable sleep, then Yes, it’s worth investing in a mattress topper.

3. Use Clip and Rope:

If you are a DIYer or don’t want to spend money on bed linen grippers, you can make your own grippers with some clips and ropes.

So, follow the simple steps listed below.

  • Take two clips but remember its one end should be able to hold the sheet tightly, and another end, the thin elastic ropes.
  • Tie one end of the rope to one clip and another end to the second clip. Make another gripper using the same process.
  • Finally, attach one clip to one corner of the linen and the other clip to another corner diagonally. Repeat the same for the other two corners as well. Now, your sheets won’t go anywhere.

4. Buy Fitted Sheets:

Have you tried fitted sheets for your air mattress? Fitted sheets are just like your typical sheets but with stretchable elastic. You wrap the linen around the air mattress, and the elastic will do the rest. 

Unlike other loose sheets, you don’t need to organize them continually whenever you move around or get off, which is why it’s the most effective way to get a relaxing nap.

Some might think that can you even put a fitted sheet on the air mattress? Which is a valid question, as typically fitted sheets don’t have enough depth to cover up the whole air mattress. 

However, things get change if that’s an air mattress fitted sheet. These fitted sheets are specially designed for air mattresses, primarily for those 22-24 inches in height.

But, if you choose to use your regular fitted sheet that has sufficient depth to cover the airbed up to the bottom, there shouldn’t be an issue in tucking it.

fitted sheets

Choosing a good quality fitted sheet can be tricky, as there are too many options to choose from. Here is a quick tip, the bed’s dimensions and height are the key factors when it comes to selecting a fitted sheet for an inflatable bed.

Match the airbed’s height and sheet’s pocket depth, in case you gonna use it on a double-height air mattress because most fitted sheets don’t fit on 22-24 inch high air mattresses. 

Fitted sheets usually don’t have shrinking issues, unlike some regular low-quality sheets. Still, don’t compromise with the build material while choosing one.

How do you keep a fitted sheet on an air mattress?

Before heading towards keeping fitted sheets on your air mattress, you wanna make sure that the fitted sheet is deep enough to cover your air mattress’s height completely. 

Otherwise, it will keep coming off by a simple push. The depth is mentioned on the linen label, or you can measure it on your own.

fitted sheet for air mattress

Once you find everything is fine, lift the airbed from a corner and tuck one end of the fitted sheet into that corner. Then, do the same with the other nearest corner. 

After tucking the sheet to one side, stretch the sheet to the opposite side of the air mattress. Again, lift the bed and tuck the sheet under the remaining corners one by one.

5. Make Your Own Custom-Fitted Sheets:

Air mattresses are not like our regular beds. You inflate them when needed and pack them back when done. That’s why securing the linen repeatedly with a bed linen holder can be annoying sometimes, especially after returning home tired and just wanting to lie down flat.

You can save yourself a lot of time and effort by making custom-fitted sheets that evenly warp around your air mattress and fits comfortably.

If you know how to make custom-fitted sheets, that’s awesome; otherwise, check out the video below to make your sheet-fitted sheets without any complications.

6) Use Velcro Tape:

Velcro tape can prove to be a good solution in preventing the sheets or covers from falling off an air mattress. The idea is pretty simple. Because your air mattress and sheet have a smooth surface, you need something to hold them together while you sleep. Here, the Velcro tape can help prevent your sheet from slipping off.

Simply cut some small pieces(at least 4) and stick the hook side on all four corners of your air mattress. If the air mattress has a velvety texture on top, stick them on the sides. 

Now, spread the sheet evenly on the bed and stick the loop side so that all four pairs connect to each other.

Velcro tape can easily be removed from both surfaces, so you don’t have to worry about the material. However, there should be no issue if you choose not to remove them from your bed unless you want to clean them both.

Why Do Sheets Keep Coming Off an Air Mattress?

Sheet Size:

The most common reason why the linens keep coming off your air mattress is that you’re probably using the wrong size. Don’t know about other things, but when it comes to bedding and accessories, size really does matter.

Choosing the correct size sheet is also crucial to maintain the sheet material’s overall quality. If the sheet is not large enough to cover up the bed, its fabric might get stretched out, and as a result, it might not hold the corners the way it should. However, in the case of extra large sheets, they might keep coming off as they need to be adequately managed.


If the size is not the real culprit, then your sheet’s material is. Sometimes, the sheet’s build material is not compatible with the PVC surface of the air mattress, causing the sheet or cover to slide off. Along with the right size, check for the sheet’s material to eliminate this issue.

Wrapping Up - How To Keep Sheets on an Air Mattress

Keeping the sheets fitted all night is not a big deal. You can do that with ease and make your bed even more comfortable, but you need to follow the methods and steps mentioned above.

You can use any of these proven ways to stop the sheets and covers from slipping off. According to most users, the most effective and successful method is the first method, buy a bed linen holder, as you get a quick and straightforward solution for $10-$15.

However, if for some reason it doesn’t work in your case, don’t worry; there are five more ways that can still help you get rid of this problem. Just go with the one that suits you the best.

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