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How To Keep An Air Mattress From Deflating - 9 Amazing Ways

– By Casper

how to keep an air mattress from deflating

Sleeping can be very annoying if the inflatable bed has air losing problem. But don’t worry, it is a common issue that one faces while using an air mattress.

Almost all airbed lose a little air which is quite usual. However, if you think your one is losing much air, such as deflates in 40-50 minutes or even less after the inflation, then it should be a dilemma for you.

There can be many reasons for an airbed not being able to hold the air, and in this guide on how to keep an air mattress from deflating, we will discuss all measures you can take to stop your airbed from deflating too fast.

Also, we will discuss why an air mattress starts losing air unusually so that next time you don’t make any mistake while using it.

How To Keep An Air Mattress From Deflating

#1. Locate The Tiny Leak:

The most common reason why an air mattress keeps on deflating is the tiniest leak which is quite tricky to locate and fix. And, there are high chances that your airbed is also suffering from this issue.

Many times in a hurry, we forget to clean the area before setting up the air mattress. As a result, it starts leaking, coming into contact with tiny debris, and we keep on looking for the problem.

So, whenever you feel that something is wrong with your bed’s air-holding ability, you first have to look for a leak and patch it as soon as possible.

But like I said, sometimes it can’t be found with bare eyes, so you may need to use some other methods such as a soapy-water trick.

#2. Inspect The Valve:

Another most common reason for the air mattress leak is a defective inflation valve.

After long or lousy use, most blow-up bed valves start losing their grip from the joints, because of which the air gets the easy way to move out. So, check whether the valve is in perfect condition and change if needed.

This problem also happens when an airbed is being inflated and deflated frequently. So make sure you don’t make such mistakes if you really want it for the long run.

#3. Close The Valve Properly:

If the valve is 100% fine then, maybe you are not using it in the proper way it should be used.

Latest valves have a slightly different mechanism than regular ones, making the inflation and deflation process much more convenient.

You have to pull the valve to get the air in, and then you have to push it back after it is completely blown up. But, maybe in your case, it is not efficiently closed.

#4. Don't Over Inflate:

Always remember to fill up the air according to your airbed’s capacity (Read the user manual to know it better).

By doing this, you are not only protecting your bed from deflating too fast but also keeping it away from any kind of rupture, giving it a longer lifespan.

#5. Use A Mattress Riser:

air mattress riser Keeping the air mattress off the floor or ground is always a good idea as you don’t have to check for those dangerous items in your house, such as needles, scissors, or tiny debris that can puncture or destroy the bed completely.

On vacations, a good mattress riser will give you a real-bed-like feel(even if you don’t use a pillow or cover) also on the hilly areas and keeps it from getting dirty.

Mattress risers are of many types. Such as simple wood or metal frame, box spring, or you can make your DIY riser at home. Before going ahead, just make sure to make or buy one considering the size of your airbed.

#6. Never Exceed Weight Limit:

All air mattresses come with a weight different carrying capacity, and no matter how much ability your air mattress has, you should never exceed its limit in any case.

But if your bed cannot hold your weight, you need something like a 1000 pound capacity air mattress. 

Also, don’t load the exact weight mentioned in the manual. For instance, If your bed’s capacity is 600 pounds, it must not carry more than 550 pounds. It can also affect the seams badly.

#7. Look For Airbed With Never-Flat Pump:

air mattress with never flat pump If you are not satisfied with the above-listed ways or your air mattress is still losing air, you really need to change your airbed and buy one with a never-flat pump.

A never-flat pump keeps your airbed inflated all the time. All you have to do is just connect it a power supply and that’s all.

However, if you don’t want to do extensive research checking each product and waste your time, Serta Raised Airbed can fulfill all your needs, and we highly recommend it.

#8. Deflate The Bed After Every Use:

Not deflating the air mattress just because you need it the next day is obviously the worst decision. As the temperature changes many times in a day which directly affects the inflatable beds.

So, deflation becomes a crucial task in order to protect the air mattress from the adverse effect of temperature.

#9. Keep It Safe:

After deflating the bed, make sure you fold it carefully and keep it away from the reach of your aggressive pets and child. Otherwise, it is more likely to get damaged. The best practice to keep it safe is first clean and put it safely in the cupboard or almirah.

In The End:

Most probably above are the main reasons why your air mattress keeps on deflating all the time, and all the mentioned ways are the proven solutions to keep an air mattress from deflating.

Some points are easy to fix, and some just can’t be fixed, and you may even need to buy a new airbed if you really want to get rid of them.

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