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How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding(2023) - 14 Working Ways

– By Eric Smith

how to keep air mattress from sliding

Almost every air mattresses have a problem that when someone changes his sleeping position, it starts to slip from its place. If you, too, face this issue while dreaming at night, then this how to keep air mattress from sliding guide is for you. Here, we’ve discussed 14 effective and working ways that can truly help you keep your air mattress in its place.

14 Ways To Keep An Air Mattress From Sliding

#1. Use Rough Carpet

#2. Use a Bed Frame

#3. Non-Slip Pads

#4. Velcro Straps

#5. Grippy Sheets

#6. Rubberized Shelf Liner

#7. DIY Solutions

#8. Furniture Stoppers

#9. Anti-Slip Rug Pads

#10. Bed Anchors

#11. Floor Anchors

#12. Weighted Objects

#13. Place Mattress on Room’s Corner

#14. Buy a New Air Mattress

Why Do Air Mattresses Slide?

Ever wondered why your air mattress seems to have a mind of its own, sliding around like a playful puppy? Before knowing how to keep air mattress from sliding, knowing why do air mattress slide is essential so that you can stop performing those activities again to prevent future sliding issues.

The main reason behind this slippery situation is the material from which your air mattress is built. Some air mattresses come with smooth surfaces, because of which the stability of the air mattress always remains the tricky part as smooth surfaces naturally tend to glide.

However, the blame doesn’t rest solely on the mattress. Your floor is also a culprit. If your floor is ultra-smooth or shiny, your air mattress will definitely be sliding even after experiencing a gentle push.

Simply put, friction is the force that keeps things from sliding. But when your mattress and floor don’t have enough friction between them, they can’t hold onto each other.

How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding? - 14 Ways

1. Use Rough Carpet:

rough carpet

The first easy, quick, and effective way you can stop your air mattress from sliding is by using a rough carpet. I am sure you have carpets at home, and In this case, you need the roughest carpet.

You just need to lay that carpet under your airbed before inflating it but make sure the carpet dimensions are more than that of your bed; otherwise, the bed may keep sliding again and again.

If you don’t have a carpet or your carpet is not that good at holding the bed, you don’t have any other option left except buying a new one.

A decent quality non-slip carpet is available for around 50 dollars, which I think is fair enough to invest in something that will stop your airbed from losing its position and also protect it from various threats to give you a comfortable sleep all night.

2. Use Bed Frame:

bed frame

This method may seem a bit costly but is quite effective, and if you often go for outing with your friends or family, this can be the best option for you.

Most people don’t use a bed frame for blow up bed at home, but you should definitely try this method if you really want nights of uninterrupted sleep.

You can buy any metal bed frame according to your budget. It is extremely portable so that you can take it to the camping sites too and durable enough to stay with your airbed for a long time.

A bed frame will never allow your airbed to move from its position even when you keep changing your sleeping position throughout the night. But make sure you buy one after considering the size of your bed.

3. Use Non-Slip Pads:

Non-slip mattress pads are like the grip socks of the bedding world. These non-slip mattress pads typically come with little grips on the bottom, which keep the air mattress in its place. 

When you place one under your sheet, it acts like a security blanket for your mattress. No more wandering around at night!

4. Velcro Straps:

Remember those cool velcro shoes you had as a kid? Well, you can use velcro to your advantage here too. 

All you have to do is attach some velcro straps around the edges of your mattress and match them up with strips on your bed frame, or you can use the floor. Once they’re connected, your air mattress won’t budge.

5. Grippy Sheets:

Some sheets are specially designed to hold your regular as well as inflatable mattress tight in their places. 

They have a textured surface that clings to your bed like a koala to a tree. Just slide these sheets on, and you’ve got a non-slip surface to sleep on.

6. Rubberized Shelf Liner:

Rubberized Shelf Liner

Ever seen those rubbery mats people use to keep dishes from sliding around in drawers? Well, that same material can work wonders under your air mattress too. 

Get a Rubberized Shelf Liner and cut it to fit your airbed size, and place it underneath. It will add grip and make sure your mattress stays in place.

7. DIY Solutions:

If you’re feeling crafty, there are plenty of do-it-yourself options for stopping an air mattress from sliding. 

You can use items like rug pads, yoga mats, or even duct tape (applied to the floor, not the mattress) to create a non-slip surface under your air mattress. Just make sure they’re appropriately secured so they don’t move around themselves.

8. Use Furniture Stoppers:

Furniture Stoppers

Furniture stoppers are like the brakes for your inflatable mattress. You place them under the legs of your bed or other furniture near your air mattress. 

These stoppers create friction with the floor, making it much more challenging for your airbed to go on its sliding adventures.

9. Anti-Slip Rug Pads:

Anti-slip rug pads aren’t just for rugs; they’re great for air mattresses too. Cut one to fit the size of your mattress and place it under the bed. 

These pads’ textured surface helps your mattress stay put and doesn’t allow it to move while you’re in your sweet dreams.

10. Bed Anchors:

Bed anchors act like seatbelts for your air mattress. They come with straps that you can attach to your bed frame. 

When you tighten these straps, your mattress won’t move, no matter how much you toss and turn during the night. It’s a secure way to fix air mattress sliding issues.

11. Floor Anchors:

It’s true that the problem lies not just with the air mattress but also with the slippery floor. Floor anchors are heavy objects that you place near the sides of your bed. 

These objects act as counterweights that prevent your mattress from moving. You can use sandbags, weighted boxes, or even a couple of heavy dumbbells as floor anchors.

12. Weighted Objects:

Sometimes, the most straightforward solutions work best. You don’t need to this too much about a sliding air mattress. 

Simply grab some heavy items like books, bags of rice, or a sturdy piece of furniture, and place them strategically along the edges of your air mattress. These weights act as anchors and won’t let your air mattress lose its position.

13. Place Mattress On Room's Corner:

place air mattress in corner

Air mattresses are the lightest beds which always gives you an advantage over any other bed as you can position it wherever you want. You can use this advantage to stop your air mattress from sliding.

Let me tell you how.

All you have to do is just place your air mattress in the corner of your room. Placing it in the corner will not lose its position by sides but make sure it is completely attached to the walls.

Now you have to do something for the other two sides.

You can use some heavy materials like a table or wooden chair and place them right next to the other two sides so that your air mattress doesn’t move from its position.

14. Buy A New Air Mattress:

All the above-listed methods are proven methods to keep your air mattress from sliding again and again while you sleep.

But if your mattress is still sliding, then you really need to look forward to buy a new one.

The only reason why your mattress is still sliding is its smooth base. Most probably, your airbed is quite old, and its base has lost its ability to grip the floor properly, or we can say there is a lack of friction between your bed and the floor.

You can’t do anything with your smooth floor, and something has to be done with the mattress itself.

Either you can go for a replacement that has very few chances, or you need to buy a new air mattress having a non-slip base.

Some famous brands like King Koil, Intex, Aerobed manufacturers anti-slip air mattresses that are available in the market which you can buy according to your budget and preferences.

But what if someone doesn’t know much about airbeds? Don’t worry, this air mattress guide will clear all your doubts and questions, so make sure you read it by clicking here.

Wrapping Up - How To Keep Air Mattress From Sliding

It is best to take some action against the problem rather than ignoring it. Sleeping is the most important part of one’s life, and you should never compromise with that.

So these are the 14 effective & creative ways on how to keep air mattress from sliding, which we have listed after doing great research. I hope you’ll be able to fix your airbed position after reading this guide.

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