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How To Inflate An Intex Air Mattress(2023) - 7 Easy Steps

– By Eric Smith

How To Inflate an Intex Air Mattress? Intex air mattresses are known for their comfy slumber and are your perfect partners for a good night’s sleep, whether you’re camping or having guests at home. However, when it comes to inflating an Intex air mattress, it may look like a daunting task until you know the right procedure.

In this guide, we’ll help you inflate any of your Intex air mattresses. Whether it is an Intex airbed with a built-in pump, a normal air mattress with a simple valve or even if it’s an air mattress with a headboard. After going through this guide, you’ll be able to inflate any of them in no time.

how to inflate an intex air mattress

While dealing with any air mattress, whether it’s inflating or deflating, safety should be your priority. And in case something goes amiss, we’ve got troubleshooting tips. Furthermore, we’ll also explore alternative ways to inflate if you don’t have a manual or electric pump.

Prepare Your Work Station For Inflation:

Making the right inflation atmosphere can help you get a comfortable and trouble-free experience.

Pick the Right Location

  • Choose where you want to inflate the Intex air mattress. By the way, inside is usually more suitable, but if you’re camping, it is good to find a flat and debris-free spot.
  • Do you have enough room for the fully expanded mattress? Make sure to clear away any obstacles to avoid punctures.
  • Good airflow can speed up inflation. If you’re inflating the mattress inside your home, open a window for fresh air.

Clean the Area

  • You need to clear any sharp objects, rocks, or debris that could damage the mattress while inflating.
  • Furthermore, consider inspecting the chosen area for any rough or sharp surfaces that might cause tears.
  • Also, you can wipe the floor or ground to remove dirt and dust, just to be on the safe side. Because a clean surface gives you a more comfortable inflating environment.

Protect The Air Mattress

  • By placing a tarp or thick blanket under the mattress, you can protect it from unwanted and accidental punctures.
  • If you’re out of your home, a cloth under the tarp can add an extra layer of protection.
  • Your cute little pets and children can accidentally damage the Intex air mattress, so try to keep them away during the inflation.

Get the Required Tools for Inflation

  • Electric Pump: An electric pump is your best bet for a smooth and quick inflation process. Just plug it in, and it will do the rest.
  • Manual Pump: A manual pump is a dependable option for those who don’t have any access to electricity and is best for outdoors. It requires some physical effort, like pumping up a bicycle tire, but it gets the job done.
  • Electrical Outlet: If you’re using an electric pump, you’ll need an electrical outlet or an extension cord to power the pump.
  • Batteries: If your pump is battery-powered, make sure you have fully charged batteries on hand.
  • Check the Pump Compatibility: Various inflation pumps may require typical adapters or nozzles. Check that your pump and air mattress nozzles match.
  • Patch Material: It will help you in case of accidental punctures or leaks. A patch kit with sticky patches designed for air mattresses can be a lifesaver.
  • Cleaning Surface: Always keep a clean cloth to remove any dirt or moisture from the mattress. It will help in easy inflation.

How To Inflate An Intex Air Mattress?

Inflating an Intex air mattress can become an enjoyable task when you have a step-by-step guide. Check out the steps below to get this work done.

Step 1: Lay Out Your Mattress

Take your Intex air mattress out of the box and spread it evenly on a flat surface.

Step 2: Attach the Nozzle to the Pump

Now, it’s time to attach the nozzle to the pump. However, before that, you want to cross-check if the nozzle on your pump matches the Intex air mattress valve. This step will help you prevent air from leaking out. After that, push the nozzle firmly onto the valve to form an airtight seal.

Step 3: Turn The Pump On & Start Inflation

inflate intex air mattress

For those who are using an electric pump, plug it into the closest electrical outlet or power source in order to turn on the electrical pump. In case you are using a manual hand or foot pump, get ready to put in some elbow grease.

Turn on the pump and closely watch while it inflates your air mattress.
Most electric pumps have settings for different firmness levels; choose the one according to your comfort zone.
Start pumping air into the mattress if you’re using a manual pump. It may take some effort, but keep going until you notice the mattress is fully inflated now.

Step 4: Watch the Pressure

You can check your inflatable bed’s firmness by using a pressure gauge. Adjust the pressure as needed to get the desired firmness by letting some air out or leaving the pump connected for some more time.

Step 5: Close the Valve

After inflating the air mattress completely, carefully take the nozzle off the inflation valve. Now, quickly but carefully close the inflation valve to stop air from coming out of the filled air mattress.

Step 6: Test the Firmness

check intex air mattress firmness

Once you perform all the steps mentioned above, you’ll have a fully inflated Intex air mattress. However, it’s important to check the mattress for your needed firmness level. So, sit or lie on the mattress to test its firmness. If it feels too soft, add more air using the pump.

Step 7: Final Touches

Smooth any wrinkles or folds on the mattress top to get a comfortable surface to sleep on.

Your Intex air mattress is now ready to provide a restful night’s sleep. Finally, put on your sheets and blankets and enjoy the comfort.

Air mattresses can naturally lose a bit of firmness, especially when they’re new. So, don’t worry if your Intex model loses some air while you sleep. Check the mattress in the morning and add more air if needed.

Some Possible Issues You May Encounter During Inflation

With the right tools, inflating an air mattress should be a smooth process. However, you may still encounter some possible issues during this inflation journey. Such as, an air mattress has leaks, uneven inflation, slow inflation, or the pump making weird sounds during the operation. Let’s discuss these problems real quick and fix them one by one.

1. Air Leaks

I once faced this air leak problem while inflating my Intex air mattress with a headboard. I didn’t close the inflation valve properly, as a result of which all the air escaped in just 10 minutes of the inflation. And I was surprised to see that, as my air mattress was just one month old.

Later, I realized that I forgot to close the valve properly, and all the leaked through that. So, make sure you close your Intex air mattress valve properly after inflating it.

If not, twist or secure it firmly to prevent air from escaping. Furthermore, carefully inspect the air mattress for any leaks or punctures. Fix ASAP if you find any.

2. Uneven Inflation

Sometimes, the air mattress mattress may unwantedly fold or bunch itself during inflation. Make sure to fix that so that It can inflate evenly. Additionally, if one side feels firmer than the other side, you can add extra air by using the pump or release the excess air by opening the valve for a few seconds.

3. Slow Inflation

If the pump is taking too much time to blow up your air mattress, you should check if it is functioning correctly. It might need a more strong power source or new batteries to work efficiently. Also, inspect the valve or nozzle for any blockages that could slow down airflow.

4. Air Loss Overnight

During initial uses, air mattresses can naturally lose some air. Consider reinflating it before going to bed until it comes back to its normal firmness level.

If air loss is noticeable, detect leaks by using a mixture of soap and water. Look for bubbles that indicate the leak’s location and patch the holes if you find any.

5. Unusual Noises

When you are sleeping on the air mattress and suddenly hear a whistling or hissing sound, that may mean a loose valve. So, make sure to check it. On the other hand, if the pump makes strange noises, check for obstructions or issues with the pump itself.

Conclusion - How To Inflate An Intex Air Mattress?

Knowing how to inflate an Intex air mattress doesn’t have to be tricky if you have access to suitable tools like a pump and a thorough step-by-step guide mentioned above. It indeed becomes a pretty straightforward process.

Don’t forget that the process begins with choosing the right location, preparing a clean environment to work in, and gathering the necessary tools.

Whether you choose an electric or manual pump, following a step-by-step inflation guide will prepare your mattress for a peaceful, good night’s sleep.

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