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How To Inflate An Air Mattress With Hair Dryer(2023) - 7 Steps

– By Eric Smith

Are you looking for a guide that covers how to inflate air mattress with hair dryer? Inflating an air mattress with a hair dryer is a super handy skill, especially when you don’t have a pump and want a quick solution to blow up your inflatable bed.

Air mattresses can prove to be a lifesaver when camping, hosting guests, or just lounging around. But blowing them up with your breath can take up to months, and still, you won’t get the desired firmness.

How To Inflate Air Mattress With Hair Dryer

There could be a possibility where you don’t find your regular air inflation pump around; that’s where a hair dryer steps in as an unexpected hero.

I know it’s kind of weird to inflate an air mattress with the help of a hair dryer, but let me tell you, it actually works. This step is worth trying unless you have a pump to inflate the air mattress.

Can You Blow Up the Air Mattress Hair Dryer?

It’s a BIG YES! You can, indeed, blow up an air mattress by using your regular hair dryer. Consider it as a clever alternative when you don’t have access to your traditional inflation pump and want to save your time as well as effort.

First of all, this is not rocket science. This trick relies on the continuous airflow generated by the dryer to fill up the mattress. To do this task, all you need is a hairdryer and, of course, your airbed with an inflation valve.

One thing to note here is that your hair dryer should ideally have adjustable settings for both heat and airflow, which will allow you to control the inflation process.

The hair dryer trick is pretty convenient and straightforward, and it can be used in various situations, including camping, hosting guests, or when your regular pump is unavailable. However, it’s essential to be careful and avoid overinflating the mattress, as this can lead to damage.

Pick The Right Hair Dryer To Inflate Air Mattress

hair dryer

Picking the right hair dryer is important when inflating your air mattress. Not all hair dryers are created equal; hence, you need to choose the appropriate one to ensure a smooth inflation.

  • Consider Wattage: Look for a hair dryer with sufficient wattage. Higher-wattage hair dryers generally produce more airflow, speeding up the inflation process. A hair dryer with 1,800 to 1,900 watts is a good fit for this task.
  • Check for Settings: Your hair dryer should have adjustable heat and airflow settings. When inflating an air mattress, you want cool air, as hot air can damage the mattress material. Control over these settings helps you regulate the airflow and temperature effectively.
  • Nozzle Attachment: Some hair dryers have nozzle attachments that can ease up the dryer and air mattress connection process. These attachments help direct air exactly into the mattress’s inflation valve.
  • Consider Portability: If you plan to use the hair dryer for camping or travel, choose a compact and lightweight model. Lightweight hair dryers are easy to handle and convenient to carry.
  • Noise Level: While not a primary concern, it’s worth considering the noise level of the hair dryer, especially if you are about to use it in a shared space or during quiet hours. Some hair dryers are designed to be quieter than others.

How to Inflate Air Mattress with Hair Dryer

Step 1: Set Up The Air Mattress

inflate air mattress

First of all, take the air mattress out of the box and lay it out on a clean and flat surface. Make sure there is no dust or debris around, as they can puncture your inflatable bed.

Now, locate the valve of your airbed; this is where you’ll be connecting the dryer for inflation.

Quickly wipe down the mattress to remove any dust or dirt before inflating the mattress. A clean surface ensures there won’t be any particles that could interfere with the inflation process or affect your comfort when napping.

Step 2: Prepare the Hair Dryer

Now, get your hair dryer ready for smooth inflation. Remember, to inflate an air mattress with a hair dryer, you’ll use the dryer with the coolest settings. This is an important step to prevent air mattress damage and stay safe during inflation.

If your hair dryer comes with a nozzle attachment, keep it with you. The nozzle helps handle the airflow directly into the inflation valve more precisely and makes inflation much more efficient.

Don’t worry if your hair dryer doesn’t have a nozzle attachment; it can still work without one.

Step 3: Connect the Hair Dryer to the Air Mattress

Now, it’s time to connect the hair dryer to the air mattress to start the inflation. Insert your hair dryer’s nozzle into the inflation valve of your cat-proof air mattress

Make sure the nozzle fits perfectly to prevent any air from escaping. After this, when you turn the hairdryer on, the air mattress will start inflating.

You want the nozzle and valve to fit together well to avoid any air leaks. A secure fit ensures that all the air from the hair dryer goes into the mattress, making the inflation process faster and more efficient.

Remember, don’t make a forceful connection between the valve and the nozzle. Otherwise, you’ll damage both, and then you’ll be looking for a valve replacement. That’s why you choose the right size nozzle according to the valve size.

Step 4: Start Air Mattress Inflation

Now that your hair dryer is connected to the air mattress let’s start the inflation process. Simply turn on the dryer. However, cross-check if it’s set to the coolest air setting. While the dryer is inflating your bed, keep an eye on both the airflow and heat. You want a steady flow of cool air.

Your air mattress size and the dryer’s power are two important factors in deciding how much time the dryer will take to fully inflate it. 

Generally, a hair dryer takes around 10-15 minutes to inflate a normal-sized air mattress. And, if your airbed is taking much more time than that, you should consider inspecting it for an air leak.

It’s a good to check the firmness of the mattress periodically and modify the hair dryer settings according to your requirements.

Step 5: Maintain the Right Pressure

After starting the air mattress inflation, maintain the right pressure for a comfortable and safe sleep surface. Press down on the mattress with your hands to check its firmness. You want it to be neither too soft nor too hard. Adjusting the firmness level to your liking is the main benefit of using a hair dryer for inflation.

If the airbed is too soft to sleep on, you can increase the firmness by using the dryer for a little longer. On the other hand, if it’s too firm, release some air by carefully opening the valve. Push down gently on the mattress to take excess air out.

If you notice that the mattress is not properly inflating or losing air over time, consider inspecting the inflation valve and checking the connection between the two. Also, check the bed for any visible leaks and patch them if necessary.

Step 6: Safety and Heat Management

While playing with such electrical tools, your safety must be your first priority. Be careful during the inflation process, as well as keep heat management in mind for a trouble-free experience. You need to make sure that the hair dryer doesn’t overheat during the process.

Long use on the coolest setting should generally prevent overheating, but it’s wise to touch the hair dryer sometimes to confirm it doesn’t get too hot. Keep the hair dryer at some distance from the air mattress and any other objects. The heat from the dryer can easily melt your inflatable bed’s PVC.

Furthermore, if you notice any usual smells, smoke, or any other surprising issue, turn off the hair dryer and unplug it first, then take any action.

These safety and heat management precautions will help you complete the inflation process without hiccups. It provides both your safety and the goodness of your air mattress.

Step 7: Close the Valve

close the valve

Once the mattress reaches your needed firmness level, turn off the hair dryer and remove the nozzle from the valve. 

Be gentle to avoid any sudden air loss. At last, quickly but carefully close the inflation valve. Close the valve thoroughly; otherwise, air can escape from the mattress. Most air mattresses feature a cap or cover that can be tightened by hand to create an airtight seal.

After sealing the valve, take a moment to inspect the mattress for any visible leaks. Look for escaping air or areas where the bed doesn’t seem fully inflated. If you find a leak, you may need to patch it with a repair kit before use.

Safety Precautions You Must Take

While using a hair dryer, it’s important to prioritize your safety to avoid any accidents and ensure a trouble-free experience.

1. Electrical Safety

Before jumping into the process, carefully examine the hair dryer and any extension cords you’re about to use. You want to make sure there are no frayed wires, exposed parts, or visible damage. Using damaged equipment can lead to electrical dangers.

Plug the hair dryer into the appropriate electrical outlet. Make sure the outlet is grounded and is able to handle the appliance’s power requirements. Avoid overloading the outlet with multiple devices because it can cause overheating and electrical risks.

2. Air Temperature

Set the hair dryer to its coolest air setting because hot air can severely damage the air mattress material. Cool air is more safe for this task.

3. Continuous Supervision

Keep a watchful eye on both the air mattress and the hair dryer throughout the inflation process. If you notice unusual smells, smoke, or signs of overheating, immediately turn off the hair dryer and examine the problem.

4. Don't Overinflate the Air Mattress

Remember, do not overinflate the air mattress. Overinflating can cause the mattress to explode or become damaged. Ask your air mattress’s manufacturer for the recommended firmness level. It’s better to take some air out and make adjustments afterwards.

5. Moisture

Moisture is your enemy while blowing up the air mattress with a hair dryer. Cross-check if the hair dryer and electrical outlets remain dry during the inflation process. No need to mention that water and electricity are a dangerous combination, so keep them well apart.

6. Keep Children and Pets Away

Maintain a safe distance between your inflation setup and children and pets. The equipment can get hot during use, and accidental contact can result in injuries. It’s essential to create a barrier or supervise to prevent any casualties.

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