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How To Fold An Intex Air Mattress Like A Pro - Detailed Guide

– By Eric Smith

how to fold an intex air mattress

Intex has always been a dominating brand in the air mattress industry. Intex air mattresses are better known to last for years because of their durable build quality.

However, apart from that, a user also needs to take some steps to prolong his airbed’s lifespan in which folding and storing the mattress properly equally plays an important role.

So, in this guide, we will discuss how to fold an intex air mattress in order to add some extra years to its lifespan.

Whether it’s a twin-size Intex airbed, queen size, or even an Intex air mattress with a headboard. This guide covers them all. Make sure to read it till the end so you don’t miss anything including the tips and tricks.

How To Fold An Intex Air Mattress?

Prepare The Air Mattress:

Even if you are familiar with Intex air mattress folding instructions, you still need to go through a proper procedure to fold your air mattress without any extra effort. Below are some important steps to take before just heading toward the Intex air mattress folding process.

Take Everything off Airbed:

Take everything off your Intex air mattress to fold it without any complications. Whether it’s the zipper air mattress cover, bedsheet, protector, pillows, your clothes, or anything on the air mattress, just remove them before going to the next step.

take off everything the airbed

Some people fold and pack their blow-up beds without removing the covers and sheets. Sometimes, they don’t even fold it properly and slide it under the bed just because they have to use it the next day. If you are one of those, then let me tell you it’s a really bad practice and you’re risking your bed’s life.

Clear The Area:

Whenever You inflate or deflate an air mattress, make sure that area is 100% secure. There’s should not be anything that could damage the inflatable bed. It usually happens a lot outside the home when you deflate and fold the airbed on a surface full of debris.

At home, look for a place away from your aggressive pets and children as not all air mattresses are puncture-proof. An inflatable bed can explode immediately if someone jumps on it at the time of deflation or inflation, even if it is a child.

Plus, no need to address how brutal your pet’s sharp claws can be for a bed full of air inside. Moreover, clean the floor with a broom or mop where you’re about to fold the Intex air mattress, just to keep it safe from any hidden threat such as a pin.

Deflate The Mattress:

Without a Pump:

Deflating an air mattress without any pump is really simple but quite time-consuming because, unlike an electric or built-in pump, you need to exert pressure manually with your hand or foot to take all the air out.

First, you need to locate the valve through which the air will be coming out. In most air mattresses, it is located on the front side. 

After locating the valve, the next step is to open the valve cap. As soon as you open the cap, you’ll notice the air running out naturally.

deflate the airbed

Now, you have two options. One is to keep waiting until the air comes out on its own, or the other option, where you need to exert external force to speed up the process.

Remember if you’re going with the first option, deflation might take up to 10-15 minutes depending on the size of your Intex air mattress. 

However, it’s comparatively quick to take the air out by exerting some pressure on it. Now, start applying some pressure near the valve. You can use your hands or foot to do this task.

An alternating way is to roll the air mattress slowly from the opposite side of the valve while exerting some pressure on it. After 3-5 minutes of constant pressure, your air mattress will be deflated.

With an Electric Pump:

An electric pump is by far the most efficient way to deflate an air mattress. Again, the process is simple. First, locate the valve. 

Now, take the electric pump out of the box and open the valve cap. Air should be running out as soon as you open the valve cap.

insert the nozzle

The electric pump basically has two openings. One is to inflate the bed which is usually on the side and another one is in the middle, which is meant to deflate the airbed. Here, you have to use the middle opening.

Now, connect the nozzle to the middle opening and insert it into the valve. Then, simply turn the pump on and hold it in place so that it doesn’t come off while deflating the airbed. The process might take up to 5 minutes to suck all the air out.

With Built-in Pump:

Built-in pumps are usually the fastest and less effort-taking compared to any other pump. In order to deflate the mattress with a built-in pump, take the cord out of the compartment and connect it to an electrical outlet.

Most Intex air mattress features a dial system in their built-in pump while other comes with a simple push button for inflation and deflation.

Intex air mattress with built-in pump

If your bed has a dial system, then simply move it towards the deflate option by turning it clockwise or anticlockwise, wherever you see that deflate option, and let it do the rest.

However, once the deflation is done, make sure to turn the dial back to its original position, in the center. In case the airbed has a button system, select the deflate option and turn the switch on. It process might take up to 3-4 minutes, so just wait and let it take all the air out before heading to the folding process.

Start Folding the Intex Air Mattress

Not all Intex air mattresses are identical in size and design. The folding mechanism of an Intex air mattress with a headboard is different from the folding mechanism of an Intex bed with a built-in pump.

More importantly, it’s crucial to learn how to fold an air mattress the way it should or you might end up damaging the seams of your inflatable bed. Hence, below we have discussed each type’s folding process separately to help you understand better.

Fold Intex Twin Air Mattress:

Twin-size air mattresses are the smallest and comparatively lighter than any other size airbed. That’s why it’s much easy to fold and store them in the duffle bag or carry case.

Once the airbed is 100% deflated, spread it evenly on the floor or ground, remember, the velvety or quilted side should be on top.

intex twin air mattress

You wanna make sure there’s no debris sticking on the surface, bottom, or side of the blow-up bed. To turn the bed into its compact form, first, fold it lengthwise and then roll it according to the bag or box size.

Now, start folding from one side then move to the another and remember that the first lengthwise fold should be 3-4th of the mattress.

So, fold it while pressing down gently in order to take all the remaining air out. After that, fold the other side until it touches the previous fold. Now, line up both sides together and keep pressing downwards.

Roll The Bed:

Start rolling the mattress from the opposite side of the valve and make sure the valve is open. Once you complete the rolling process, your Intex airbed will be ready to get into the box or duffle bag.

Fold Intex Queen Air Mattress:

Folding a queen-size blow-up bed is similar to folding a twin-size bed. However, because of the slightly bigger size, give it 1-2 extra lengthwise folds, and the rest of the process remains the same. 

Again, lay the mattress down evenly and keep your child and pets away from it. Now, fold the mattress from one side and line it up with the inflation valve.

After that, fold the other side and join it with the previous side edges. Fold the airbed lengthwise again and keep applying pressure to make sure it’s firmly packed together.

Roll The Bed:

Once done, it’s time to roll it up. Start rolling the mattress until it reaches the valve. Fasten a band or strap to keep it from unfolding on its own.

Fold Intex Air Mattress with Built-in Pump:

After taking all the air out from the Intex bed with built-in pump, unplug the cord and put it back in its cord storage section. Close the valve properly so it doesn’t come out until you want. 

Then, simply spread the mattress evenly on the ground or floor, making sure the flocked-top side is facing you.

Choose a side and make a fold lengthwise completely covering the built-in pump. Once done, push the air mattress firmly so it stays in place. 

Now, pick the other side and fold it up to the pump(where you left another side). Again, keep pressing it down after each fold. Finally, fold the pump side again over the other side.

Roll The Bed:

No matter how bulky an air mattress is, the rolling process always remains the same. So, start rolling the bed from the back end up to the motor end. 

Try to make it as compact as you can to snugly fit it into its bag. Otherwise, you may need to unfold it again and repeat the process.

roll up the intex bed

Alternative Way To Fold:

Apart from rolling the mattress from the back end, you can simply fold it in the half, and then fold it again according to the box dimensions. It’s also a better way to pack it in a bag or box.

Fold Intex Air Mattress With Headboard:

Folding the Intex airbed with a headboard is pretty straightforward. First, lay it evenly on the ground and align the headboard parallel to the blow-up bed, ensuring it’s perfectly dry and free from dust and debris.

Now, fold the headboard part by simply putting it onto the bed. The rest of the process is the same as mentioned above. Just pick a side, and fold it in half, covering the inflation valve. Then, fold the other side joining both edges.

intex airbed with headboard

At last, fold it one more time lengthwise to make it more compact. Don’t apply too much pressure while folding this inflatable bed as it can loosen the seams and creases and make it weaker.

Finally, roll the bed from the back end and your Intex blow-up bed is ready to jump into the box.

How to Store:

After successfully folding the air mattress, it’s time to store it. Make sure the valve is closed before packing it in the case. Keep the box securely in a closet, attic, high shelf, or anywhere you think it will be safe. 

Remember, to keep it away from your aggressive pets and children, and also choose a dry and cool location for storage.

Final Wordings - How To Fold an Intex Air Mattress?

If you ever accidentally spill water on the air mattress, never fold and store it. This move may promote mold growth which can cause serious health-related problems.

However, if you ever notice something suspicious on the mattress surface, make sure to clean and dry the mattress perfectly, if you really want to use it next time.

It is said the larger the airbed, the more effort it takes to fold. However, after reading this guide, I’m sure you can fold any size air mattress with ease.

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