Last updated on 10 May, 2022

How To Fix Air Mattress Bubble Quickly

– By Casper

how to fix air mattress bubble

A silly problem in an air mattress doesn’t always mean you ought to throw it away. Some issues are too easy to be resolved but, some compel you to buy a new airbed.

However, when it comes to an air mattress bubble, they are quite straightforward to get rid of and if you know the right procedure you can fix it in just a few minutes.

So, in this how to fix air mattress bubble guide, we’ll explore some tips and tricks to fix this air mattress issue quickly and easily.

How To Fix Air Mattress Bubble In 3 Simple Steps:

#1. Get Your Airbed Ready:

Before getting into fixing the air mattress bubble, you first have to prepare your air mattress so that it can be done with ease without any mess. So, take off the covers, pillows, and all other stuff from your airbed.

And, if the air mattress is not in use then take it out from the box or case and inflate it with your preferred inflation device.

Inflation is a crucial task because over-inflation can destroy the blow-up bed and not inflating properly up to its capacity can fail in fixing the bubble.

#2. Start Deflating The Bed:

There are two ways to deflate an air mattress. One is by simply opening the valve and wait until the air mattress deflates and the other way is by using the electric pump, which is quite faster.

So, just go through your preferred way and start implementing the points mentioned below:

  1. Start pushing the bubble downwards gently while the blow-up bed is deflating and do this until the bubble disappears.
  2. Too much pressure can harm the airbed so do that carefully and don’t forget to close the valve after the bubble vanishes.
  3. If there are more than one bubble on your airbed, then start fixing the larger one first.

#3. Re-Inflate Your Mattress:

Now the last step is just to inflate the blow-up bed again and check whether your problem is solved. In most cases, the problem will be solved but of course, exceptions are always there.

Another Way To Fix Air Mattress Bubble

It’s better to go through some hacks in order to save some money before throwing something into the dustbin. And in this case, there is still one more trick to fix the air mattress bulge or bubble.

#1. Inflate The Mattress:

Inflate your air mattress as you normally do but remember to not overinflate it and close the valve tightly so that no air can escape.

#2. Make A Hole:

Now, make a small hole on the bubble with a pointed object like a needle, scissor, etc., and leave it away so that your air mattress loses all the air from it. You can also apply some pressure to save your time and deflate it quickly.

After it successfully deflates, just patch the hole and you are good to go now. At last, just inflate your blow-up bed and check for the bubble.

Final Wordings:

For those whose problem is still not solved even after doing these tricks, they have two options. First, where they can buy a new air bed which is also the recommended option, or else they have to compromise and sleep on the bed ignoring the inconvenience caused by the bubble. Hence, the choice is yours.