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How to Fix Air Mattress Bubble(100% Working) - 3 Quick Steps

– By Eric Smith

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A silly issue with an air mattress doesn’t always mean you should throw it away. However, when it comes to air mattress bubbles, sometimes it’s pretty easy to get rid of them. In some cases, they take lots and lots of effort but still occur repeatedly.

how to fix air mattress bubble

Why Is There a Bubble in Your Air Mattress?

Several different factors could lead to an air mattress bubble. The bubble is a result of imperfections in the manufacturing process. 

The air mattress plastic cover may have a hole or small holes during manufacturing, which will later form a big bubble when you use it. Below are some factors that clarify why your inflatable bed has a bulge or lump.

1. Manufacturing Defect:

Bad air mattress construction will lead to the formation of bubbles. It is because the airflow inside the mattress is poor and cannot circulate air inside it properly as it ought to. 

This leads to disturbance and creates a space that should be filled with air. The irritation of the airflow also increases the chances of forming a bubble. So it is imperative to inspect the mattress thoroughly after the purchase.

2. Frequent and Over-Inflation:

Another factor that leads to the formation of a bubble is over-inflation. It involves pumping the mattress to higher levels than it ought to be. 

The air mattress should be pumped to a level felt safe for you. Inflating an air mattress above the recommended levels result in over-inflation, and a bubble in the middle of your bed is formed. 

Over-inflation also disrupts air flow inside your bed, increasing the chances of creating lumps.

3. Weak Seams:

Another factor that leads to the bulge formation in blow-up beds is weak seams. This happens when a seam in your bed’s cover splits and forms a new one. 

This seam then fills with air, creating a bulge on your mattress. Unfortunately, you can’t do much about it if you find it’s the seam responsible for the bubble, except for replacing the airbed if you’ve just bought it.

4. You're Ignoring the Weight Capacity:

Another factor that is equally responsible for the formation of a lump is exceeding the weight limit of the inflatable mattress. The airbed is designed for a specific weight limit

If you exceed that limit, then there are chances of forming a bubble in your bed. You must know your air mattress’s weight capacity. It is mentioned on the product label, or you can ask the manufacturer for that. 

It’s your responsibility to keep the overall weight under that limit to avoid any issues.

5. Using Low-Quality Airbed: 

Not all air mattresses on the market are as great as they claim to be. Some air mattresses offer an excellent discount, which sometimes proves to be a trap, and it’s not a surprise that people fall for that trap. 

Being a customer, you should know where you’re spending your hard-earned money. In the case of buying an air mattress, there are lots of reputed brands which not only offer the best values but also provide you with after-sales service. 

While buying an inflatable bed, check for customer ratings and reviews along with the price tag. It will surely help you buy the best blow-up bed according to your requirement.

6. Lack of Care:

Sometimes, lack of proper care can also cause problems in your expensive airbed. 

Some of the best examples of lack of care or improper use are leaving the bed out in the open after use, washing the airbed with water and don’t let air dry before storing, which sometimes leads to mold growth, using an airbed as a camping mattress that was never designed for such use, not inspecting the floor before inflating, and more importantly, not checking the pocket before laying on the bed. 

The last point is one of the common reasons why an air mattress gets punctured from the felt side. If you relate to any of the above points, then it’s time to stop doing them.

How To Fix Air Mattress Bubble - 3 Simple Steps:

#1. Get Your Airbed Ready:

take off everything the airbed

Before getting into fixing the bubble, you first have to prepare your air mattress so that it can be done with ease without any mess. So, take off the covers, pillows, mattress toppers, clothes, and all other stuff lying on the mattress. This step is essential because it is tricky to trace and fix the bubble with the bedding on it.

#2. Start Deflating The Bed:

There are two ways to deflate an air mattress. One is by simply opening the valve and waiting until the air mattress deflates; the other is by using the electric pump, which is relatively faster.

So, just go through your preferred way and start implementing the points mentioned below:

  1. Start pushing the bubble downwards gently(start from the edges) while the blow-up bed deflates, and do this until the bubble disappears.
  2. Too much pressure can harm the airbed, so do that carefully, and don’t forget to close the valve after the bubble vanishes.
  3. If there is more than one bubble on your airbed, start fixing the larger one first.

#3. Re-Inflate Your Mattress:

Inflate airbed with hand pump

Now the last step is just to inflate the blow-up bed again and check whether your problem is solved. Use any manual or electric pump to do so. 

Inflation is a crucial task because over-inflation can still harm the blow-up bed, and not inflating correctly up to its capacity can fail in fixing the bubble. So, do that carefully.

If the bubbles are still forming on the surface, then you can repeat the second step, or maybe it’s time to look for a new air mattress. 

Or, you can go through another method mentioned below because your airbed’s internal construction has been damaged, and the air is leaking inside of it.

How To Fix Air Mattress Bubble: Alternative Way

Now, as the above-mentioned method is not working in your case and you’re left with no other option except to throw the airbed away. 

But, before googling the best air mattress, we would suggest you try this method because if this works, you can save some money.

It’s rare but possible that internal leakage is the leading cause of the bulge. This usually happens with raised air mattresses(due to their complicated internal construction), typically because of over-inflation or exceeding the weight limit.

Let’s try to fix it up.

Step 1: Deflate the Airbed

First, you must deflate the airbed because you have to tear open the fabric layer in the next step. You can use an electric or built-in pump to speed up the process or simply open the valve and wait until the bed deflates.

Step 2: Open the Fabric Layer

You have to carefully open the fabric layer, as a small mistake can make a big hole in the bed. 

Start tearing the bubbled area first because it will easily come off and then remove the layer from the whole surface. 

Remember not to go too harsh while removing the layer, as it may harm the rubber inside. Once done successfully, breathe easy because you’ve just completed the most challenging task of this guide.

Step 3: Inflate the Bed

Now it’s time to re-inflate the bed. If the airbed has a built-in pump, simply plug in the cord and turn the switch on. However, use an external electric pump in case of a simple airbed. 

While inflating the bed, you’ll notice there’s no more bulge on the surface because the leak inside was pushing the outer layer, causing that.

Step 4: Find the leak

Your next step is to find the leak. There are many ways to find a leak on an airbed. However, the easiest and quickest way is to use a soapy water solution and spray it on the bed. 

Check for the bubbles carefully on the bed while spraying the solution. Alternatively, use your hand or ear to locate the leak. 

Once you find it, use a marker and circle around it to remember. Don’t forget to wipe the water with a dry cloth, as it won’t allow the patch to stick thoroughly.

Step 5: Patch the leak

Use a patch kit to fix the leak or use duct tape, super glue, or nail polish but remember, they are temporary and not as effective as a rubber patch. 

Take your patch and check whether it’s bigger enough to cover the leak. If it’s a self-adhesive patch, apply it on the leak and put a little weight on it, so it sticks thoroughly. Otherwise, use a separate adhesive and then apply the patch.

Is it Safe to Sleep on an Air Mattress with Bubbles?

The answer is NO! Sleeping on a lumpy air mattress may not cause any trouble in the short term, but in long-term use, you might face some physical as well as mental health issues if you don’t get the needed rest. 

An air mattress with bubbles won’t be able to support your body as effectively as before, which may cause you to experience back pain the following day.

As the inflatable bed is not in its ideal shape, all thanks to the bulge, it is prone to bursting if intolerable pressure is applied at any point, and you’ll end up falling on the floor right after that. 

fix an air mattress bubble

More than half of the air mattresses have a problem with the bubble. That means you might be sleeping in an unhealthy environment.

Hence, no matter what air mattress size you have, whether it’s a full size, queen size, or even a king size, sleeping on it with the bubble can be dangerous and can cause back pain, irritation, and discomfort to your skin. That’s why you can sleep on it for a while, but not too long.

Why Does an Air Mattress Bulge on One Side?

First of all, this is not a new problem, and it happens with air mattresses from time to time. It usually happens because of over-inflation and exceeding the airbed’s weight capacity.

When you put too much pressure or weight on an area(like when you sit on the airbed) of an over-inflated bed, it overstretches and loses its original form, all thanks to weak seams and poor build quality.

That is why it is suggested not to put too much pressure on the sides or ends. Weaker seams easily come off while other holds the airbed thoroughly. 

And, if the middle seams are more vulnerable, you’ll notice the bulge in the middle of the mattress, and the same applies to any other area or side.

Can an Air Mattress Burst?

An air mattress can indeed burst if it experiences excessive pressure. Air mattresses are designed to be inflated with air, and their durability depends on the quality of materials the manufacturer uses. 

Generally, modern air mattresses are built to withstand typical usage and are meant to be relatively durable.

However, several factors can lead to the potential bursting of an air mattress. Overinflation exceeding the suggested limits is one of the most common causes. 

When an air mattress is pumped with more air than it can handle, the internal pressure increases and may surpass its structural integrity, leading to a sudden burst.

Furthermore, the surrounding environment’s sharp objects or rough surfaces can also puncture the mattress. If not handled with care and placed on uneven or sharp surfaces, the risk of damage and bursting increases.

Wrapping Up - How To Fix Air Mattress Bubble

Fixing the air mattress bubble is both easy and complicated. If there’s no internal leakage, you can simply fix it up by deflating the bed and applying some pressure on the bubble. 

However, things get a little challenging when there’s a problem inside the air mattress. Both the bulge-removing methods work really well, and it’s up to you how you implement them.

In order to avoid these bubbles formation, it’s essential to check whether you’re exceeding the capacity while lying on it. 

The other most important factor responsible for creating a bubble is over-inflation. Whenever you feel the bed is over-inflated, don’t hesitate to take some air out, especially when you know it can harm the bed. 

Now you know how to fix air mattress bubble on your own with some tips and tricks. Try it now and get it fixed. 

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