Last updated on 12 May, 2022

How to Find a Hole in an Air Mattress - 4 Proven Methods

– By Eric Smith

how to find leak in an air mattress

Sometimes, it is not easy to locate a leak or hole in an air mattress as they are tiny like the tip of the needle, but that single little hole is more than enough to make you sleep on the floor in just 10 minutes after the inflation.

However, most people don’t know the next step, even after locating the leak in their air mattress. So, in this guide, we will focus on finding a hole or leak in an air mattress with simple tips and tricks.

So that next time, you guys don’t face any difficulty in making your airbed perfectly fine to sleep on.

How to Find Leak In An Air Mattress

Before going ahead, you should keep some points in mind to find the leak quickly.

  1. Almost 80% of leaks happen from the bottom of the airbed as it is the most active layer so make sure you start leak finding process from the bottom.
  2. Whether it is top, bottom, or any other side, the process will be the same. You just need to turn your air mattress, implementing the same steps for each side.
  3. In most cases, it has been found that the blow-up beds lose their air from the joints and seams. So, check them carefully and slowly.

Method 1: Soapy Water

how to find leak in an air mattress The easiest and quickest way to find the leak in an air mattress is the soapy water method. This is the famous and most used method to find even the tiniest leak in any airbed.

For this, you’ll need a small amount of soap-water mixture in which the water quantity should be around 60-70%, and pour the mixture in a water sprayer bottle.

Next, you need to inflate your air mattress. As you are finding the leak now, you should be aware of inflating an air mattress. But still, if you are not able to do that, read the guide by clicking here.

Fill the air as much as you can. It will last a bit longer and help you find the leak without inflating it again and again.

Take the bottle and start spraying water on the bed crease, as shown in the image below. If you are lucky, you will find the leak in the crease itself. 

But, if you can’t find any leak in the crease, simply go ahead and keep spraying the water everywhere on the mattress until you find the leak. 

By using this method, most of our users found the leak successfully and managed to patch it.

Below are some other methods just in case you are unlucky in finding the leak. 

Method 2: Hear The Escaping Air

This method is quite simple but needs proper attention, and it would be best if you implement this method in a quiet area of your house to see the best results.

In the method, you need to hear the escaping air from your air mattress, and you can do that with some simple steps listed below.

Pick any side of your bed (we recommend starting with the bottom) and get as close to it as you can. The distance between you and your mattress should not exceed 2 inches.

Now, simply try to hear the escaping air. The method can take a while, and you need to be very attentive; otherwise, it will be pretty tough to find the leak.

Method 3: Use Hand To Feel The Leak

If you are still struggling to find the leak in your airbed, our third method can help you. This method is somewhat similar to the second method, but you need to use your hands to feel the leak.

So, just inflate your air mattress again and follow the same steps we mentioned above but this time, use your hand.

Method 4: Inspect The Valve

Some inflation valves may be the main reason why your airbed is not able to hold the air. So, still, if you have no idea about the leak, then you should inspect your air mattress valve.

Before starting, make sure the valve is completely closed; otherwise, the inspection will be of no use. Now use your hand or ear and try to feel the leak by placing them in front of the valve. It won’t take more than a minute.

Unfortunately, the valve isn’t easy to fix, so you may need to purchase a second valve or contact your air mattress’s customer service if any leak or hole is detected.

In The End

Not finding the leak in the airbed at the right time can lead to the burst, so you should check your air mattress at least once whenever you feel there is something wrong with it.

By the way, there are many methods to find a leak in an air mattress, but some of them don’t work for the majority of people. However, our mentioned methods are pretty straightforward and work for all air mattresses, so you can rely on them.

Just read and implement the mention methods to find the leak in just a few minutes. We hope you don’t need to search anywhere else to solve this problem after going through this guide.

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