Last updated on 15 May, 2022

How To Fill Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame - 6 Easy Ways

– By Eric Smith

fill gap between mattress and bed frame

As per our research, in 6 ways, you can fill the gap between mattress and bed frame. If you want to know the ways, you must check our full guide on how to fill gap between mattress and bed frame.

The gap between mattress and bed frame mostly happens because of the short mattress that doesn’t cover your bed frame properly. At this time, you can go buying a new gap filler wedge, which is the easiest solution for this problem.

If you don’t want to buy any kind of pillow, you can place a longboard on the gap and cover it with pillows. So that it looks good and you get your solution easily. Although, there are many other ways you can resolve the problem, which we will discuss in detail below.

Top 6 Ways To Fill The Gap Between Mattress And Bed Frame

1. Buy A New Gap Filler Wedge

Are you irritated while you sleep at night because your mattress goes down and makes a gap between the mattress and bed frame? Then the simple solution is to buy a gap filler wedge. 

It is a long wedge pillow that is easily available in the market. Just go and buy a new one according to your bed width. Then normally place it between your bed and headboard. 

It prevents the falling of your pillows, your kid’s toys, and other objects that fall through your bed gap. These pillows are long and come with pocket-friendly prices that satisfy your needs without any hustle.

2. Buy A New Mattress

It is a price-worthy but effective way to fill the gap between mattress and bed frame. It is only necessary when you feel that your mattress is not really good for comfort. It’s old, damaged and lost color. At this time, you can go for buying a new mattress that gives you comfort for a long time. 

But before purchasing a new mattress, first, check your bed frame and headboard width to understand the perfect size for your mattress that doesn’t create the same issue later. If you feel it necessary, then definitely go for it.

3. Increase The Number Of Pillows

Suppose you have a king-size or large mattress, but still, it makes a gap between the headboard and mattress. Then you can increase the number of pillows like decorative pillows—26×26 or other same size pillows which are large and look pretty good in your bed. 

Most people use these pillows for the decoration of a bed. It is large enough to avoid falling through the gap. Best News that these decorative pillows increase the looks of your bed. So definitely try this method as a solution to this gap filler. Or you can use long pillows and mix and match the pillows to increase more attractiveness.

4. Adjust The Headboard Height

Some beds come with a height-adjustable headboard. If you have one, then simply go and reduce the height of your headboard. 

If it does not satisfy your needs, try our previous ways to fill the gap with decorative pillows. Just put some pillows in the gap to prevent the annoying look. But the best idea is to check and measure before buying any mattress or bed frame, which can prevent this kind of problem letter. 

But if you suffer from this issue, then just follow this guide to resolve the problem. Now check the below trick, which may help you.

5. Buy A Fluffy Or High Bed Base

This is also included in the before-buying guide, which you need to check before shopping for these items. Let’s say you purchase a high-quality bed frame that has a little bit of a high wall. 

So now you measure the height of your headboard and take a note. Then go to the shop and buy the same or little low base bed according to your bed headboard. So this is a solution before buying a bed or mattress.

6. Check If Your Bed Stuck Or Move

Sometimes the mattress goes down while you sleep on it. It happens because your mattress is shorter than the bed frame. On the other hand, sometimes your mattress doesn’t move, it is stuck with some blocks or objects. So go and check these details to resolve the problems. 

If you see that your bed moves, you can use a gap filler bed or any longboard type to place on the gap. If your bed is stuck, then find the object and remove it from your bed so that you can easily solve this issue without going anywhere.

Important Note:

Before buying a mattress, keep these notes in your pocket, like accurate space between mattress and bed frame. This works like most beds are designed to make a minimum of 16 inches long from the surface of your bed, which gives sufficient fluffiness and comfort for a person. 

On the other hand, If any person is 6 feet long, then the best height mattress for this person is an 8 feet long bed. And for pillows, cover at least cover 1-2 inches long pillowcases for good looks and require comfort.

First, keep in mind Measure your bed height and width to cut the pieces according to your requirement. Suppose your bed is 50 inches long and 18 inches wide, then you might need a mattress that is 48 inches long and 17 inches wide. So that it perfectly fit on your bed without any movement.

In most cases, the gap between the mattress and bed frame is why your mattress doesn’t fit on the bed.

In this case, the best option is to fill the gap with any kind of longboard and place some pillows on them. When you feel it’s time to change the mattress or buy a gap fill bed, then go for these pillows.

Suppose your mattress is not high enough to cover the headboard of your bed. Then you can use plywood boards under your mattress. These are strong, long-lasting wood blocks that are mostly used for bed purposes. So what you do is just place it under your mattress that helps achieve your headboard’s height. Besides that, plywood also helps your mattress from sagging, moving, and rubbing while you toss and turn during night sleep.