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How To Deflate An Air Mattress Without Damaging

– By Eric Smith

How to deflate an air mattress

Air mattress comes in handy when we don’t have any other option left to sleep on at our home, and if you love camping and go for an outing with family or friends, then you definitely need to carry an air mattress with you.

Air mattresses are the perfect solution for those last-minute guests and the house that host late-night parties. Every air mattress needs to be deflated instantly after use as it not only increases its life span but also protects it from other dangers as well.

There are many ways to inflate and deflate an air mattress, and in this guide, we are focusing on how to deflate an air mattress. After reading this complete article, you’ll be able to deflate any air bed without anyone’s help. So, keep reading.

Complete Guide On How To Deflate An Air Mattress

How to Deflate an Air Mattress with a Quick or Electric Pump

A quick pump inflates and deflates an air mattress much faster than any other manual pump, which saves time and effort.

If you have ever used a quick pump before, you may have noticed that it has two ports. One is used for inflation, and the second is used for deflation.

Here, we need to use the second port, the deflation port. Follow these simple points to deflate your airbed with a quick pump.

  • Locate your mattress valve and open it.
  • Connect one end of the nozzle to the deflation port of the pump(check out its user manual if you are facing any problem) and the other to the valve.
  • Finally, turn on the pump. It will remove all the air out from the bed in just 2-3 minutes.

Basically, you have to use the same process you usually use for inflating your air mattress but in this case, instead of using the inflation port, use the deflation port.

How do you Deflate an Air Mattress without a Pump?

You can deflate your air mattress without using any pump, and it is a simple and straightforward process.

If your mattress doesn’t have a one-way valve, you can easily deflate it by simply opening the valve.

But if it has a one-way valve, then you need to exert some pressure on the airbed in order to take all the air out of it and keep pushing until it deflates completely.

How to Deflate a Coleman Air Mattress?

Most Coleman air mattresses come with two inflating options. One is a self-inflating option, and the other double-lock valve (which takes a manual or electric pump just in case the self-inflating option is not working).

You can deflate your Coleman air mattress using the double-lock valve. When you are ready to deflate, just open that valve and pull it gently towards you. All the air will start coming out of the mattress.

How to Deflate Embark Air Mattress?

Deflating an Embark air mattress is slightly difficult than other air mattresses. One can even damage his Embark bed if he is not using the proper procedure.

We simply need to unscrew the inflation port or valve to take the air out of it. But still, it is not easy to unscrew it by hand.

If you use a tool like a plier, then you will easily unscrew the valve and deflate your embark airbed. So, just take the plier, set it according to the valve size, and turn it anticlockwise slowly. Your embark air mattress will start deflating.

How to Deflate a Self-Inflating Mattress?

Inflating a self-inflating air mattress is pretty easy. You only have to open its valve, and it will do the rest.

However, with deflation, things are slightly changed. I require effort sometimes.

First, you have to lay the bed on the flat ground and open the inflation valve. Next, hold the opposite side of the valve and start rolling the bed towards it. Once you reach the end, close the valve and unfold the airbed again.

Now, partially open the valve in order to get the remaining air out. Finally, roll it up again and close the valve.

Hence, your self-inflating air mattress is completed deflated.

Ensuring the Air Mattress is Fully Deflated

After you deflate your airbed, just make sure that it is fully deflated before you pack it in the bag. Otherwise, it may burst due to the pressure inside the bag.

You can walk on it after you realize there is no air inside. But make sure you are barefoot. This is the simplest way to deflate an airbed completely.

Why Deflate an Air Mattress?

Have you ever wonder that why it is recommended to deflate an air mattress instantly after use?

An air mattress is a sensitive object to sleep on, and it can burst any time coming into contact with a sharp object. And you can’t take care of it all day that’s why it becomes important to deflate and pack it immediately after the use if you really want it for a longer run.

Is it OK to Sleep on an Air Mattress Every Night?

Air mattresses are perfect replacements for regular beddings, but only if you use them occasionally, and we never suggest anyone use an airbed as their primary sleeping source.

One may have to face many problems while sleeping on an air mattress every night. Sweaty-night sleep and discomfort are great examples of that.

Air mattresses can’t provide the level of support and comfort to your spinal cord that a foam or latex mattress provides. And in some cases, It can even lead to long-term back pain if not treated properly at the initial stage.

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In The End

Every air mattress needs to be used very carefully because a small mistake can destroy it completely.

Whether you want to deflate your air mattress with a manual pump or quick pump or even without any pump, you will be able to do so with ease after reading this guide.

But keep in mind, don’t exert unnecessary pressure on the mattress while it is deflating. Otherwise, you will lose your air mattress.

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