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How To Clean An Air Mattress - 4 Mind Blowing Ways

– By Eric Smith

how to clean an air mattress

Cleaning the air mattress after every use prolongs its lifespan and keeps it away from all kinds of odors and dirt, giving you a safe, snug, and restful sleep.

In this how to clean an air mattress guide, we will talk about every cleaning-related issue a person has to face while using a blow-up bed. 

Whether your blow-up bed smells bad, has mold on it, or you just want to get rid of bed bugs, vomit, or even your pet’s or kid’s pee, you’ll be able to do that effortlessly after reading this guide once.

How To Clean An Air Mattress With No Trouble

Air mattresses are made of PVC, and luckily there are many ways to clean PVC-built materials, but you need to beware of some cheap quality cleaning products as they can damage your airbed, and you shouldn’t use them unless your airbed really needs it.

Now, let’s dive into the best ways to clean an air mattress without tearing it.

Preparations You Need To Make Before Starting Air Mattress Cleaning:

Lay The Airbed On a Flat Surface:

The first thing you need to do is obviously, take the airbed out from the storage bag and lay it on the flat surface. It will help you clean your airbed quickly with fewer efforts.

But make sure to keep it away from your pets and any other sharp objects in your house; otherwise, this cleaning could cost you dearly.

If you have a lawn or other type of open area, we suggest you clean it there.

Unplug Your Airbed:

These days, airbeds with built-in pumps have become quite common on the market, and if you own one of those airbeds, this is a crucial point you need to remember.

Never clean an air mattress (especially with water) when it is plugged in. You want to make sure that the switch is turned off and the cord disconnected.

Also, put the cord inside its case safely and make sure you close it well, or water can get into it.

I know it’s a kind of obvious preparation, but I’m saying this because I’ve seen some people who start cleaning their air mattress with water while the pump’s cord is plugged in. It can be very dangerous.

Deflate The Bed:

deflate the airbedAfter successfully unplugging the cord, you need to make another preparation by taking all the air out of the airbed and make sure there’s no air left inside. There are many ways to do that, but the quickest way is by walking on the airbed deflating it.

Now, you are all set to go ahead.

4 Best Ways To Clean An Air Mattress

#1. Use a Soft Brush Or a Broom:

soft brushWe often don’t need to take any special measures to clean the air mattress as it is just dirt or tiny debris that we want to take off, and it is pretty straightforward to get rid of such problems.

For this, you’ll need a soft brush or broom or a dry cloth which I’m sure you have in your home.

Now, hold your preferred item firmly and start scrubbing the mattress with some pressure in order to take all the dirt and debris out of it. This complete process will hardly 3-4 minutes.

#2. Use a Vacuum Cleaner:

Even after hard scrubbing with a soft brush, there may be some areas where your brush just can’t reach and unable to remove the dirt, such as inside the valve and seams.

vacuum cleaner

To clean those hidden areas, you can use a vacuum cleaner. It will suck all the dust, debris, your and your pet’s hairs, and even the dead skin cells out of your airbed in no time. So, just get your vacuum cleaner ready and start vacuuming your bed.

#3. Use a Wet Cloth:

Vacuuming and soft brush, both methods are best for dirt cleaning, but what if your airbed has food stains on it? No brush or vacuum cleaner can help you get rid of those stains.

stain remover

So, in this case, use a soft wet cloth and rub it on the stains until it vanishes. Some food stains are pretty tough to remove, so you can use a stain cleaner for them.

#4. Wash Carefully If Needed:

All the above-mentioned methods will really help get rid of any type of stains, dirt, and bad smell from your air mattress. But, if you are not satisfied even after taking all the measures, you are left with no other option but to wash it.

Washing will make sure that your airbed is now 100% clean and safe to sleep on.

I read some articles on the internet saying, “You should never wash your air mattress. It can destroy it completely“. Being an air mattress expert, I can say that if you know how to wash your air mattress properly, there’s no harm in doing that.

So, if you want to wash your air mattress, you should never forget these two tips.

  1. Never wash your air mattress in a washing machine if you really want to use your bed again. Because if any part of the mattress gets stuck in the machine, then along with the mattress, your machine can also get damaged.
  2. Always double-check whether the inflation valve is closed correctly and try not to let water get near the inflation valve (especially if it’s a built-in pump airbed).

Dry The Airbed:

After successfully cleaning or washing your airbed, don’t forget to dry it out. A quick way to dry the airbed is by using a hair dryer, but you can leave it in the sunlight for 5-6 hours if you have enough time.

Tips To Keep Your Blow-Up Bed Clean:

1. Wash the Storage Bag:

Along with your air mattress, cleaning the storage bag at least once a month is also essential.

Sometimes in a hurry, we often forget to clean the airbed and put it inside the bag, due to which the bag also gets dirty.

So, to have a clean mattress every time you need it, consider washing the storage bag too.

2. Use a Cover or Protector:

Most of you may don’t have time to clean the air mattress after every use. So, to keep your bed away from any kind of stains and dust, you should always use a cover or protector, especially when you’re a child is eating something on it. It is much easier to wash or clean a cover than an air mattress.

Final Words:

Buying an air mattress is easy, but maintaining it is probably one of the complex tasks. If you often go out with your air mattress, cleaning should be your first priority before storing it. 

I tried to give you every piece of information about how to clean an air mattress. Now it’s not your turn to apply these methods and clean your airbed and make it look new.

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