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Can You Use an Electric Blanket on an Air Mattress - Detailed Guide

– By Eric Smith

electric blanket on air mattress

Why use an Electric Blanket on an Air Mattress?

There are literally lots of ways and accessories that help you stay warm on an air mattress such as a portable heater, thermal mattress topper, sleeping bag, etc.

The only problem is that they take too long to heat up the internal environment and the heat is dissipated whenever you go out of bed to pee or do some other work.

heated blanket on air mattress

An electric blanket or mattress pad is a great bedding accessory that can provide you with the instant warmth you need, even on chilly nights. It’s also one of the recommended items to carry for camping in cold regions.

Is it Safe to Use an Electric Blanket?

Now, the question here is, is it even safe to use an electric blanket on an air mattress? Or do I need to look for something else to stay warm on my cold inflatable bed?

The answer is, Yes. An electric blanket is safe and can be used on an air mattress but only with proper safety precautions.

Air mattresses are sometimes called vulnerable sleeping systems as they can be easily damaged or even destroyed if not used with proper care.

The excessive heat of an electric blanket can melt the PVC air mattress easily. That’s why it’s suggested to use it only with lower settings.

However, the best practice is not to put an electric blanket or electric pad directly on an air mattress, use something between them that could stop it from touching the inflatable bed directly.

What to Put Between the Electric Blanket and Air Mattress

Let’s talk about some of those helpful bedding accessories that can protect your blow-up bed from melting or damaging.

1. Mattress Topper

A mattress topper is usually made of memory foam or latex that elevates you 2-5 inches off the mattress. You place a mattress topper directly on the mattress before lying down.

mattress topper for airbed

Apart from those typical memory foam and latex toppers, a thermal mattress topper also exists which can be used both indoors as well as outdoors. 

Moreover, a thermal topper can also contribute to keeping you warm on the blow-up bed and also protect it from a heated electric blanket.

2. Normal Mattress Pad

A normal mattress pad can also be used instead of a mattress topper if you want an inexpensive and effective solution to retaining heat on an air mattress.

mattress pad for airbed

Simply, put the mattress pad on the bed before plugging the electric blanket in. Mattress pads are usually thinner than mattress toppers, however, they can still protect an air mattress from a heated blanket.

3. Air Mattress Cover

An air mattress cover is usually the thinnest compared to all other bedding accessories listed here. However, to use a cover as a barrier between your heated blanket and air mattress, you should look for something thicker.

air mattress cover

The thicker the cover, the more valve it can add. The best practice would be to use a thick or quilted air mattress cover, just to be on the safe side.

4. Bed Sheet

Bed sheets can also be considered a barrier when you lack an actual air mattress protector. It might not provide you with warmth and can’t offer that type of protection as a cover or topper.

bed sheet for air mattress

Still, it’s worth using a bed sheet when you have nothing to insulate the airbed against the cold or protect it from a blanket that can easily destroy the airbed. Try to use a thick bedsheet and cover the bed properly from all four sides.

How Long Will it Take to Give You Warmth?

It’s advisable to turn on the blanket around 10-30 minutes before going to the bed to let it reach the desired heating settings.

electric blanket on air mattress

However, in the case of using it on an air mattress where you need to use it only with lower settings, 10 minutes of pre-heating should be sufficient.

But, don’t forget to add a barrier between the blanket and the mattress. After that, you can turn the blanket off once it reaches the needed warmth level.

3 Tips For Using Electric Blanket on Air Mattress

It’s crucial to use an electric blanket safely or it could do serious injuries to yourself and your loved ones, and harm the mattress. Below are some of the important points one must consider for using the electric blanket safely without hurting himself.

#1. Overheating

An electric blanket can overheat the internal environment after getting too hot and even cause serious burns when left turned on for a long time or the whole night. 

That’s why you should only turn it on 10-20 minutes before going to the bed. Also, never use an electric blanket and a heating pad together, as this combination could result in overheating of your air mattress, and in the worst case, damage it.

#2. Cleaning

Cleaning an electric blanket can also become a concern if you are not doing that considering all the points mentioned in its user manual.

Some electric blankets allow you to wash them in the washing machine, but with some blankets, this can be dangerous. In fact, dry cleaning can be a risky job that could lead to blanket’s malfunction and you wouldn’t want to use that blanket on your air mattress.

#3. Cord Safety

Whenever you leave an electric blanket after turning it on, don’t let your child and pets come near it. They may urinate on the blanket which needs to be avoided for sure. Plus, they can unknowingly change the settings or damage the cord or control system, which again, is not safe for anybody.

Other Ways to Keep You Warm on an Air Mattress

There could be a situation where your electric blanket may stop functioning properly when you need it the most. In this case, you should know some other ways to stay warm on the chilly inflatable bed.

Wear Layers:

The best way to stay warm on an air mattress is by wearing layers and accessories to cover your whole body. Consider using woolen clothes, gloves, caps, earmuffs, and socks.

Sleeping Bag:

A sleeping bag can be considered an excellent replacement for an electric blanket. Sleeping bags completely wraps around your body and don’t let the heat go out. You just have to get into a sleeping bag and then sleep on the air mattress. Otherwise, you’ll feel like sleeping on the ground.


If it’s too cold it’s better to use a heater to get some instant heat. Remember, keep the heater away from the air mattress and lift it off the ground so that it warms you instead of heating the air mattress.

Hot Drinks:

Having a hot drink just before going to bed is effective to keep yourself warm in cold. This hot drink can be anything like ginger tea, mint tea, coffee, hot chocolate, etc.


No need to mention that exercise is by far the most effective way to gain some instant heat in the body. However, remember not to exercise too much before going to bed, as you will start sweating and feel cold again.

Final Wordings:

So, now you know whether can you use your electric blanket on the air mattress or not. However, it’s important to take proper precautions otherwise you might end up damaging your airbed.

One thing that you always need to remember is to never put the heating blanket or pad straight on the inflatable bed. Plus, your pets and baby are not around when you turn the blanket on and leave it warming the bed. Also, to avoid any kind of injury, keep checking whether the blanket is not overheating.

If you’re still not 100% sure to use an electric blanket on an air mattress, no problem. There are still numerous ways that can help you stay warm. Some of the amazing and working ways are listed above. I hope now you’ve got what you were looking for.

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