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Can You Stack Air Mattresses? - 5 Best Tips(2023 Guide)

– By Eric Smith

Can you stack air mattresses? This question orbits around whether placing an air mattress on top of another is possible. Air mattresses are bouncy beds full of air that people often use as guest beds or when they go out for camping or hiking.

can you stack air mattresses

But when it comes to stacking them, things get interesting. This may seem like a great idea to get a real bed-like feel, but an important question here is, is it safe to do so? And will it still remain comfortable? 

If you are also curious about creating stacked air mattresses to get a comfy sleep, stay tuned to figure out how great this idea is.

Can You Stack Air Mattresses? Is It Even Safe?

The good news is, Yes, you can stack air mattresses. When we stack air mattresses, it means we are putting one air mattress on top of another. It makes the overall bed taller and more comfortable to sleep on.

It’s a creative way of preparing a sleeping space, especially when you have limited room. However, you need to be careful while stacking the air mattresses, as a small mistake can even lead to injury.

You need to ensure that the air mattress you use as the base is durable and stable enough to carry both you and another air mattress. 

It can be a great move for sleepovers, camping, and especially when you have guests over. So, if you have two air mattresses and want to stack them, just go ahead.

6 Reasons Why People Stack Air Mattresses

1. For Added Comfort and Thickness

put an air mattress on another

Stacking air mattresses makes your bed super thick and comfortable to rest. Sometimes, one air mattress by itself isn’t squishy enough, especially if it’s a skinny one.

But when you stack two skinny inflatable beds together, it’s like having a big, fluffy pillow to sleep on. The best part is that you won’t feel those lumps and bumps under it.

So, if you want to sink into your bed and feel extra relaxed, stacking can help you get that ideal, cushiony experience for a good night sleep.

2. Creating a Lifted Bed

When you stack air mattresses, you collect them on top of each other to make a taller bed. Placing an air mattress on the other makes it really easy for you to get in and out of it.

It can really help if you find bending down to a low-profile bed hard. Furthermore, sleeping a little higher off the ground is cool, especially on outings.

Creating a high-profile bed by putting one air mattress on top of the other is a simple but effective way to make it look like a real bed and to get extra comfort, especially for kids or someone who likes a different kind of bed setup.

3. It Gives the Needed Support

stack your air mattresses

Sometimes, when you lie on an air mattress, it can feel a little shaky or soft. But when you pile one air mattress over another, it becomes more stable and supporting.

The bottom inflatable bed holds up the top one, which gives you a more firmer surface to sleep on that is good for your back and body.

However, you want to make sure you only sink a little when you lie down on the stacked inflatable beds. So, if you are looking for extra support for your back, stack indeed can help.

4. Filling a Larger Space

Air mattresses come in different sizes; sometimes, one might need to be bigger for your space. Stacking air mattresses can help you fill up that space and make it relaxing if you have a big room or tent.

When you stack two air mattresses, you make the most of your room, which looks neat and tidy. Plus, when it’s time to sleep, you’ve got a big, comfy bed that’s perfect for your space. So, if you want to use up all the room in a big area, stacking air mattresses is an easy way to achieve that.

5. Accommodating More Guests

Accommodating more guests means making sure every guest has a restful place to sleep when they visit. When friends or family come over, it’s always a good gesture to provide them with a flawless sleeping space for each individual. But sometimes, you might need more beds to do so.

That’s where stacking air mattresses comes into play. If you stack them, you can get a big and soft bed to sleep over. Each air mattress adds a layer of added comfort to your and your guests’ sleep.

So, if you want to be the best host and make sure your guests sleep well, stacking air mattresses can be a simple and clever solution.

6. Better Camping Comfort

When you go camping, sometimes the ground can be a bit hard and uncomfortable to sleep on. But if you properly position an air mattress on the other in your tent, you can sleep comfortably and get a regular bed-like feel on outings, too.

Plus, you won’t feel the rocks or bumps underneath. Because you’ve lifted the air mattress off the ground, you won’t feel cold. Camping becomes more fun when you rest comfortably throughout the night. Stacking air mattresses for camping can be a simple trick to improve outdoor adventure.

5 Tips To Easy Up the Stacking Process

can you stack air mattresses

Even though stacking air mattresses is a possible task, and you can do that without thinking too much, there are some factors you should keep in mind before or while doing so.

1. Pick the Right Airbed

First of all, you need to check the mattress type and make sure whether they can be stacked. It’s worth noting that not all air mattresses are meant for stacking, so make sure both air mattresses have similar sizes. 

Furthermore, your air mattresses should have a flat top and bottom so that they can rest nicely without any wobble. Look for ones with a flat top and bottom so they can stack nicely without wobbling.

2. Check for Sturdiness

Second, you want to cross-check whether the bottom inflatable bed is strong enough to withstand the weight of another air mattress and the person who will be lying on it. 

This is like getting a strong base for a tall building. No matter what it takes, you want to make sure the base is secure and stable.

3. Consider the Height

You keep the height of the bed in mind while performing the stacking. Consider the height that’s suitable for getting on and off the bed comfortably.

If you stack too many air mattresses or two double-high air mattresses, it will get too high or uncomfortable to sleep on, especially for your kids or if you have a low ceiling. Plus, getting in and out of bed will also become a complicated task.

4. Make Sure the Surface is Flat

Before stacking the air mattresses, place them on a flat and clean surface. A flat surface ensures the air mattresses won’t slide or slip when you turn around while sleeping. 

It provides you with a steady and safe foundation for your stacked bed. It’s important to make sure that everything stays in place while you are napping.

5. Mind Your Fingers

Be careful not to pinch your fingers when stacking the airbeds. Do the stacking carefully and watch your fingers while stacking to avoid any accidental pinching.

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