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Can You Leave an Air Mattress Plugged In? Know The Truth

– By Eric Smith

Ever thought, “Can you leave an air mattress plugged in?” I sure did. Air mattresses come in handy when you don’t have a sleeping system to lie down and relax.

can you leave an air mattress plugged in

When you inflate your air mattress, the pump pushes air in and makes it worth for sleeping. But what’s the deal with leaving it plugged in constantly? Are there consequences? These were my burning questions, and I bet you’re curious, too. Let me share what I’ve learned simply.

Can You Leave an Air Mattress Plugged In?

The simple answer is NO. It’s not advised to leave an air mattress plugged in. It’s best to unplug it once it’s fully inflated.

If you keep it plugged in after it’s full, it can overinflate, and too much air can harm the mattress or the pump as well. The pump works hard when plugged in, and it can heat up, just like when we work too much and need a break to cool down.

Leaving the inflatable mattress plugged in all the time can affect the performance of the pump and the durability of the air mattress. Furthermore, it can increase the chance of leaks or holes, which are sometimes not that easy to fix.

What Happens if Air Mattress Stays Plugged In?

1. Overinflation

Overinflation is a serious problem with air mattresses that can happen when you leave an air mattress plugged in. When an inflatable bed is plugged in, the pump throws air inside and inflates it.

But, when you leave the pump on after the air mattress is full, the pump doesn’t know where’s the stopping signal. As a result of it, the blow-up mattress gets very tight and stretched, which is called an overinflated airbed.

This unneeded air can harm the bed and even damage the pump. Overinflating the air mattress not only makes it uncomfortable to sleep on, but can also weaken the material and seams of the mattress and makes it more likely to develop leaks.

2. Pump or Motor Damage

Believe it or not, leaving an airbed plugged in for too long can lead to pump or motor damage. The pump can overheat and strained if it’s running for too long. Just like we need breaks to stay healthy and not get too tired, the pump and motor in the air mattress need time to cool down.

If they don’t get breaks, they can get hot and even malfunction, which includes issues like the pump taking too much time to inflate, making too much noise while in action, or not getting started.

It’s like when we overuse our phone, and it starts to act up or slow down. The pump and motor inside the air mattress can experience a similar kind of stress if you leave it plugged in all the time. It basically means your air mattress won’t inflate or deflate properly, and you might have to buy a new pump or mattress.

3. Risk of Leaks or Punctures

The longer the inflatable mattress is plugged in, the more stress it puts on the seams, material, and overall structure.

The constant pressure from the pump pulls the seams and weakens them. If the seams weaken too much, they might give in, which can cause leaks or punctures in the mattress.

Simply put, the mattress becomes vulnerable to holes or tears, especially if it’s used frequently or for an extended period without breaks.

leaking air mattress is another level of stress. It’s uncomfortable to sleep on, and you’ll constantly need to reinflate it until you find a way to patch it

Even though there are many ways to fix a leaky air mattress, such as duct tape, nail polish, super glue, a homemade patch of rubber or a regular patch kit. Still, fixing a leak is a hassle.

To avoid this hassle, just unplug the mattress once it’s inflated to the desired firmness, and you don’t need to face any of the issues.

Want to Leave Air Mattress Plugged In? Consider These Points

Now, you have the answer to your question. But if you still want to leave your air mattress plugged in while sleeping on it, just have a look at these factors.

1. Manufacturer's Recommendations

The first thing you should check is what the manufacturer advises regarding keeping the air mattress plugged in. Makers know their products best, so their instructions are helpful.

Look at the instructions that came with the air mattress’s user manual. Some air mattresses are designed to handle being plugged in for extended periods, while most are not.

2. Storage Considerations

If you plan to store the air mattresswhich is a good practice to add years to its lifespan, it’s best to unplug it and let the air out. Deflating the mattress makes it easier to store and protects it from any accidental pet damage that might occur when it’s fully inflated.

3. Frequency of Use

Ask yourself how often do you use the air mattress? It may not need to be plugged in constantly if you use it for occasional purposes like guests or friends coming over.

On the other hand, if you frequently use it, especially as a primary bed, you might need to plug it in more regularly. The frequency of air mattress usage affects how often it needs inflation or adjustments. It can influence your decision to keep it plugged in.

4. Duration of Use

If you are going to use your inflatable bed for a short period, like a weekend guest stay, you don’t need to keep it plugged in for too long. However, for an extended period of time, for instance, a week or more, you might want to leave it plugged in to maintain its firmness.

5. Energy Consumption

As mentioned above, leaving an air mattress plugged in consistently uses electricity. It’s like keeping a light on even when you don’t need it – it adds to your electricity bill.

Being aware of energy consumption is not only good for your pocket but also for the environment. And, unplugging the inflatable bed after it’s fully filled means you’re saving energy and being eco-friendly.

6. Longevity

Ultimately, the goal is to make your air mattress usable for years, i.e., increase its lifespan. Proper care of the airbed makes sure it stays in good condition, even after years of regular use. And this proper usage also includes unplugging it when it’s fully inflated and keeping it safe when not in use.


Here, in this detailed guide, can you leave an air mattress plugged in, we have discussed every possible situation that can occur when you do so. And, to answer this question, No, you should leave your air mattresses plugged in.

To summarise, choosing whether to leave an air mattress plugged in involves several key factors. The frequency and duration of use, manufacturer’s instructions, damage risk, energy consumption, storage considerations, and maintenance all play crucial roles.

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