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5 Bestway Queen Size Air Mattress Reviews(2023)

– By Eric Smith

If you need a relaxing and durable queen size air mattress for guests, travel, camping, or outdoor adventures, Bestway is one of the greatest options to consider for this purpose. Their air mattresses are known for their comfort and reliability.

In 2023, if you’re searching for a queen size air mattress from Bestway that fits your budget, we’ve got some recommendations for you. 

We’ve personally tested and experienced these inflatable beds, and we’re here to share our insights, including the important features, along with the pros and cons.

bestway queen size air mattress

Bestway offers a wide range of options that provide a good night sleep wherever you may be. Whether you’re housing guests in your home or enjoying a camping trip under the stars, a Bestway air mattress can ensure a restful slumber.

Our Top Picks

Best Value For Money: Bestway TriTech Queen Airbed

Best Budget-Friendly: Bestway AlwayzAire 14 Inch

Bestway Queen Size Air Mattress Reviews

1. Bestway Wingback Queen Air Mattress


Weight Limit: 661 Pounds

Weight : 29.57 Pounds

Material: Polyester, Plastic

Dimensions: 91.73 x 77.17 x 31.5 inches

bestway wingback queen airbed

If all you want is comfort, then picking the Bestway Wingback Queen Air Mattress with a Built-in AC Pump is a smart move. It’s your go-to for a cozy night’s sleep at home or on the go.

Versatility is its charm that fits both daily use and occasional adventures. Whether in your bedroom or accompanying you on travels, this air mattress ensures your comfort isn’t compromised. Make the right choice for a well-deserved good night’s rest wherever life takes you.

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2. Bestway Queen Flocked Air Bed


Weight: 8.12 Pounds

Material: Plastic

Dimensions: 75 x 54 x 8.5 Inches

bestway flocked queen air mattress

Whenever you’re traveling or need a bed for guests, you will love this option. Bestway introduced flocked Air Bed in queen size.

Its sturdy coil beam construction makes this more firm than others. Its size is 75″ x 54″ x 8.5″ (191 x 137 x 22cm) which is quite big.

Moreover, it has a screw valve that helps secure the inside air so as not to deflate. However, it folds perfectly to help it travel. Also, it has a Heavy-duty repair patch for emergencies.

Key features:-

  • Its coil beam construction gives an extra sturdy and firm support.
  • Its surface is relatively smooth to chill during vacations.
  • Its screw valves take 200 secs to inflate and deflate.

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3. Bestway TriTech Queen Airbed


Material: Polyester, Plastic

Item Weight: 20.55 Pounds

Dimensions: 79.92 x 59.84 x 22.05 Inches

bestway tritek airbed

The Bestway TriTech Queen Airbed blow-up Air mattress is the perfect partner for your bedroom. Its 110 to 120v pump helps to inflate and deflate quickly.

Overall its dimension is quite extensive, 59.8 inches (L), 22 inches (H) x 79.9 inches (W). Its electric pump prepares the bed more quickly than others. This mattress can bear up to 600 Pound at a good time.

Key features:-

  • It has an in-built electric pump to inflate and deflate the mattress quickly.
  • Its 22-inch comfortable surface is suitable for your undisturbed night sleep.
  • The double-height makes it easy to get in and out of bed.
  • It comes with an in-built pillow which is fantastic.
  • It has three durable layers that help to extend its longevity and also help in deep sleep.

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4. Bestway AlwayzAire Queen Airbed 18 Inches


Weight: 22.54 Pounds

Material: Polyester, Plastic

Dimensions: 79.92 x 59.84 x 18.11 Inches

bestway alwazaire

This AlwayzAire Air bed with a coil beam system makes this product more steady and comfortable. No other mattress can’t beat it on their performance basis. Its in-build 110-120V~ pump monitors the internal air pressure with the help of internal sensors.

That’s why it’s not over-inflate anymore. Also, it does its job very silently, even at night time while it is needed. This mattress contains durable high gauge PVC and Fortech – a fusion of dense polyester mesh.

Key Features:-

  • Its unique rib design helps eliminate roll-off.
  • Additionally, its in-build 110-120V electric pump controls the inner air continuously.
  • Moreover, its pump charge using any USB cord of mobile or tablet.
  • Attached with a storage bag that helps to carry the mattress during traveling.

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5. Bestway AlwayzAire Gray 14 Inch


Size: Queen

Construction: Waterproof

Dimensions: 74.5 x 50.5 x 4.5 Inches

alwayzaire bestway airbed

There is no comparison between an air mattress and a standard mattress in respect of comfort. If you are traveling somewhere, then Bestway AlwayzAire indoor-outdoor Air mattress will be your ultimate choice for sure. It is a convenient air mattress with a quick rechargeable pump which is fantastic.

Key Features:-

  • It has a rechargeable dual pump that helps to inflate the bed in less than 3 mins without any plugin.
  • Because of its queen in size, it will be perfect for your outdoor trip. Its air pump is removable and also rechargeable that helps you while traveling.
  • Moreover, it has a unique internal sensor facility that helps to monitor the air pressure. In case if there is any lacking of air, it silently pumps to maintain the firmness.
  • Durable rigid guard material that stretches thrusts and is abrasion-resistant, although it is still light.
  • Another amazing thing is its pump charge anywhere using just a USB cord

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Is Bestway a good air mattress?

Bestway is providing its services since 1994 and has a good reputation in the mattress industry. Coming to its air mattresses, whenever there is a best air mattress list, you will always find a Bestway blowup bed in that. It shows how much trust Bestway has gained in the last 27 years.

This brand competes with some famous brands such as Intex, SoundAsleep, Coleman, King Koil, Aerobed, Insta-Bed, etc., and gives a really tough competition to them. So, no doubt Bestway air mattresses are one of the best sleeping systems on the market in 2023.

Does the Bestway air mattress with a built-in pump need batteries?

If we specifically talk about Bestway air mattresses, then Yes. Some Bestway air mattresses with built-in pumps need batteries but you don’t have to worry about it as it comes with almost all Bestway airbeds having a built-in pump. However, some don’t require a battery so you just need to connect it to a power supply and that’s all.

How much weight can a Bestway air mattress hold?

How much weight an air mattress can hold, depends on its weight carrying capacity. All the air mattresses have different capacities which also depends on their size. Whether it’s a twin-size airbed, full, queen, or king size. The same points apply in the case of Bestway too.

Let me give you a quick overview so that you can choose one without doing extensive research.

Bestway Twin-size air mattress usually comes with a carrying capacity of approx 200-300 pounds which is sufficient for most single sleepers. Whereas a full-size airbed has up to 400 pounds of load-carrying capacity on which one or two people can sleep at the same time.

Coming to the Bestway queen size beds, they can hold weight up to 700-1000 pounds(in some cases) which is more than enough even for heavy people and is meant for 2 or 3 sleepers of normal weight.


Here we end this 5 Bestway queen size air mattress review guide. Everyone wants the perfect airbed for them and I know you also want that.

But for that, first you need to consider the purpose of the air mattress. If you want it only for guests or other emergency use, Bestway wingback queen air mattress will be the perfect choice for that.

However, if outing or traveling is your priority, the Bestway queen flocked air bed can be the airbed you should go for. Otherwise, you can go with any other air mattress on the list according to your budget.

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