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9 Best Self Inflating Air Mattress For Camping & Home[2022]

– By Eric Smith

self inflating air mattress

Choosing a self inflating air mattress among all those quality mattresses that are doing really great in the market can be quite a confusing chore.

Sometimes, it requires a lot of research, such as the brand, material quality, weight, carrying capacity, price, etc., to find the best value for money product according to your requirement.

In fact, if you don’t know much about self inflating air mattresses, then most probably you’ll end up buying the wrong product for you or your loved ones.

Therefore, to save a lot of time and effort, we’ve made a list of the 9 best self inflating air mattresses in 2022 that you can be used at home, camping, traveling, or anywhere you want.

So, Let’s take a look at them.

Our Top Picks

Best For Couples: Hikenture Queen Size Bed

Best For Solo Campers: INVOKER Camping Airbed

Best Versatile: WELLAX UltraThick Bed

Best Budget-Friendly: Chooga Bed With Built-in Pillow

Best Value For Money: Therm-a-Rest Self Inflating Bed

Self Inflating Air Mattress For Camping & Home

1. KingCamp Self Inflating Mattress


Brand: KingCamp

Weight: 5.3 Pounds

Material: Foam, PVC, TPU

Dimensions: 79.1 x 50.3 x 3 Inches

KingCamp self-inflating air mattress is a multi-purpose bed great for outings, traveling, children, camping, guest bed, and someone who wants a quick nap to relax the body.

This is one of those widest, longest, and thickest self inflating air mattresses ever made for solo sleepers, side sleepers, and big guys.

If we talk about its dimensions, it measures around 79 inches long, 30 inches wide, and 3 inches thick.

This KingCamp luxury airbed is well-insulated against cold ground and made of soft, damp-proof, tear-resistant, and highly durable materials that provide a comfortable sleeping experience even on the rugged, challenging, and uneven grounds or jagged rocks.

Its construction mainly includes two plush materials. First, the foam, which is responsible for back support, and the other is TPU which makes the bed odorless, environment-friendly, scratch-resistant, and long-lasting.

It doesn’t require any external hand or electric pump to inflate as it is capable of doing that on its own. However, you can use a pump for rapid inflation.

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2. WELLAX UltraThick Self Inflating Bed



Weight: 5.9 Pounds

Material: Nylon, Memory Foam, TPU

Dimensions: 77 x 27 x 3 Inches

Whether you want a quick bed for those late-night guests, sleepy children while traveling on a long road trip, camping, or even for hiking on uneven ground, the Wellax self-inflating air mattress handles the situation really well.

This plush air mattress is made of premium materials such as Nylon, Memory Foam, Thermoplastic Polyurethane which not only provides it an elegant look but also makes it much relaxing, tear-resistant, waterproof, and more importantly, highly enduring than its competitors.

The mattress is so compact and lightweight, weighs just 6 pounds because of which it can easily be carried to the campsite no matter what the weather is and what type of terrain you are in.

Unlike other self-inflating mattresses, it has a built-in headrest to keep your head elevated to provide the needed support to your body.

Inflating the bed is quite a quick and straightforward task; you just have to unroll it and unscrew the valve; it will do the rest then.

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3. Therm-a-Rest Self-Inflating Camping Mattress


Brand: Therm-a-Rest

Weight: 6.45 Pounds

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 80 x 30 x 4.5 Inches

The Therm-a-Rest inflatable mattress is one of those popular quick beds that catch your attention at first glance.

It features a much more comfortable surface that feels like you are sleeping on a really plush foam or latex mattress, all thanks to the stretch knit fabric layer.

Moreover, it also features the twin lock valve system with two dedicated valves, one for inflation purposes and the other for deflation, making both these tasks much faster than any regular air mattress.

Plus, 4.5 inches of thickness is always an advantage to keep you away from the cold ground, especially when it comes to outing purposes such as camping and hiking.

I must say that this is not a budget-friendly self-inflating bed. However, if we consider the features and comfort it offers, honestly, no airbed in this list matches its level.

In short, if you don’t have a budget issue and want a one-time solution for your home, guests, traveling, or other outdoor purposes, you can consider this Therm-a-rest camping bed.

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4. SylvanSport Self Inflating Mattress


Brand: SylvanSport

Material: Polyester

Item Weight: 6.2 Pounds

Dimensions: 80 x 34 x 4 Inches

At number 4, the product competing for best self-inflating air mattress comes with the SylvanSport, a brand providing excellent services since 2004.

The best thing about this airbed is its size. Where most airbed comes with only 70-72 inches of width, this one comes with 80 inches, which is more than sufficient for an average person. 

Also, it has around 4 inches in height, making it easier for you to get in and out of it.

SylvanSport Cloud Layer Self Inflating Mattress is made of highly soft and durable polyester and features a velvet-touch top layer for additional comfort.

Moreover, the foam construction allows easy and quick inflation and deflation without any external device. It also includes an excellent quality carry bag, making mattress transportation an easy and effortless task.

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5. Exped Self-Inflating Sleeping Airbed


Brand: Exped

Weight: 5 Pounds

Material: Polyester, TPU

Dimensions: 72 x 41 x 4 Inches

Our next pick comes from a brand that doesn’t have that much popularity in the air mattress industry. Still, if we specifically talk about this particular inflatable bed, it seems that you don’t need any recognition to make a masterpiece and compete against the best.

The bed is mainly constructed of polyester and TPU, featuring polyester top and bottom later with TPU laminate that makes it well-insulated and fit for use for all seasons.

It is one of those highly stable beds you might have ever seen. This beast doesn’t lose its position even on the smoothest surface, which is a great advantage.

Usually, an air mattress comes with either 1 or 2 years of warranty, but Exped offers 5 years of huge warranty on this Megamat 10 self-inflating quick bed.

By the way, this is our pick for the best traveling self-inflating air mattress, so you can expect it to snugly fit in your sedan, hatchback, SUV, Van, or RV camper.

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6. Chooga Mattress With Built-in Pillow


Brand: Chooga

Weight: 7.6 Pounds

Material: Polyester

Dimensions: 73.2 x 52.7 x 1.4 Inches

Chooga Double size sleeping pad is highly recommended for someone who has a really tight budget and can’t spend more than 60-70 dollars.

Like most camping pads, this one also comes with 2 inflation valves that just double up the airflow rate and eventually reduce the time, giving you a fully inflated airbed without any extra effort. But, keep in mind, the first inflation may take a little longer, so don’t panic.

Chooga self-inflating pad is a perfect choice for the stomach and side sleepers as 210T polyester with PVC coating combined with dot-matrix die-cutting memory foam distribute body weight more evenly.

Its thickness is something I’m sure more people won’t like, which is just 1.4 inches, but other than this disadvantage, you’ll hardly find a self-inflating pad that has so many valuable features at this price point.

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7. INVOKER Camping Sleeping Airbed


Brand: Invoker

Material: Foam

Weight: 6 Pounds

Dimensions: 77.2 x 27.6 x 3.15 Inches

At number 7, we have an Invoker self inflating air mattress, which can be a good fit for solo campers or those who love their own company. It is available in different eye-catching colors, so you can select any of them according to your preference.

This inflatable bed measures around 78 inches in length, making it an ideal choice for tall people. Also, it comes with 350 pounds of load-carrying capacity which is sufficient to hold any normal to heavyweight person.

Invoker self inflating camping bed features rapid inflation technology, which is why it takes just 25-30 seconds to reach its optimum inflation level. 

So from now on, stop using those traditional airbeds that take lots of effort and time to inflate.

The bed has a thickness of 3.15 inches plus, its R-valve is somewhere around 9, so you don’t have to think about the season to use it.

Also, the 30D Knit Fabric with TPU Coating makes this bed highly durable to withstand your pets’ pointed claws, debris, and all other things that can damage an air mattress.

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8. Hikenture Queen Size Bed


Brand: Hikenture

Item Weight: 3.64 Pounds

Material: Polyester, TPU

Dimensions: 79 x 47.5 x 3.75 Inches 

Here comes one of the best self inflating queen-size air mattresses for camping that comes from a highly reputed brand, Hikenture.

Also, this is our pick for the best couple self inflating air mattress due to the large size and massive weight carrying capacity.

Honestly, this is not entirely a self-inflating airbed like others in this list, but it comes with a unique feature that sets it apart from the crowd.

Typically, an air mattress comes with a built-in electric pump that needs to be plugged into the power supply every single time to inflate the mattress. However, this particular Hikenture camping bed has a built-in foot pump which works pretty well and inflates the mattress in minimal time.

In fact, this self inflating queen air mattress has two valves for rapid inflation and deflation. It is equipped with handy features that we generally don’t expect from the beds available in this price segment.

The best part is that this airbed is made of PVC-free fabric, including Polyester and TPU that makes it surprisingly comfortable and offers you restful sleep whenever you need it.

Plus, 3.75 inches of thickness keeps you off the stony ground, and well-insulated bottom maintains the heat in the freezing areas.

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9. KingCamp Ultra Comfortable Mattress


Brand: KingCamp

Item Weight: 11.5 Pounds

Material: Polyester, Foam

Dimensions: 78 x 51 x 3 Inches 

Sometimes, children can get very annoying when they don’t find comfortable sleeping arrangements to sleep on. In that case, this KingCamp self-inflating mattress can provide them with the needed sleep throughout the night.

The blow-up bed has a thickness of 3 inches off the ground, plus the 51 inches of width allows it to carry up to 2 people or 2-3 children at a time.

The mattress weighs about 11.5 pounds which is relatively heavy, but for a 51-inch wide self-inflating mattress made of jet stream foam with 100% polyester coating, that’s pretty reasonable.

With the investment of approx. 150 dollars, you get this complete kit, including an excellent quality air mattress, a 150D Oxford cloth bag for easy transportation, two binding bands, and one repair kit to patch the bed quickly if something goes wrong.

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Self Inflating Air Mattress Quick Buying Guide


Size is, of course, the crucial factor to consider when choosing the best self inflating air mattress for camping or home purposes.

Usually, people buy an air mattress for a single or two-person, and if you are also one of those, then a twin or queen size mattress should be good enough to give you snug sleep without feeling any lack of space.

However, if you want one for outing purposes such as camping and hiking with friends or family, you should measure your tent’s size first(if you have one) and then buy a self-inflating air mattress accordingly.

Luckily, all sizes of air mattresses are available on the online market, and we’ve listed the best of them in this guide.

Material & Quality:

The quality of an air mattress entirely depends on the material used in its manufacturing. Usually, blow-up beds are made of PVC that doesn’t cause any harm to the user. 

But, sometimes, it can be pretty challenging to protect it from those sudden wear and tear if it is not a puncture-proof air mattress.

When it comes to the quality of a self inflating air mattress, things get slightly changed. These beds are made of robust materials like TPU, Nylon, Memory Foam, Polyester, and PVC, which makes them highly durable and long-lasting.

By the way, TPU, Nylon, and Memory Foam are considered the best materials for self-inflating beds, but they are quite expensive. Moreover, Polyester and PVC are slightly affordable and can serve you in normal usage.


No one wants to compromise with the comfort level of the air mattress they are planning to buy.

Construction Type: Usually, an air mattress comes with the coil beam construction, which is known for providing the best support to an air mattress with added comfort. 

But generally, the self-inflating bed doesn’t feature those types of construction, may be because they don’t have a great height. However, it doesn’t mean they are not comfortable.

Also, some self inflating airbeds come with a flat surface design, while some come with patterns or bubbles on them that help in blood circulation along with providing comfort.

So, it’s up to you to select any of them according to your need.

Firmness: The firmness of an inflatable bed can be adjusted by simply opening the inflation valve for a while, but beware of those low-quality beds that make this task quite complicated.

And, No doubt, the inflation valve plays a vital role in maintaining the firmness of an airbed, so look for the airbed, which either comes with a two-way inflation valve or dial valve system to help you control your bed’s firmness effectively.


Generally, air mattresses are made of PVC, which is not heavy, and you can easily hold it on your single hand and take it wherever you want.

However, If we specifically talk about self inflating air mattresses, more than one material is usually involved in their construction, which can be TPU, Nylon, Memory Foam, Polyester, and PVC. And, due to these materials, you may even notice a vast difference between the two self inflating bed weights.

If you still need a number, then look for a bed that weighs between 3 pounds and 6 pounds.


Self inflating air mattresses don’t have a significant thickness or height like a regular air mattress, which doesn’t mean it’s a huge disadvantage. They usually come with 3-6 inches of height. 

I know there can be slight complications while getting in and out of the airbed but bear in mind, a 3 inches thick airbed with a memory foam layer on the top is a far better option than a 10 inches thick airbed containing only air, especially when it comes to the back support or back pain.


Below 50$: Below the price segment of 50$, the bed usually comes with only needed features such as thermal insulation, 1-way inflation valve, narrow dimensions, decent weight carrying capacity, along with a low-quality carry bag. 

At this price point, you can’t expect much from your self inflatable bed.

50$-200$: This price segment usually fulfills all the customer’s requirements and adds comfort. 

At this price point, you can expect your bed to come up with great dimensions and carrying capacity to hold up to two people simultaneously. 

Ultralightweight and strongly built design because of memory foam and TPU construction, and more importantly, a highly comfortable surface to provide snug sleep.

Above 200$: This price range offers you some additional features such as a built-in pillow or a pair of inflatable pillows to support your back and neck, two-inflation valves to quickly take all the air out of bed, built-in armrests or side rails to protect you from falling onto the cold or bumpy ground,

Additional Features:

Airbed also comes with some useful additional features that you can consider to add extra comfort to your good night’s sleep.

Built-In Pillow: A built-In pillow is the best additional feature for someone who just can’t sleep without a pillow. A built-in pillow also keeps your back and neck well aligned and keeps you away from the pain.

Side Rails: Some expensive self inflating beds come with built-in side rails or safety rails that keep you and your loved ones on the mattress.

Two Inflation Valves: Air mattresses featuring two inflation valves boost the inflation as well as deflation process, which eventually saves your time and effort. In some cases, one valve is meant only for inflation purposes, and the other is for deflation.


1. Are self inflating mattresses worth it?

A self inflating air mattress is a suitable replacement for different sleeping systems like a standard inflatable air mattress, hammock, sleeping bag, cot, folding bed, futon mattress, mattress pad, etc.

It offers much more convenient options that other sleeping systems usually don’t. 

Such as, it doesn’t require any inflation pump to get inflated, it’s built of robust materials which can give you a home-like sleep experience anywhere, and more importantly, it is available in an affordable price segment.

So, considering all the valid points mentioned above, it’s definitely worth investing in a self-inflating blow-up bed.

2. How do you inflate a self inflating air mattress?

Inflating a self inflating blow-up bed is one of the most manageable tasks you might have ever done, and there are no hidden tricks or methods to do that.

You just have to put it on the flat surface, unfold and open the inflation valve, that’s it. It will do the rest on its own.

However, deflating it can be a tricky task as you need to push all the air out of it manually.

3. What does self-inflate mean?

Self-inflate doesn’t have any complicated meaning. It’s pretty simple and straightforward as it sounds. Self-inflate means something like an air mattress that inflates without any extra effort.

 However, It may take a while to deflate, but for inflation, it should be a pretty quick and effortless task.

In The End:

So, there are the 9 best self-inflating air mattresses of all time we have selected after doing long research.

To get a value for money product, it is advised to first consider the purpose for which you are looking for an air mattress and then select the bed accordingly to make the purchase successful and worth it.