Last updated on 24 May, 2022

9 Best Air Mattress Couch In 2022 - Outstanding Picks

– By Eric Smith

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Our Top Picks

Best For Couples: Bestway Multi-Max Air Couch

Best For Solo Traveling: Wekapo Inflatable Lounger

Best Budget-Friendly: Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Sofa Bed

Best For Outing Purposes: JEAOUIA Twin Air Mattress Couch

Best Value For Money: Intex Inflatable Air Sofa

Best Air Mattress Couch List

1. Intex Queen Size Air Couch


Brand: Intex

Weight: 19 Pounds

Material: Vinyl

Overall Dimensions: 76 x 87 x 26 Inches

The air mattress couch competing for first place comes from a well-established brand, Intex. This is Intex 2-in-1 queen size convertible air couch available in an aggressive price segment.

Intex has used great quality PVC to manufacture this bed as its soft surface gives you and your loved ones a comfortable sleep, and its 100% waterproof flocked top never allows water to enter it, which is a great point.

It features a cup holder on each armrest that allows you to keep your drink on it while watching TV, reading a book, working on a laptop etc.

As this is a queen size inflatable sofa bed that has a weight carrying capacity of up to 440 pounds, so 2 people can easily take a nap simultaneously.

The best part of this sofa is that it can be easily converted into a full-size air mattress, and you don’t need any extra tools to do that. Just pull the backrest towards you and put it on the ground. That’s all.

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2. Intex Pull-Out Inflatable Sofa Bed


Brand: Intex

Material: Plastic

Item Weight: 16.96 Pounds

Overall Dimensions: ‎80 x 88 x 26 Inches

Here comes another masterpiece from Intex, and this is our pick for the best budget-friendly inflatable couch in 2022. This pull-out couch air mattress is only available in a charcoal grey colour, which provides it with an elegant look.

The couch measures around 80 inches wide, 88 inches long, and 26 inches high off the ground, so you’ll never face any trouble while resting on it. Moreover, the spacious size makes it a perfect choice for couples, kids, guests, outings etc.

Where other inflatable sofas come with only 1 inflation valve, this one comes with 3 inflation valves and that too with an extra-wide opening that boosts the inflation and deflation process. 

Intex offers a 90-days warranty on this pull-out sofa, so don’t worry if something goes wrong with your unit.

This inflatable sofa bed weighs just 17 pounds, making it highly convenient to use and carry. You can literally set it up in any corner of the room or use it by the campsite. In addition, it can be easily converted into a queen-size bed with a gentle push and vice versa.

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3. Pure Comfort 5-in-1 Sofa Bed


Brand: Pure Comfort

Weight: 15 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Overall Dimensions: ‎42 x 60 x 37.75 Inches

Now let’s talk about the Pure comfort air sofa bed, which is our pick for the best versatile air mattress. 

Whether you want a classy sofa set for your hall or a spacious size bed for those late-night guests, or a recliner to enjoy your favorite show on TV or laptop, this sofa handles all of them really well.

I must say that Pure Comfort has done a really great job in the construction of this full-size sofa bed. It is made of high-quality PVC with a unique construction type compared to most competitors. 

It comes with an I-beam backrest for better back support with a Coil-beam seat for a comfortable sleeping surface.

The sofa weighs around 15 pounds and holds a load-carrying capacity of up to 500 pounds. Nevertheless, it takes just 4 minutes to inflate fully, which is relatively fast than most air mattress couches available on the market right now.

More importantly, this complete combo includes all the necessary items you need while using it, such as an electrical air pump, user manual, carry bag and repair kit.

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4. Intex Inflatable Air Sofa Bed


Brand: Intex

Weight Capacity: 880 Pounds

Shape: L-Shape

Dimensions: ‎79.92 x 101.8 x 29.9 Inches 

If you’re looking for a quick inflatable sofa only for your home, consider this Intex Inflatable Furniture Series sofa specially designed to serve room corners due to the L-shaped design.

It is the most classy air sofa bed in the market right now available in this type of price segment. When it comes to comfort, no one can beat Intex, and the best example is this corner sofa.

It features a highly comfortable soft surface with a vinyl bottom that doesn’t let it lose its position. The sofa comes with a 2-in-1 inflation valve with extra-wide openings that make inflation and deflation a rapid as well as time-saving task.

The Intex inflatable L-shaped sofa comes with a weight-bearing capacity of 880 pounds, and, due to its huge size, 3-4 people should be able to share it with ease while seated.

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5. Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa


Brand: Wekapo

Weight: 2.65 Pounds

Weight Capacity: 500 Pounds

Material: Terylene

The Wekapo Inflatable Lounger Air Sofa is an excellent choice for someone who enjoys spending time alone or loves going on solo outdoor trips such as camping, hiking, beach vacations etc.

This air sofa has a thicker and more sturdier design than its competitors. It has a surprisingly comfortable sleeping surface that gives you a snug sleeping experience even on uneasy ground.

It has two pockets on either side and one elastic bottle holder, which you can use to keep your stuff. The sofa features a pillow-shaped headrest that adds extra comfort and gives you a real sofa-like feel.

Inflating this Wekapo lounger is a bit tricky process as it has no valves or holes to connect it to the pump. Instead, it comes with an open sleeve by which you need to trap the air inside by shaking and then close the sleeve once filled successfully.

This lounger weighs just 2 pounds making it the lightest air sofa on this entire list; plus, it doesn’t feel heavy in the hands when fully inflated, making transportation an easy task.

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6. Hoovy 2-In-1 Air Couch


Brand: Hoovy

Weight: 10.15 Pounds

Material: PVC

Overall Dimensions: 70 x 56 x 22.5 Inches

At number 6, here comes another plush air mattress couch in a highly affordable price segment. This is Hoovy’s 2-in-1 inflatable couch that comes with a unique colour combination.

It is made of surprisingly comfortable high-density Polyvinyl Chloride, combined with heat sealing technology which not only makes it durable but also provides you with a healthy sleep without any backache.

The beauty of this air sofa is that it can be easily converted into a double size bed within seconds which is large enough to carry up to 2 people at a time.

The sofa takes around 3-4 minutes to fully inflate with a regular electric pump, but unfortunately, no pump is not included with this set, so you’ll need to spend some extra bucks for that.

If you are someone who has a tight budget of 60-70 dollars, then this sofa is highly recommended, and you’ll hardly find a better option with these specifications.

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7. Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Air Couch


Brand: Bestway

Construction type: I-Beam Construction

Item Weight: 13.83 Pounds

Dimensions: 79 x 63 x 25 Inches

Now, it’s time to reveal our 7th pick, which is the Bestway Multi-Max Inflatable Air Couch that comes in handy when you have no choice but to sit or sleep on the ground.

This Multi-Max inflatable couch weighs around 13.83 pounds and can bear up to 500 pounds of weight. Furthermore, it is a compact sofa that easily fits into small spaces and normal-sized tents but is spacious enough to hold two people at once.

Featuring sturdy I-beam construction with flocked surface and sides, it has heavy-duty armrests with 2 cup holders to look after your favorite drink. Moreover, it comes with a pair of inflatable pillows that work pretty well.

Keep some points in mind before placing the order for this sofa. It takes 15-20 to fully inflate with a quick electric pump and around 30 minutes with a manual hand or foot pump. 

Also, the backrest is not that strong to support the back effectively when the firmness is not at its optimum level.

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8. JEAOUIA Twin Air Mattress Couch



Item Weight: 8.14 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Overall Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 26 Inches

The next Blow Up Couch Bed comes from JEAOUIA, a well-known brand in the air mattress industry. This is 9 inches raised, portable couch bed specially designed for campers and travellers.

It is available in two different sizes: Twin and Queen. The twin size variant comes with only 220lbs of warranty; that’s why it is meant for only a single person.

On the other hand, the queen size one comes with 450lbs of load-bearing capacity, making it ideal for small families.

The Air Mattress Couch is made of highly durable yet skin-friendly PVC that does not cause any harm to you and your loved ones. In addition, the soft flocking top relaxes your body and gives you healthy throughout the night.

The 9-inch height allows you to get in and out of bed easily and quickly. Plus, it keeps you elevated even in cold and harsh terrains while camping.

Inflating this blow-up couch bed is a quick but simple process. It literally takes 2-3 minutes to fill up to its optimum level and can maintain the firmness for up to 1 week.

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9. DIMAR GARDEN Inflatable Double Sofa



Item Weight: 6.91 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Dimensions: 54 x 28 x 34 Inches 

For those looking only for a durable air sofa, not a convertible bed, this Dimar Garden double size loveseat inflatable sofa is a great choice to consider.

The loveseat air couch is built of high-strength PVC, making it sturdy enough to hold 2 adults or 3-4 kids. Plus, a surprisingly comfortable, super soft and velvety surface makes it a perfect option for lounging, sitting and napping.

It is easy to use, and because of the compact size, you can use it in any room according to the requirement. 

Keep in mind that it does have slipping problems. Sometimes, it loses its position when someone sits on it. However, this problem can be easily fixed by using a rug or carpet underneath.

Whether you want to watch TV with your partner or just want to relax alone, this Dimmer Garden Air Couch can give you the comfort you need.

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Quick Buying Guide For Best Air Mattress Couch


Choose a size that nicely fits the space you want it for—entertaining, reading, relaxing, sleeping or whatever else. Seats should be comfy for all fellows of your family, and you should buy a couch that can seat everyone in your house. 

Consider a larger air mattress couch with easy chairs or different seating. The golden rule of room proportionality is that the couch should be approximately 2/3rd the size of the wall it will be placed against. It should not take up the whole wall and should have room on all sides.

The depth of the seats is another aspect to think about when sizing. Relying on your height, select deep or shallow seats. When buying a recliner couch, ensure relaxing in all positions. 

With your feet flat on the floor and the backs of your knees just barely forward of the more down seat cushion, the couch back should well support your back. And if you like to nap on the sofa, see if it is long enough for you to sleep comfortably.


Polyvinyl Chloride, better known as PVC and Thermoplastic Polyurethane, aka TPU, are the two most common materials used to manufacture air mattresses. But if we compare these two, TPU is slightly better than PVC but expensive also.

However, the majority of car airbeds are made of PVC that too its softer version, which is comfortable enough for sleeping, but only if you use it occasionally. Otherwise, it can cause severe back pain.


Durable air mattresses couches have a more comprehensive material layer on the mattress’s surface and bottom.

  • The rubber used in the manufacture of these beds should be a durable fabric, such as rubber or polyurethane, which is often vulcanized.
  • Vulcanized materials are solidified, allowing the mattress to last more extended than less stable materials.
  • Rubber covers also deliver water resistance and, in some cases, waterproofing to the bed, as well as other puncture protection.

Weight & Capacity:

The quantity of weight that an air mattress couch can keep changes. Most twin size air sofa beds have a weight limit of approximately 300 pounds. While queen and king size sofas can carry a weight of up to 900 pounds.

Before buying an inflatable couch bed, always inspect the product details to specify the weight limit.

Make sure the couch size does not overwhelm the space or block traffic flow. Before shopping, calculate the entire area, paying unique attention to the wall against which it will be established.


After you deflate an air mattress couch, it can evolve unwieldy, heavy tarps that are hard to fold and move. However, if you rumble them up and squeeze them into a closet, you risk hurting them. When buying an air couch, make sure it comes with a storage bag and that the company provides instruction on how to tuck it back up correctly before storing it.


A basic couch will cost you anywhere from $100 to $500. If you’re on a tight budget, look for support items. At certain sale events, you can occasionally find good deals. A futon is still about half the price of a traditional couch.

Relying on the creator or retailer, stylish couches made of high-quality fabrics can cost several thousand bucks. Buy the finest quality you can afford. You’ll be living with it for a lengthy time. An air couch can last anywhere from 4-6 years, relying on its level of quality and use.

In order to buy the most suitable type of sleeping surface, customers should weigh the advantages and disadvantages of owning air beds, as well as individual lifestyles and tastes. 

Price, materials, intended uses, sleeping places, and storage area should all be viewed in the decision-making procedure as the most suitable air mattress type is defined by various factors.