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8 Best Back Seat Air Mattress For Car(2023 Updated)

– By Eric Smith

If you love outdoor adventures like camping and hiking, having an inflatable bed is a game-changer for people like you to have a good night rest. I know firsthand the discomfort of sleeping in a car’s back seat, especially during camping trips.

For those who are new to camping or don’t know much about inflatable beds, choosing a suitable car airbed can be a challenge. 

There are crucial factors to consider before finding the best one for your vehicle. In this guide, we’ve carefully reviewed and compiled a list of the 8 best back seat air mattresses for cars and trucks.

back seat air mattress for car

Our recommendations are a result of detailed research on car airbeds, including what experts say about specific car air mattresses mentioned in the article. 

After reading this guide, you’ll be well-equipped to choose the perfect air mattress for your outdoor adventures. Make sure to pick one that suits your needs and guarantees a comfortable sleep on the go.

Our Top Picks

Editor’s Choice: HIRALIY Car Mattress

Best Versatile: QDH Car Air Mattress

Best For SUV: WEY& FLY SUV Car Bed

Best For Trucks: Goplus Air Mattress

Best Budget-Friendly: HAITRAL Back Seat Air

Best For Small Cars: SAYGOGO Car Mattress

Best Back Seat Car Air Mattresses List

1. WEY&FLY SUV Air Mattress


Brand: WEY&FLY

Weight: 8 Pounds

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 76 x 51 x 4 Inches

WEY FLY SUV Air Mattress

If you’re ready to invest without budget constraints, the WEY&FLY air mattress is worth your consideration for a car bed.

This mattress offers flexibility with its 4 separate segments for inflation, allowing you to adjust based on your car’s space. It’s available in two colors, white and blue, offering a choice for your preference. The double-sided flocking permits sleeping on either color.

Impressively, it can support a load of about 573 pounds, accommodating two heavy individuals or three with average weight comfortably. You won’t need to worry about it deflating due to weight.

Unlike some air beds that tend to slip with position changes, this mattress stays in place. This feature makes it versatile for use not only in the car but also at home on even the smoothest floors.

However, it’s essential to note that this mattress is relatively heavy, weighing around 8 pounds, placing it in the heavier mattress category. If weight isn’t a concern for you, this mattress is a solid choice.

For the best sleeping experience, we recommend using it by folding the back seat, optimizing your comfort with this excellent back seat air mattress for car.

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2. SAYGOGO Car AirBed



Weight Limit: 380 Pounds

Item Weight: 7 Pounds

Dimensions: 69 x 51 x 6 Inches

saygogo car bed

The SAYGOGO Car air mattress is perfect for those seeking an all-in-one sleeping solution without extensive research.

This mattress offers numerous convenient features to enhance your outdoor experiences, ensuring they are enjoyable and unforgettable.

Constructed with thick and durable leak-proof PVC, it can comfortably accommodate up to 3 people, boasting a weight-bearing capacity of 380 pounds. It also includes a filler to support the mattress on the car’s back seat.

Featuring a smart 6-separate air chamber design, this mattress is versatile and fits well in the back seats of Sedans, SUVs, or hatchbacks. You can choose to inflate only half of it if you’re alone or go for full inflation when traveling with family or pets.

However, it’s important to note that the inflation process can be a bit time-consuming, taking approximately 8-10 minutes for a complete inflation. Despite this, the flexibility it offers in inflating according to your needs makes it an excellent choice for a back seat air mattress for cars.

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3. HIRALIY Car AirBed



Weight Limit: 440 Pounds

Item Weight: 2.16 Pounds

Dimensions: 53.94 x 34.2 x 17.72 Inches

hiraliy car bed

Now let’s talk about our third recommendation for the best car air bed. This is one of the most selling car air mattresses since the release, and there are too many reasons for that.

It is one of the lightest air beds you may have ever seen, weighing just 2.16 pounds which makes it really convenient to carry. With a weight-bearing capacity of around 440 pounds, a couple and their child or 2-3 people can easily sleep on it.

Most air mattresses take too much in inflation and almost double the time in deflation, but it can fully inflate or deflate within 2 minutes with an electric pump, which is a great point.

It is made of highly durable anti-leakage material. It has 3 different layers that contain a snug flocking top, a 0.4 mm thicker non-toxic layer of PVC, plus a layer of waterproof oxford cloth material.

You can use this bed on hiking, camping, long road trips, for the guests who come without informing, and also as a sofa air couch. Make sure you always close the valves tightly after inflation, or the air can leak.

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4. QDH Car & Truck Air Mattress


Brand: QDH

Weight Limit: 570 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Dimensions: 72.8 x 51.2 x 4.7 inches

qdh car airbed

Our next recommendation for the best back seat air mattress for cars comes from QDH, a well-known brand for its quality car mattresses in a highly affordable price segment.

It is made of thick flocking and high-quality PVC, which gives you restful sleep and relieves stress, making it completely skin and eco-friendly.

The bed is very lightweight, so if you ever needed to take it to the campsite after parking your car, you will be able to do so without making your hands fatigued.

It is water-resistant and easy to use and clean, so don’t worry if you or your child spill something on it while eating or drinking.

A great thing about this air mattress, it is divided into three independent air chambers. So, you can inflate them according to the space you have in your car. When you want it for the back seat, inflate 1 or 2 chambers and fully inflate it if you have more space, like when you fold the back seat.

It includes a quick pump to inflate and deflate the mattress, one nozzle set, repair patches, a decent quality storage bag, and of course, a quality air mattress.

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5. Onirii Inflatable Car Air Mattress


Brand: Onirii

Weight: 4.73 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Dimensions: 12.2 x 10.63 x 5.67 Inches

onirii back seat air mattress

At number 5, the product competing for the best back seat air mattress for car and truck is the Onirii inflatable car air mattress that comes with the built-in pump and some extra accessories that you usually don’t find in most car beds.

Along with the bed, it includes a decent quality air pump, gas nozzle, two pc of the pillow, two pc repair patches, one pc glue, a carrying bag, neck pillow, eye mask, and earplug. It seems that the company really cares about your sleep.

Its high-quality built material makes it highly durable and sturdy and ensures that it will stay longer with your car.

It is a good fit for most MPVs, SUVs, and family cars and can be used for indoor as well as outdoor purposes. One thing to keep in mind that the air can leak if more than one person sleeps on it for a long time.

Maybe this is not the perfect air mattress for the car’s back seat, but if we consider its price and the value it provides, it is really appreciable, and those who have a tight budget but want a multipurpose car bed, it can be a smart choice.

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6. OLIVIA & AIDEN AirBed With Pump



Item Weight: 5 Pounds

Material: PVC 

Dimensions: 53 x 35 x 17 Inches 

olivia aiden airbed

If your budget is around 30-35 dollars and you want a decent quality air bed for the back seat of your car, you should check out this OLIVIA & AIDEN inflatable bed. It can fulfill all your requirements.

Like other airbeds, this one is also made of heavy-duty PVC that contains a soft and breathable top on which you and your child can sleep snugly on long trips even when the car is moving at high speed.

The U-shaped pillow helps you keep your neck, back, and legs aligned in the perfect position, and the ergonomic design ensures a healthy sleep throughout the night. Plus, front, rear protection doesn’t allow you and your children to fall from it.

The bed is available in only grey color, which gives it a classy look and matches with most car interiors.

Coming to its dimensions, it is 52.7 inches long, 34.3 inches wide, and can go up to 3-4 inches high off the ground, depending on the firmness you want. Plus, its support can reach the height of 16.4 inches to balance the bed very well. So if you think this can fit in your car or truck, you can go with it.

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7. HAITRAL Air Mattress



Weight: 4.58 Pounds

Material: PVC

Dimensions: 53.5 x 32.2 x 16.5 Inches

haitral air mattress for car

Another best back seat car air mattress in the budget segment. This is HAITRAL inflatable bed that comes with 2 inflatable pillows for pillow lovers.

Its construction includes thick, sofa, and velvety PVC that ensures softer and more relaxing sleep even when the car is moving.

Airbed’s back is made of PVC oxford fabric that makes it waterproof. The curve design helps support your back so you can get a healthy nap without back pain.

Nevertheless, it does come with child protection to prevent your little champs fall from it while turning around. Airbed’s back is made of PVC oxford fabric that makes it waterproof.

The air mattress is long and wide enough to fit perfectly in a car or SUV. However, we still recommend matching the dimensions with your car’s backspace.

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8. Goplus Air Mattress


Brand: Goplus

Material: PVC

Water Resistance Level: Waterproof

Dimensions: 74.5 x 50.5 x 4.5 Inches

goplus inflatable bed

Here comes the Goplus blow-up bed; this is our pick for the best air mattress for trucks.

I have seen many PVC-built car air beds, but its premium quality skin-friendly PVC gives this mattress a long-lasting life, and the tight stitches help maintain its structure.

The double valve system is a great feature which in short means the air you filled will not come out easily, so you can close the valve without any hassle after inflating it. Also, it’s quick and easy to fold design saves much time.

It has five different air compartments with independent air inlets. So if you are alone, inflate it partially or fully inflate with your friends and family.

This particular airbed has a weight-bearing capacity of up to 660 pounds which is more than enough. So, if you love to go for an outing with your family and pets, you all can sleep on it with ease.

It can be used for resting in almost all medium to large-sized cars, but make sure to measure the size if you have a small car like Toyota Prius or Chevrolet Bolt.

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Quick Buying For Back Seat Air Mattress For Car

Below are some essential factors you need to consider while choosing the best air mattress for the back seat of your car. Let’s discuss them one by one.


Like regular latex and foam mattresses, airbeds also come in different sizes, and you have to select one wisely after keeping the size of your car’s back seat and the space it has in front of it in mind.

You can disregard the space once as you can set the mattress by adjusting the car’s front seat, but you may have to regret it later if you buy one without measuring the seat’s size.

Some air mattresses are specially built for specific cars and trucks. It is possible that they don’t fit in your completely, but all our suggested air mattresses can easily fit in any sedan, hatchback, SUV, truck or even in RVs.


Polyvinyl Chloride, better known as PVC and Thermoplastic Polyurethane, aka TPU, are the two most common materials used to manufacture air mattresses. But if we compare these two, TPU is slightly better than PVC but expensive also.

However, the majority of car airbeds are made of PVC that too its softer version, which is comfortable enough for sleeping, but only if you use it occasionally. Otherwise, it can cause severe back pain.


In this factor, we have got two options: single-height and double-height. Double height blow-up beds are best for home purposes, and single height is more than enough for camping or hiking.

The double-height mattresses can go up to 20 inches high from the ground after inflation, and the single height airbeds can go up to 8-10 inches.

But for the car’s back seat, if your airbed raises 4-5 inches high after inflation, it is more than enough to give you a highly comfortable sleep the whole night.


It is worthless to spend money on something that cannot fulfil your needs, and in this case, some of the needed components you should be looking for with your inflatable bed are pillows, foot piers, electric pump, carry bag etc. Here, the price decides whether they will be included with your bed or not.

Inflatable car airbeds price starts from 25 dollars and can go up to 100 dollars depending on the brand, material type, size and like I mentioned, what it includes?

Cars beds that come under the price range of 25-35 dollars usually don’t include essential items such as inflatable pillows or an electric pump for inflation and deflation.

The bed, which come in between 35-70 dollars, includes everything you need, whether it is the pump, pillows, storage bag, balance support, front-seat protection, repair patches, and some even come with a built-in headboard and footboard, to give you a real bed-like feel.

In the price range of 70 or more than 70 dollars, you can expect an extra-large airbed on which 2-3 people can sleep simultaneously. They are made of large RVs such as pop up and travel trailers.

Ease of Use & Maintenance:

Blow-up beds are lightweight, portable and very easy to use. All you need to do just unfold and inflate it. But, remember to turn off the pump at the right time, or it can be burst.

They don’t require any type of maintenance. But, it is crucial to keep it away from sharp objects, and it would be best if you keep your pets away from it.

If your air mattress got burst because of any reason, you could repair it on your own with the help of some patches that always comes with the bed itself.


Some low-quality airbeds don’t come with any warranty or come with very little warranty, 2-3 months.

So, always check the warranty of the air mattress you are going to buy. It should have at least 1 year of warranty. The more the warranty, the better it is for you and your mattress.


How do you sleep comfortably in the back seat of a car?

Generally, the car’s back seats are not that large on which one can sleep comfortably. That’s why it is good to use a car bed for that.

And sleeping on the air mattress inside a car is simple. Just inflate it, and you are good to go. We have mentioned a quick car bed inflation guide below. You can read it.

But, if you don’t have any option left except sleeping on the car’s back seat without an airbed, you can follow these steps.

  1. Park your car in a quiet place.
  2. Adjust the front seats.
  3. Take a pillow, put it on the back seat, or use your hands if you don’t have a pillow.
  4. Now, lie down on the seat. Maybe you need to fold your legs as the seats are not that long, or you can open the window and hang your legs outside, but it is not safe.
  5. Don’t forget to lock the doors from inside.

How to inflate an air mattress with the car?

Inflating an air mattress with a car is a simple and straightforward process. Let’s discuss it step by step to keep it quick and clear.

  1. Take out your air mattress from the box or cover, and put it on the back seat of your car.
  2. Unfold it slowly. Make sure you are unfolding it properly, i.e., the quilt side should be on top; otherwise, you may have to face problems while turning it after the inflation.
  3. Now, it’s time to use the pump. So, take the nozzle, connect its one end to the pump, and insert another end into the mattress valve.
  4. Your car should have a charging port on its dashboard. So, put the pump’s cord into that cord and let it inflate completely. It can take up to 30-40 seconds (Adjust the car’s front seats if the mattress doesn’t fit properly).

Who sells air mattress for car backseat?

Many brands provide the best quality back seat blow-up mattresses for cars and trucks in an affordable price segment. Some of them are Hiraliy, KingCamp, Onirii, Berocia, Olivia & Aiden, Active Era, Goplus, Kawachi, Haitral, FB SPORT, and WEY&FLY.

If your blow-up bed belongs to any of these brands, you can thoroughly rely on it.

In The End:

It is essential to do a little research about the product before spending your hard-earned money on it, and in this guide, we have mentioned everything you need to know while buying the best back seat air mattress for your car. So, make sure you read it carefully, considering all your requirements, budget, and most important thing, seat size.

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