Last updated on 12 May, 2022

Air Mattress Sizes & Dimensions - Complete Guide[2022]

– By Eric Smith

air mattress dimensions

Like most other kinds of compact furniture, air mattress dimensions have a bad prestige. One major basis of frustration for many prospective customers is choosing the right size air bed for their needs. 

While air mattresses adhere to the same standard sizing guidelines as traditional mattress manufacturers, size inconsistencies with air beds can occur due to factors.

Air mattresses are a more simple sleeping gear, and manufacturers are often less strict with sizing. You can read below to get a deeper knowledge of the air mattress size chart and dimensions.

Air Mattress Sizes & Dimensions: Detailed Guide

#1. Twin-Size Air Mattress Dimensions:

Length: 75 inches

Width: 3538 inches

Height: 7-25 inches

twin size air bed A twin air mattress is ideal for outdoor lovers with specified camping space. These air beds, measuring only 75 inches by 35 inches, are perfect for use in RVs, tents, or rooms with narrow floor space.

When it comes to twin-size air mattresses for the old, this air bed is one of those few alternatives worth considering. 

This mattress is ultra-transportable, with components such as a fast-action internal pump that can get the bed prepared to go in under 5 minutes. 

Also, the pump is always available, you can effortlessly top it off to business up the texture. Furthermore, the air bed adheres to standard twin air mattress dimensions for length, height and width while adding an 18-inch dual height for added comfort.

Another quality of twin size inflatable bed dimensions that makes this a valuable blow-up quick bed is the SureGrip bottom that holds the mattress from sliding around all night and a plush herded top that delivers a relaxing sleeping experience every time.

Can a twin-size inflatable bed adjust two people?

It also relies on the number of people sleeping. A twin bed can generally support up to 300 pounds. If two people are resting in the same bed, choose a full-size blow-up bed that can support 400 to 500 lbs.

#2. Full Size Air Mattress Dimensions:

Length: 74 inches

Width: 54 inches

Height: 7-25 inches

full-size-air-mattress Are you looking for a little more room to accommodate some midnight rolling? A full-size air mattress, also known as a dual, provides a total increase over a twin in width. 

This air bed, counting 74 inches by 54 inches, is equal in length but slightly wide than the twin-size blow-up beds.

Moreover, this comfy piece from Intex contains everything you’ll ever require in a reliable air bed. A hassle-free interior electric pump design, a handy 3-minute pump time, and an add-on duffel hold bag for improved portability. 

The bed also has a water-immune herded top for maximum durability and air retention. Furthermore, full-size air mattresses pose a comfortable 13 inches off the bed. You can rest guaranteed that you are obtaining sufficient support.

Why should you go with a full-size air mattress?

There are several convincing reasons to buy a full-sized bed, and they are always widely available. Here are some examples of when full-sized may be perfect:

  • If you have a small bedroom
  • They cost less and are easy to move
  • You are one person or two or want it for your guest room

#3. Queen Size Air Mattress Dimensions:

Length: 80 inches

Width: 60 inches

Height: 7-25 inches

queen size air mattress Now we’ve carried on from the transferable air mattress category. Many people think the dimensions of a queen air mattress are a little larger than a portable, as you will have a problem fitting these measurements into most standard-sized tents. 

Queen size air mattress are perfect, and it’s made of hard-wearing fabric. An internal air coil structure, and an anti-slip SureGrip base, all of which connect to have some of the enterprise’s most stable offerings.

This air mattress size delivers all of that in an ample queen size, with a generous 19-inch height shape for the added asset. 

Furthermore, with a total carrying capacity of up to 500lbs. You can be sure that this will deliver you and your spouse with a sturdy base and all the convenience you demand.

What is the process of a self-inflating air mattress?

Self-inflating mattresses have built-in pumps that can operate on batteries or be packed into a power outlet. A pump would provide air into the mattress via a special valve, pushing the mattress to self-inflate.

#4. King Size Air Mattress Dimensions:

Length: 80 inches

Width: 76 inches

Height: 7-25 inches

King-size air mattresses provide exclusive-level comfort because they add 16 inches of width to the measurements of a standard queen. 

As a result, these king air mattresses provide a more conventional sleeping experience. Also, king-size air mattresses are excellently suited for usage indoors because they are improbable to fit in your camping tent.

However, finding a king-size air bed in a fabric store can be hard because they are more challenging to find than smaller sizes. 

If you want some of that roomy worth, you can find dedicated offerings online. Standard king air mattress dimensions are 80 inches long and 76 inches wide and have heights ranging from 7 to 25 inches.

What is the perfect thickness for an air mattress?

Air mattresses used to be 10 inches thick or less, or what we currently call single-high air mattresses. The majority of air mattresses on the market today are grown (double-high) or thicker than 10 inches. Because it is taller off the ground, a raised air mattress handles more like a traditional mattress.

In The End:

Selecting the proper size air mattress, such as double air mattress dimensions or single air mattress dimensions, is essential for providing a pleasant experience. 

To help you, we have delivered a concise report that describes everything. You need to know about air mattress dimensions in this article.

In addition, we discussed several dozen air beds to choose the best in each sizing type to help you tighten down your mattress search even further.

So, I hope you like this article, and now you will be able to identify the sizes and dimensions of the air mattresses.