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Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

– By Eric Smith

can you put an air mattress on a bed frame

Let’s explore can you put an air mattress on a bed frame? and, if you want to do so, what steps you should take to avoid mishaps. One of the most controversial topics about air mattresses is can you put them on a bed frame? 

Raising an air mattress off the floor by 5-10 inches definitely gives you a more comfortable sleeping environment, such as it becomes easy to get in and out of bed, keeps the bed from getting dirty, and helps it maintain warmth. Still, some people suggest not putting it on the frame, but why?

A regular mattress and an air mattress are two different things but are used for the same purpose, sleeping. Putting a regular latex or memory foam mattress on a bed frame makes more sense because they are compatible with each other, but things get slightly changed when it comes to an air mattress.

Can You Put an Air Mattress On a Bed Frame?

Usually, air mattresses are not designed to be used on a bed frame, i.e., due to their construction type and lightweight build, they are typically used on the floor or ground, whether indoors or outdoors.

Air mattresses are extremely lightweight and usually have a slippery bottom, because of which they tend to slide easily when someone turns around while sleeping.

Now, let’s imagine you are sleeping on your airbed by putting it on a metal or wooden bed frame. The bed slides by an inch or two when you change your sleeping position.

What will happen next? In most cases, the sleeper falls on the floor or ground, especially when sleeping on the sides. Furthermore, there’s also a risk of getting the air mattress torn down.

Do you Really Need a Bed Frame for Air Mattress?

Most people convert their airbed into a real bed, or for added safety(such as on camping), they prefer to raise it off the floor by some inches before lying on it.

By the way, raising the airbed off the floor benefits you in many ways, such as keeping it clean and away from getting any damage, mainly when used on outings. Furthermore, the most important benefit is that a raised inflatable bed can offer you a much more snug sleep throughout the night.

air mattress on bed frame

But the question here is, do you really need a bed frame for your air mattress? Honestly, you don’t really need a bed frame in case of a double-height air mattress whose height lies between 20-24 inches

Plus, it’s not even convenient to do so with a high-profile bed. You can simply finish it off by placing a topper with a nice-looking bed sheet.

On the flip side, If you’re someone whose ultimate goal is to keep the bed clean, away from uneven and cold ground in order to maintain the temperature and protect it from dust and debris, then that can be achieved by other means such as by placing a carpet, rug, foam, bunkie board or plywood under the bed.

Benefits of Using an Air Mattress on a Bed Frame:

Air mattresses have gained notable popularity as they are versatile sleep systems. When you use them with a sturdy bed frame, they offer numerous benefits that can enhance overall comfort and sleeping experience.

Here are some advantages of using an air mattress on bed frame:

1. Better Comfort and Support:

When placed on a bed frame, An air mattress becomes more stable and supportive, providing added comfort similar to our traditional mattresses.

The frame makes sure the mattress maintains its shape and prevents sagging, offering an even sleeping surface.

2. Air Mattress Longevity:

Air mattresses are susceptible to wear and tear if used on the floor or rough surfaces. Placing them on a bed frame minimizes contact with potential hazards, extending the mattress’s lifespan. Proper support significantly reduces the risk of punctures and tears.

3. Improved Air Circulation:

Raising the air mattress on a bed frame allows better air circulation, eventually preventing moisture build-up and mold growth. This ventilation helps maintain a cleaner and more hygienic sleep environment.

4. Ease of Getting In and Out:

Sleeping on an air mattress that is placed low on the ground can be challenging, especially for individuals with mobility issues. 

Placing the air mattress on a bed frame advances it to a more convenient height and makes it much easier for the user to get in and out of it.

5. Ideal for Guests:

An air mattress on a bed frame offers a comfortable and space-saving solution for accommodating guests. 

When not in use, the deflated air mattress can be stored compactly. However, it can be easily set up on the bed frame for a cozy guest sleeping arrangement when needed.

6. Versatility and Convenience:

The frame allows the air mattress to function as a regular bed, fit for everyday use. Moreover, air mattresses can be quickly deflated and stored when not in use, freeing up space in the room.

What Can You Use Instead of a Regular Frame?

1. Box Spring:

Putting the air mattress on the box spring is not a bad idea. The box spring works as a shock absorber and prevents the air mattress from sinking down. 

air mattress riser

Moreover, it guards the airbed against the frame’s sharp edges and protects it from tearing up. In short, a Box spring can give you a more comfortable sleeping experience by elevating the bed without causing any trouble. 

However, you couldn’t use a box spring for vacations or long trips, still, it is an excellent choice for homes. Putting the box spring on a metal or wooden frame is always recommended to get the best experience.

2. Wood Pallets:

If you have a budget issue and don’t want to invest in a box spring, try wood pallets as the base of the air mattress. A customized wooden pallet with slightly raised side rails that matches the inflatable bed’s dimensions to thoroughly grip the mattress is really worth it.

Wood Pallets are relatively cost-effective and can serve in any indoor condition. However, they are usually heavy compared to any foldable metal frame and make transportation a little harder still, if you need a safe mattress elevation option for indoors, you can give it a try.

Make sure to avoid direct contact with the air mattress, as it can damage the bottom and seams which may later cause air leaks.

3. Cot:

A camping cot is another alternative for an air mattress frame that can be used indoors as well as outdoors. 

Cots are foldable, easy to carry to the destination, and much much lightweight compared to any wooden or metal frame. Mostly, people find cots a better option for shorter and air mattresses for longer trips.


You can directly place the mattress on the top of the cot, or use it without an air mattress. You want to make sure that they both are compatible with each other. 

The cot’s surface is made of soft and comfortable fabric, you don’t have to worry about the mattress’s bottom. But, make sure the air mattress fits properly on the cot, it should not be hanging over the sides as it might cause injury.

4. Try the Pragma Platform:

If you’re willing to invest in a new bed frame that doesn’t need tips to keep the airbed securely on it, then you can try Pragma Platform.

Pragma Platform is an ideal solution for low-profile air mattresses which need some elevation off the ground. You get enough storage space to keep your stuff under the frame.

The best part of this frame is it’s pretty easy to assemble, dismantle and carry. Plus, the mesh support system grips any mattress nicely and doesn’t let it slide or wobble. You can use it at home for those last minutes guests or carry it to the camping destination. It won’t disappoint you.

Keep Your Air Mattress Safely on Bed Frame

Although placing an inflatable mattress on a bed frame is not recommended until they both are compatible with each other. 

However, if everything is fine, and you’re still facing issues in keeping the airbed safely on the frame, the below-mentioned tips can really help you out.

1. Use Ratchet Strap:

As we know air mattresses tend to slip easily on frames, all thanks to the slippery base and frame’s slatted construction

Still, you can keep the mattress safe from getting damaged by adding some cushioning on the frame, but the sliding problem is just really hard to get rid of. 

By tying an air mattress to the frame with a ratchet strap, you can easily solve those unwanted sliding issues on your bed frame. 

It may sound a little weird but I’m sure you’ll get unexpected results. You can either tie the strap from the middle of the mattress or the top and bottom. Make sure you place the buckle under the frame, or it may cause discomfort while sleeping.

2. Velcro Tape:​

Strong velcro tapes are by far the most effective and quickest way to keep the stuff secured in its place. 

Whether you want to stop rugs and carpets from sliding or stick something on the wall, they work on all. Simply, cut some pieces and stick them between the blow-up bed and frame.

Moreover, you can use them for your regular mattresses as well or even keep the sheets from falling.

3. Focus on Positioning:

Positioning the frame well with the air mattress on it is always a good idea. It’s one of the best ways to make the bed more stable and cozy to sleep on in any condition. 

Try to place the frame at the corner of the room or at least against a wall. It will provide excellent stability and never slide whenever you change your sleeping position. 

It would be tough to find something to support the frame on outings, so in this case, you can place it against a tree if that’s an option or put something heavy by the sides.

FAQs - Can You Put An Air Mattress On A Bed Frame?

1. Is it possible to use an air mattress on an adjustable bed frame?

It basically depends on the design of both the air mattress and the bed frame. Some air mattresses are compatible with adjustable bases. 

However, not all air mattresses fit this purpose. In many cases, I’ve seen people use their air mattresses on adjustable bed frames when needed.

2. Can you put an air mattress on top of a regular mattress?

Yes. Putting an air mattress on a regular mattress can be a pretty smart move. It can offer added comfort and support, especially if the standard mattress is old or too firm. The air mattress can act as a mattress topper and offer extra cushioning good night’s sleep.

Moreover, using an air mattress on top of a regular mattress can help accommodate those late-night guests. It can quickly transform a regular bed into a temporary one without needing a separate guest room or bed.

3. Can using an air mattress on a bed frame help with back pain?

It can help some individuals with back pain. By finding the right level of firmness that suits your needs, you can have better spinal alignment and back support. 

However, the effectiveness of an air mattress in handling back pain may vary from person to person.

4. How to stop an air mattress from sliding on the bed frame?

Some options for securing the air mattress include using bed straps or grippers. These handy accessories are designed to keep the mattress in place. 

Plus, using a non-slip mat between the mattress and the bed frame can also help.


Can you put an air mattress on a bed frame? Now, you have a detailed answer to that.

An air mattress on a bed frame improves comfort and support, which overall provides you with a great sleep experience.

Furthermore, this approach facilitates air circulation, temperature regulation, and better hygiene, offering you a cleaner and more comfortable sleep environment.

However, it is crucial to ensure that the selected air mattress is compatible with the bed frame to prevent possible issues and, of course, to ensure safety.

Check the weight limitations, and don’t forget to secure the air mattress to the frame to stop it from losing its position.

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