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5 Best Portable Air Mattress Frame For Camping(2023)

– By Eric Smith

air mattress frame for camping

We need to carry many things while going on a trip, hiking, and especially on camping. Some of them are essential, and some we take for our convenience. But one item we usually forget or don’t find necessary to carry is an air mattress frame for camping or other outings. 

An air mattress frame keeps you and your mattress off the rough and uneven ground and helps provide the good night sleep you need after enjoying your day. Hence, the frame is important to carry.

Below, we have made a list of the 5 best air mattress frames for camping that you can buy in 2023. So, if you are looking for an air mattress frame, make sure you buy one after going through this guide.

Our Top Picks

Editor’s Choice: ZINUS SmartBase Bed Frame

Best Value For Money: Olee Sleep Foldable Frame 

Best Budget-Friendly: ZINUS Compact Frame

Portable Air Mattress Frame For Camping

1. Amazon Basics Foldable Frame


Brand: Amazon Basics 

Weight: 26 Pounds

Material: Steel 

Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 14 Inches

Our first picks come from one of the most valuable brands globally, Amazon, and this is our pick for solo travellers who like to spend nights amidst nature alone.

This particular frame is of twin size and has a load-carrying capacity of up to 250 pounds. But it is also available in different sizes and weight limits so that you can buy any of them according to your airbed.

The durable steel construction with a sleek black finish ensures that it is not going anywhere for at least 3-4 years if used with proper care.

Its easy to fold mechanism allows you to carry it from one place to another. It can fit in most vehicle’s trunk, or you can tie it to your car’s roof if you have a small car, but only after wrapping it properly in some cover or cloth; otherwise, it can scratch the roof.

For those who have a low budget, around 70-80 dollars, and want a decent frame for their air mattress for occasional use, this can be a great choice.

One thing to keep in mind before buying is that some units have sharp edges in the supporting rods, so you need to check your product after the shipment

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2. Olee Sleep Foldable Frame


Brand: Olee Sleep

Material: Steel

Weight Limit: 700 Pounds

Dimensions: 80 x 39 x 14 Inches

ole sleep air mattress frame

Let’s discuss the second product of this air mattress frame for camping list, the Olee Sleep 14-Inch Foldable Platform Bed. This is our pick for the best value for money product.

It is one of the lightweight air mattress frames in the market right now and weighs just 23 pounds. In spite of that, it can carry a weight of up to 700 pounds which is really appreciable.

It gives you elevated sleeping support the whole night with its 14 inches of height so that you don’t need to sleep on those rocky or bumpy surface anymore. Plus, 13 inches off the ground space allows you to put anything under it at your home or campsite.

This stable and sturdy foundation helps you and your partner sleep comfortably. Even when one person turns around, it doesn’t let the other one know.

It doesn’t require any tool to assemble or disassemble. All you have to do is fold and unfold it that a single person can do effortlessly, all thanks to its weight and mechanism.

If you are a seasonal camper and want something to be used for home, we highly recommend this product.

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3. Coleman Frame With Built-In AirBed


Brand: Coleman

Weight: 41.9 Pounds

Weight Limit: 600 Pounds

Dimensions: 59 x 22 x 78 Inches

coleman frame with air mattress

If you are one of those who want a quick and straightforward solution for sleeping on the campsite, then you should check out this Coleman Camping Cot with an air mattress included.

The frame is made of solid steel that provides excellent stability even when you change your sleeping positions, and the PVC constructed airbed helps your body relax and sleep properly throughout the night.

If we talk about its size, it is about 78 inches long, 59 inches wide and can go 22 inches high from the ground or floor. Plus, the 41 pounds of weight and great load-carrying capacity of 600 pounds make this bed portable and ensure that it can hold up to 2-3 people at the same time.

It includes all the necessary items you need to take while going on camping or hiking, whether it is battery operated pump for inflation as well as deflation or the carry bag for easy transportation.

It also contains a side table attached to the frame that you can use to keep your phone or some other stuff like water or coffee. No tools are required for assembly except the pump, which you only need to connect to the mattress valve and turn on.

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4. ZINUS SmartBase Bed Frame


Brand: Zinus

Weight: 20.04 Pounds

Material: Steel

Dimensions: 75 x 39 x 14 Inches

zinus airbed frame

Our best pick for the air mattress frame comes from a highly reputed brand, Zinus. It is a South Korean brand providing its services since 2004. It’s been 16 long years and this brand has made a really good grip on the market when it comes to beddings.

The heavy-duty steel makes this frame highly durable and the thin bars help support your air mattress perfectly without any extra support of box spring. So, you don’t have to pay for a box spring if you want to use it for your regular mattress too.

Coming to its maximum weight capacity, which is 750 pounds for narrow twin, twin and twin XL sized frames and goes up to 1500 pounds for full, queen, and king-sized frames. So, it can accommodate 1-2 people if it is a twin size frame, or 3-4 normal-weight people if it is queen or king-sized.

No need to carry any type of tools or other assembling materials to set it up as the tool-free assembly make it really simple and quick to use, just fold and unfold after use, that’s it.

With its 20 pounds of weight, it is very easy to transport to the required destination and can fit in any car, SUV, MPV, Truck, and RV.

Most frames make irritative noise when someone slides them on the floor, but its legs have plastic caps that don’t allow it to do so which also protects your floor.

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5. ZINUS Compact Frame For Camping


Brand: Zinus

Material: Steel

Weight: 15.61 Pounds

Dimensions: 70.5 x 38.5 x 7 Inches

zinus metal frame for airbed

At number 5 we have one of the compact frames you might have ever seen. You can increase or decrease its size according to your airbed.

The frame has a height of around 7 inches which may not be sufficient for some users but is enough to keep you away from the ground while sleeping at night.

Like other frames, this one is also made of high-quality, durable steel on which you can completely rely. With a weight carrying capacity of up to 1200 pounds, any normal to overweight person can rest or sleep on it.

It holds the surface very tightly because of which it doesn’t lose its position quickly when someone is lying on it.

When it comes to portability, let me tell you no other air mattress frame can beat it as it’s 15 pounds of weight and makes it really easy to transport. You can even hold it in your single hand after putting its all parts together.

It can be easily assembled or disassembled with the help of an allen wrench and some screws, but no need to worry as needed tools and proper instructions are already included. At last, it comes with 5 years of huge warranty.

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Quick Buying Guide For Air Mattress Frame For Camping


Size is the key factor that helps you buy an ideal frame for your airbed. Like mattresses, frames also come in different sizes such as twin, twin XL, full, queen and king.

So, the first thing you need to do is check the size of the frame you are planning to buy and check whether your air mattress will fit on it. A slight difference of 2-4 inches can be negligible but more than can buy you an extra small or a large frame.


Generally, metal airbed frames are not that heavy, but still, there are some cheap quality frames that are very heavy (around 50-60 pounds) and can cause trouble during transportation. Most people buy these frames because of lack of knowledge and regret later. So, our simple advice is, avoid buying them.

I just need to put the frame in my car, so why weight is important? While travelling on rough or bumpy ground, the frame can move from its position and can even damage your vehicle if not appropriately taken to the destination. That’s why we don’t recommend such heavy frames for camping.

The one you need at your campsite is something which weighs around 20-25 pounds for a twin size frame. And can be between 30-40 pounds if it is a queen or king-size frame. A lightweight frame makes it very easy to fold, unfold and set up your bed without someone’s help.

Weight Limit:

The weight limit is the most crucial factor you have to consider while buying any bed frame.

A frame having a load-carrying capacity of up to 250 pounds is more than enough if you are a single person, but if you are with your friends or family, then Your frame should have the capacity to hold at least 500 pounds of weight to allow 2-3 people to sleep at the same time.


A good height which is around 14-15 inches off the ground, helps you get in and out of bed easily and quickly and also saves you from different types of dangers moving around on the ground at night. You can ignore this factor if you always use a tent.


Metal and wood are the two most commonly used materials in making the air mattress frame. And if we go into details, Oak, Mahogany, and Rosewood some well-known quality wood types used in making a bed frame. Maybe, your bedroom’s bed is made of one of these woods.

But when it comes to an air mattress frame for camping, then they are not the one should be looking for. A metal frame, on the other hand, which is usually made of steel or iron, is portable and durable enough to hold your weight and has everything you need for your trip.


Bed frames for air mattress price start from 60 dollars and can go up 200 dollars.

In the price segment of under 80-90 dollars, you can get a decent quality frame which is small in size and may have low weight carrying capacity, but for a solo traveller, it can fulfil all your need.

In between 90-130 dollars, you can buy the best quality portable bed frame for your air mattress, which is lightweight, has a good height, good weight holding capacity of around 500-600 pounds and tool-free assembly.

And more than 130-140 dollars, there are premium quality frames that are made for heavy-duty usage. Such as a queen or king-size frame having a huge weight carrying capacity of around 1500 pounds, small mattress support bars at corners, and don’t make noise while folding and unfolding.

Conclusion - Air Mattress Frame For Camping

For those who want something to be used under their air mattress occasionally whether on camping or for guests, the Olee Sleep or Amazon Basics Frame can fulfill your needs but make sure you buy one after considering the weight capacity you want.

And for those who can spend a little more money and want something quick to sleep on while camping, hiking, or on other adventure trips, Coleman Frame With Built-In AirBed is a good choice.

Finally, ZINUS SmartBase Bed Frame is recommended for those who regularly go for outing with their friends or family and want something for everyday use at home.

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